WinRAR vs WinZip: Difference and Comparison

By accessing computers, the internet, and other devices and services, we got the place to collect and secure all the data in one place. With that need for storage and space started to grow. And our saviour’s Archiving and compressing tools came into the frame.   

WinRAR and WinZip are such tools. Both have a simple and understanding interface and are the most used file compressors. They serve the best of their service and made us; easy to compress and store our files securely to create more space. But they have a few differences.  

Key Takeaways

  1. WinRAR is known for its high compression ratio and faster processing time for archives, while WinZip provides more file management features and is easier for beginners.
  2. WinRAR is a paid software but offers a trial version with no time limit, while WinZip offers both paid and free versions with limited features.
  3. WinRAR supports more file formats and has better password protection options, whereas WinZip integrates better with cloud services and offers more customization options for archives.

WinRAR vs WinZip

“WinRAR” is a powerful archive manager that allows users to create, manage, and control archive files. “WinZip” is a proprietary file archiver and compressor that lets users archive and compress files to conserve disk space and reduce email transmission time.

WinRAR vs WinZip

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Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison WinRAR WinZip  
Full Form The full form of RAR is Roshal Archives. Does Not have any Full Form. 
Size of the Tools 3 MB of space WinRAR takes.57.13 MB of space WinZip takes.
What it does The main tasks done by WinRAR are Compress, Encrypt, Package, and Backup. The main tasks done by WinZip are Zip, Unzip, Protect, and Share. 
Interface The website is simple and optimistic. The website is detailed and informative. 
Free Trial 40 days of free trial is given.21 days of free trial is given.
When Free Trial are Over WinRAR has a paid version. But it still works for free; although it will send a box message to use the paid version, it does not make it a compulsion. You can hit the ‘close’ button on the box to keep using it. After 21 days, WinZip does not work unless you pay for it. But it’s still affordable. 
File Extension Software It requires file extension software.It does not require file extension software. 
Compatible Operating Systems Windows, Linux, macOS, Free BSD, and Android are compatible systems for WinRAR. Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are compatible systems for WinZip. 
Supportive Languages  WinRAR is available in around 48 languages in the world. WinZip is available in 12 languages. 
File Compression Speed Slower than WinZip. Faster than WinRAR. 
Maximum archive storage An unlimited amount of data can be saved. It has limited storage for up to 16 Billion GB-sized huge files.

What is WinRAR? 

The inventor of WinRAR Archiver is Eugene Roshal (A Russian Software Engineer). It is a trialware archiving tool. The full form of RAR is Roshal Archives. In the beginning, it used to support only the Windows operating system. It also supports Free BSD, Linux, macOS, and Android devices.   

WinRAR can compress, encrypt, package, back up, and secure files. Its free trial is up to 40 days, but after that, the software still works for free.

The popup box message appears to buy the paid version; you can click on ‘Close’ in the popup message to keep using free software. It requires other extension software to extract the file. ExtractNow is a free extractor for Windows.  

The archiver is compatible with 48 known languages in the world. The maximum compression limit of files is Unlimited with WinRAR.

With the help of default in-built NTFS (New Technology File System – Developed by Microsoft) and huge storage space in your device. You can archive over 85 EB (85 Billion GB) of data with that. 


What is WinZip? 

WinZip International LLC and Corel Corporation invented WinZip Archiver. It is also a trialware archiving tool. WinZip does not have any full form. The formation of the name by Philip Walter Katz (A Computer Programmer).

The software works with the following operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It does not support Free BSD and Linux systems.   

WinZip compressor zip, unzip, protect, and share files. The free trial of WinZip gets over after 21 days; later, you have to buy the software, or it will stop working.

Its Zip64 Extension gives a maximum compression limit of 16 EB (16 Billion GB). It does not require any other extension software to extract the file. It has an unzip system in-built.  

English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Czech are the 12 languages the software is only compatible with. The website is specific and detailed with all the services it provides. 


Main Differences Between WinRAR and WinZip 

  1. WinRAR works free permanently even if you don’t pay for it. On the other hand, WinZip will stop working after the free trial is over.  
  2. WinRAR offers a free trial for 40 days, then sends a popping message to remind you to pay, but does not force, Whereas WinZip gives 21 days for a free trial. After that, it asks to buy the paid version or stops working.  
  3. WinRAR’s maximum archive storage is unlimited, even more than 85 Billion GB. Conversely, WinZip has limited storage of up to 16 Billion GB.  
  4. WinRAR compresses your files. It also packs, encrypts, and backup them. WinZip zip and unzip your files as well to protect and share facilities.  
  5. WinRAR is of 3 MB size, and WinZip is 57.13 MB.  
  6. File extractor is must require for extension of WinRAR files and WinZip files; it is an inherent service. You do not need any other software.  
  7. Although WinZip is paid, it works faster than WinRAR.  
  8. WinRAR can be used in 48 languages, whereas WinZip is just in 12.  
  9. WinRAR supports Linux and Free BSD; unfortunately, WinZip does not. 
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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