Why Does Dynata Call You? Handling Unwanted Calls Effectively

Why Dynata Calls You?

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Dynata is a market research company conducting surveys and gathering data on products and services. They may call you because they want your opinion on various topics, which can help businesses make better decisions and improve the quality of their offerings.

When Dynata calls you, it is to collect valuable information on consumer behavior, opinions, and preferences. As a respondent, your input can contribute to a larger dataset that helps companies understand their target audience and make informed decisions.

Remember that Dynata’s calls might seem annoying, but they are not scams. The company is a legitimate business interested in gathering market research data. Participating in their surveys can offer you a chance to provide feedback on products and services you use regularly, thus contributing to their improvement.

If you prefer not to receive any calls from Dynata, you can stop them. You can ask the caller to remove your number from their list or use your phone’s feature to block their number. Remember, participation in market research is voluntary, and you are not obligated to answer their calls or provide any information.

Identifying Calls from Dynata


When you receive a call from Dynata, you must recognize the signs to ensure you’re dealing with a genuine business. Dynata is a legitimate market research company that conducts surveys for various organizations. However, if you’re unsure about the authenticity of the calls, you can take a few steps to verify their origin.

Firstly, verify the caller’s phone number. Dynata is known to use specific numbers for their telephone surveys. Check whether the incoming number matches 1-833-757-1746 (toll-free in North America) or 1-801-341-0764 (outside North America). If it matches, chances are you’re speaking to a Dynata representative.

Secondly, listen to the nature of their conversation. A legitimate Dynata call will focus on conducting a survey or gathering opinions for market research. They should not pressure you to purchase anything or reveal sensitive personal information. If the caller tries to sell a product or asks for your financial data, that’s a red flag.

Lastly, ask the representative for details about their company and survey. A genuine Dynata representative will be able and willing to provide information about their organization and the purpose of their call. Proceed with caution if they cannot answer your questions or seem evasive.

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The Nature of Calls from Dynata

Market Research

Dynata is a company that conducts market research to gather data and insights for businesses, firms, and advertising agencies. They specialize in collecting consumer opinions and feedback through various means, including surveys, questionnaires, and telephone interviews. When Dynata calls you, they may invite you to participate in market research, such as a specific survey about a product or service.

Customer Insight

Another reason Dynata may call you is to obtain customer insights regarding various products, services, or even your shopping habits and preferences. These insights help companies better tailor their offerings, marketing strategies, and overall customer experience. Remember that your input can significantly influence how companies design their products, target their audiences, and communicate their messages.

Data Collection

Lastly, Dynata calls you to collect consumer behavior, preferences, and demographics data. This information allows them to provide valuable insights to their clients, who use these insights to make informed decisions. While participating in these calls can be seen as a way to voice your opinions and contribute to market research, it’s essential to understand that the primary goal is data collection to support clients in their decision-making processes.

How to Respond to Dynata Calls

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Professional Communication

When receiving a call from Dynata, it is important to maintain a professional and courteous tone. Listen carefully to the caller’s information and ask for clarification if needed. Respond to their questions honestly and concisely, considering they are conducting market research to gather valuable information.

Safety Measures

While Dynata is a legitimate market research company, ensuring your safety when receiving unsolicited calls is always important. Verify the caller’s identity by asking for their name, position, and the purpose of the call. Suppose you’re unsure about the legitimacy of the caller. You can always call Dynata’s official support line at 1-833-757-1746 (for North America) or 1-801-341-0764 (outside North America) to confirm the call.

Cooperation with Dynata

If you decide to participate in Dynata’s market research survey, cooperate with the interviewer by answering their questions honestly and providing accurate information. Remember that your input contributes to improving products and services in the market. However, if you prefer not to participate or wish to stop receiving calls from Dynata, inform the caller and ask to be added to their no-contact list. You may also register your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry by visiting DoNotCall.gov or by dialing 1-888-382-1222 (TTY: 1-866-290-4236) from the phone number you wish to register.

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How to Opt Out of Dynata’s Calling List

Contacting Dynata Directly

First and foremost, you should consider contacting Dynata to request that they add your number to their no-contact list. This will inform the company that you are no longer interested in participating in their surveys or receiving calls. Try finding their contact information on their official website or caller ID and use that to get in touch with them.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Another option to consider is registering your phone number with national do-not-call lists. In the United States, you can register with the National Do Not Call Registry, which should help prevent unwanted calls from telemarketers and companies like Dynata. Remember that you may still receive calls from exempt organizations, such as charities or political parties.

Lastly, make sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to unsolicited phone calls. Companies must respect your request not to be contacted if you express your wishes. If calls persist, you may have the right to take legal action against them.

Last Updated : 24 June, 2024

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