Difference Between WPC and HDHMR

To have the best quality materials for your house there are a lot of high-quality woods available in the market. WPC boards and HDHMR boards are the boards that are used mostly for construction purposes.


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The difference between WPC and HDHMR is that WPC is a high-quality wood that is used for construction and other housing purposes. This material helps to maintain the budget and also the work in process.


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The wood plastic composite board which is, in short, we call WPC, is a very highly used plastic board that is used in construction, and for other housing purposes. In this era of the new generation, the world is growing bigger and bigger.

Even in the kitchen where water is more used, people use HDHMR boards which are an upgrade version of plywood. It is very long-lasting and helps to resist the water and keep the kitchen strong.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWPCHDHMR
CompositionIt is a mixture of plastic and wood togetherIt is a high-quality wood material
Termite ResistanceThe material is termite-proofThe material is not fully termite proof
Screw Holding CapacityVery low capacity of holding screwOnly screw with a drilling equipment
Longevity7 to 9 yearsMore than 15 years
Suitability It wraps easily so only used for vanitiesHighly used in places of termites.

What is WPC?

WPC is a material that is made of both plastic and wood components which makes it both water and termite resistant. And a point that makes it low graded is that WPC has a very quality of scree holding capacity.

It is very costly to print and laminate on this board. You can polish the wood sometimes in a short period of a gap. If it is used in wardrobe or in a place which is open and accessible.

The other thing about the WPC board is that there is a variety of other WPC boards available that also have a good screw holding capacity, but it can cost more.

What is HDHMR?

It has a high quality of pure wood material and also it is highly recommended in the market because it has a high screw holding capacity with water and termite resistance.

IThe quality of wood and the amount of wood material is very much high that it cannot screw without drilling equipment. It also shows that the screw holding capacity of this board is very much high compared to the plywood and also the WPC boards.

You can find HDHMR board all over the German, French, and all the modular kitchens. The only negative point that it has is that it is highly costly than normal plywood.

Main Differences Between WPC and HDHMR

  1. The other difference is that WPC has more moisture intaking capacity than HDHMR boards. Which makes it more exposed to the environment. WPC boards are more eco-friendly than HDHMR.
  2. Another difference is that HDHMR boards are more used in luxury homes, buildings, and also in hotels. People always wish to have material which is more good and long-lasting. WPC always requires a change within a gap and a huge amount of money is wasted. So, with that money HDHMR can be purchased easily.
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