Difference Between Zion National Park and Grand Canyon

The call of nature takes us to visit beautiful places such as national parks, zoos in different parts of the world, where we can engage with nature through its creations.


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The Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States are such two beautiful places where an adventure with nature awaits us.

Zion National Park vs Grand Canyon

The difference between Zion National Park and Grand Canyon is that the former is more accessible and less crowded than the latter.

Though both of the places vary in size, food preferences, accommodation cost, transportation charges, they never fail to amaze their visitors.

Zion National Park vs Grand Canyon

Zion National Park is one of the most popular hiking spots, where around 3,500 visitors come daily. The scenic beauty while going in the shuttle, the mountains, rivers make this place more beautiful and exciting.

The red rocks, blue mountains are a treat to the eyes. Unlike Grand Canyon, where one can see the canyon over the Canyon Ridge, Zion National Park, one can see the canyon within the canyon.

The Grand Canyon National Park is the most visited place in the United States. It is located in Arizona, and its unparalleled diversity in species and natural resources makes it more charming.

Tall columns of rock, blue coloured rivers, red cliffs and a huge landscape that needs to be explored are the various reasons one should come to this place.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZion National ParkGrand Canyon
AreaZion National Park is spread over 146,597 acres of land in Utah.On the other hand, the Grand Canyon National Park is located on a land of 1,217,262 acres. It is comparatively larger than Zion.
 ExpensesThe cost of travel, accommodation, transportation and entertainment in Zion National Park is comparatively less.For a tour in Grand Canyon National Park, the cost of travel, local transportation, accommodation and entertainment is very high compared to the cost of Zion National Park.
ActivitiesApart from hiking the Narrows, this park offers a variety of activities such as a three-hour excursion around the park, West Zion jeep tour, Zion High County jeep excursion and many more.Grand Canyon National Park is home to exciting activities like a helicopter tour over the canyon, Grand Canyon South Rim Jeep tour, jeep safari, hiking and sightseeing tour etc.
AccessibilityZion National Park is more accessible, less expensive and also less crowded than the Grand Canyon.On the other hand, Grand Canyon National Park is more expensive and crowded during peak hours than the Zion National Park.
PopularityThe Zion National Park is less popular in comparison with Grand Canyon.Since it offers a variety of scenic beauty along with exciting activities, Grand Canyon National Park is the most popular among visitors.

What is Zion National Park?

Zion National Park is one of the most sought-after destinations for visitors for hiking. The Horse Ranch Mountain is the highest point of this park. The Narrows is the most popular place for hiking.

This place is recognized for its sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons and cascading waterfalls.

If someone is looking for something that goes beyond a scenic hike along towering cliffs and beautiful trees, he or she should get ready to challenge the Narrows. It is the longest and most strenuous hike in the region.

From hiking to climbing to scenic drives and history tours, there are endless things to do in Zion National Park. If there is anything that every visitor must see in this park is that the incredible Zion canyon.

The cost of a tour of this park, including transportation, food, accommodation, and activities, is also less. Visitors also enjoy activities like horseback riding, camping, hiking, lodging, and many more.

There are seven trails in this park. It is also famous for rock climbing, and Taylor Creek and Kolob Arch are the most popular among them.

For camping and lodging, one can go to famous routes like Spaceshot, Moonlight Buttress, Prodigal Son, and many more.

What is Grand Canyon?

Specifically, there are two main areas in Grand Canyon National Park, and that is the South and North Rims. Mostly the accommodation centres are available in the South Rim section.

In the North rim section, there are many trails and hiking points for visitors. Point Imperial, Roosevelt Point, and Cape Royal are among the most famous roads for short walks.

There are multiple shuttles running throughout the park. However, while moving around for hiking, climbing, one should not miss a visit to various geology museums.

Someone who has an interest in history, should not miss these places. The beautiful views of the Grand Canyon mesmerize the eyes of every visitor.

The various activities in this park include hiking, camping, lodging, private helicopter and small aeroplanes tours.

However, a tour of this park is very expensive, and it is hard to access all the activities and trips as it is always packed with visitors throughout the year. It is advised that one should come early as the park remains crowded throughout the day.

On the other hand, one at least needs to spare eight or nine hours not only to take part in all activities but also to complete a whole tour of the park.

Main Differences Between Zion National Park and Grand Canyon

  1. Grand Canyon National Park occupies a greater length of the area. On the other hand, Zion National Park is smaller than Grand Canyon.
  2. Tourists can easily access Zion National Park than Grand Canyon National Park.
  3. The crowd in Zion National Park is less dense than Grand Canyon.
  4. Zion National Park is an excellent place for hiking. However, Grand Canyon National Park also offers a variety of activities.
  5. The expenditure of a tour in Zion National Park, including travel, accommodation and entertainment, is comparatively less than Grand Canyon National Park.
Difference Between Zion National Park and Grand Canyon


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