Ziggurats vs Pyramids: Difference and Comparison

Archaeology is the study of old buildings and ancient things. They have discovered the things that have supported the old stories, the reason for the destruction of many regions.


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The Ziggurats and Pyramids are the buildings that are mostly part of Egpyt. The shape, region, and structure are the features that are taken as differences in the Ziggurats and Pyramids.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ziggurats are Mesopotamian stepped structures with a temple at the top, while pyramids are Egyptian structures with smooth, sloping surfaces, built as tombs.
  2. Ziggurats were built using mud bricks and bitumen, whereas pyramids used limestone, granite, or other stone materials.
  3. Ziggurats served religious purposes and symbolized the connection between the gods and the people, while pyramids acted as tombs for pharaohs and ensured their eternal life.

Ziggurats vs Pyramids

Ziggurats were built by ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and were used as religious temples. They were massive stepped structures made of mud bricks with a flat top where the temple would be located. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for their pharaohs and queens.

Ziggurats vs Pyramids

They were pyramidal in shape with steps in them to reach the highest point. There were no rooms inside the Ziggurats, and were built in the main cities of Mesopotamia.

They had a single step at the top and very narrow shafts. The Egyptians believed that this took the soul of their ruler to the heavens.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZigguratsPyramids
DefineThe Ziggurats are the temples of the Egyptians.The Pyramids are the kind of graveyards for the Ruler of Egypt.
MeaningThe Ziggurats means “House of Gods”.The Pyramids are ” House of Ruler”.
Built for They were built for the gods and only priests and high society people were allowed in them.They were built for the Ruler of Egypt and the place provided comfort to the soul of the Ruler and also help to reach the soul to the heavens.
LocationThey were located in the major cities of Mesopotamia.They were built in Egypt.
StructureThe Ziggurats are made on the highest part of the city and steps are made to reach the top and they also had the basement area which protects the priests and high society from the floods.The base of the pyramid can be of any geometric shape but at the top, all the sides converge at one step. It had three triangular shapes on the outer surface. They also had narrow shafts which they believed their Ruler’s soul uses to reach the heavens.
First structureThe tower of Babel is the famous Ziggurats known.The first known Pyramid is ” The Red Pyramid” located in the Dashur Necropolis.

What is Ziggartus?

Ziggartus are the temples of the Egyptians. They were even known as the House of Gods. The priests and high society people were only allowed in the ziggurats.

There are around 25 Ziggarus that are known in the world, and no one has its original height. Landslides, rain, and many more have destroyed the height. 

It also protected them in floods as it had the highest point along with the basement with no rooms. The famous Ziggartus known is located in Iraq and is known as the “Tower of Babel”.

ziggurats scaled

What are Pyramids?

The Pyramids are the kind of graveyards of Egypt. Yet, only the Rulers of the Egyptians were kept inside them. The priests believed that this high structure would take the soul of the ruler directly into the heavens.

The Square Pyramid was commonly built as it had a square base. Manpower was needed in large amounts to build the Pyramid

Even today, Pyramids shaped buildings are built and are very attractive. Modern examples of pyramids include Luxor Hotel, Louvre Pyramid, and many more.


Main Differences Between Ziggartus and Pyramid

  1. The famous Ziggartus is located in Iraq known as the “Tower of Babel”, and on the other hand, “The Great Pyramid” is the famous Pyramid known.
  2. The Ziggartus was the structure with the largest height, whereas Pyramids also had a high height but couldn’t match the height of the Ziggartus.
Difference Between Ziggurats and Pyramids
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