Difference Between Viber and Tango

In the contemporary world, connectivity among people plays an important role. Day by day, applications for smartphones are launching in which calling services are chief. Calling services from mobile are generally not preferred by people. 


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Viber and Tango are two of the calling service applications of calling as Skype. They both provide VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) through which calling is accessible by the internet.

Voice calls are allowed on smartphones through their operating system. 

Viber vs Tango 

The difference between Viber and Tango is that Viber provides SMS texts and voice calls. On the other hand, Tango offers both video calls and voice calls. Even interactive games are allowed to users on Tango whereas, on Viber, games are not accessible. Tango is an Ad-free platform which makes it pleasing and nicer to use, whereas Viber is not. 

Viber vs Tango

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Viber is an application that connects people through calling and messages. It does not matter from which place a user belongs. It is secure because it is built-in end-to-end encryption which makes group and personal chats and Viber calls safe.

The headquarters of Rakuten Viber is based in Luxembourg. In terms of popularity, Viber messenger is famous in Ukraine. 

Tango is a platform on which people are connected through voice calls, video calls, games, and texting on a 3G network. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley.

It is available in several languages such as Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian and Turkish. This is the reason which makes it popular all over the world by trusted 400 million users (in 2018). 

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonViberTango
LaunchedIn 2010In 2009
DeveloperRakuten Inc.JP Inc.
Written inC, C++, and PythonPython, C++, and Java
Operating systemWindows, Android, and iOS Only Android and iOS

What is Viber? 

Viber is also known as Rakuten Viber, whose original authors are Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik. It was initially released on December 2, 2010.

Viber was developed, by Cyprus-based Viber Media, in 2014, Rakuten bought it. As a result, Rakuten Viber was developed as its corporate name. 

Viber was founded for the solution of long-distance relationships. Viber’s Co-founder namely, Talmon Marco, had a girlfriend at that time who was living apart from him.

To overcome the issue of expensive bills, Marco collaborated with his friend namely Igor Magazinnik. In 2010, Viber Media was founded by Marco and Magazinnik in Tel Aviv, Israel.  

Initially, Viber was launched for iPhone in 2010. Skype was its direct competitor. On July 19, 2012, it was made available on the Android platform.

Later in 2013, Viber launched its 3.0 version which is available for windows and macOS. In 2015, Viber was made available for Apple Watch smartphones and iPad tablets. 

Viber is a cross-platform which allows instant messaging (IM), voice over IP (VOIP), Viber Out (paid international mobile calling and landline service), and media exchange (video records and images).

Cellular telephone numbers work as users’ registration and identification. In addition, Viber does not need mobile connectivity to be accessible on a desktop. 


What is Tango? 

Tango can be referred to as a third-party application whose original authors are Uri Raz and Eric Setton. It was initially released in September 2009. TangoME, Inc. was its developer.

It was licensed by proprietary software. Tango has registered users from more than 400 million, according to the 2018 census. 

Tango was founded by Uri Raz and Eric Setton which Raz is serving as current CEO of Tango. It was based in California and has its offices in Tel Aviv, Saint Petersburg, Minst, and Kiev.

Len Bravatnikand Draper Fisher Jurvetson was two of the investors who funded the capital of Tango.  

In 2013, the Tango chat app was hacked and its 1.5 terabytes users’ data was stolen by the Syrian Electronic Army. As a result, in 2014, co-founders of Alibaba, Yahoo, and many more invested in it.

Later in 2015, Smartphones and PCs whose operating system was windows phones were stop being compatible with Tango. In 2017, Tango collaborated with Gfycat to allow users to send and search GIFs. 

Tango is a cross-platform which allows users to access voice calls, video calls, texting, games, and photo sharing on a 3G network.

On this platform, content creators are allowed to share their talents which allows them to interact with the community. In 2017, it becomes accessible to broadcast live video. 

Main Differences Between Viber and Tango 

  1. Viber application supports only free SMS texts and voice calls. On the flip side, Tango offers both video calls (face-to-face calling) and voice calls. 
  2. Viber does not support social networking whereas, Tango does. Due to social networking features, engagement among creators and followers increases by commenting, sharing, and tagging.
  3. Viber is more secure than Tango. This is because Viber uses end-to-end encryption which protects the data of parties who are communicating and makes the unencrypted information access to the intended receiver only.
  4. Viber does not allow users to play interactive games between the users but in Tango interactive games are available which can be played between the users. 
  5. In terms of languages, Viber supports more languages than Tango. As a result, it allows users to use a range of languages which makes it suitable to interact with people worldwide.
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