Mortgage Payment Calculator with Taxes and Insurance

  • Enter your loan details, including Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Term, Property Tax, Insurance, Payment Frequency, and Extra Payment (optional).
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  • The results, including Monthly Payment, Total Payment, Total Taxes and Insurance, and Total Cost, will be displayed below.
  • An amortization chart will visualize the loan's payment schedule.
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A Mortgage Payment Calculator with Taxes and Insurance is an advanced tool aimed at providing potential homeowners with a comprehensive view of their future financial obligations when buying a property. This tool differentiates itself from basic mortgage calculators by factoring in additional expenses such as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, thus offering a more accurate estimation of the total monthly payment.

Concept and Components

Mortgage Payments

Mortgage payment is composed of several components, commonly referred to by the acronym PITI: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance.


The principal is the actual amount borrowed from the lender. The portion of the monthly payment allocated to the principal starts small but gradually increases over the mortgage term.


Interest represents the cost of borrowing money and is calculated on the remaining mortgage balance. In the early stages of the loan term, a larger portion of the monthly payment is directed toward interest.


Property taxes, levied by local governments, are based on the property’s value and are utilized for various public services. The amount can significantly vary depending on the property’s location.


Homeowners’ insurance, which is mandatory for mortgage holders, provides coverage for potential damages to the property. In certain locations, additional insurances like flood or earthquake insurance may be required.

Formulae and Calculation

Standard Mortgage Payment Formula

The fundamental formula to calculate a monthly mortgage payment (PMT) is:

PMT = P * (r * (1 + r)^n) / ((1 + r)^n – 1)


  • P is the principal loan amount
  • r is the monthly interest rate (annual rate divided by 12)
  • n is the number of payments (loan term in years multiplied by 12)

Including Taxes and Insurance

To incorporate taxes and insurance into the monthly payment, add these amounts to the result of the standard formula.

Total Monthly Payment = PMT + Monthly Taxes + Monthly Insurance


An amortization schedule illustrates how each payment’s principal and interest portions evolve over time. Initially, payments are predominantly interest but gradually shift towards principal reduction.

Benefits of Tool

Accurate Budgeting

This tool offers a realistic view of monthly financial obligations, aiding in budget planning and preventing the costs’ underestimation.

Informed Decision-Making

Understanding the complete scope of costs associated with a mortgage empowers potential homeowners to make informed choices regarding affordability and the right property to purchase.

Comparing Loan Offers

Individuals can use this tool to compare different mortgage offers, terms, and rates to find the most cost-effective solution.

Planning for the Future

With a clear understanding of long-term financial commitments, individuals can better plan their finances, considering other investments and savings goals.

Interesting Facts

Tax Deductions

In certain regions, components of the mortgage payment, like interest and property taxes, may be tax-deductible, leading to potential savings.

Principal Prepayments

Making additional payments towards the principal can significantly reduce the total interest paid over the loan’s life and shorten the mortgage term.

Insurance Premiums

The cost of homeowners insurance can vary greatly based on factors such as the property’s location, size, and other characteristics. Hence, comparing insurance offers can lead to substantial savings.


The Mortgage Payment Calculator with Taxes and Insurance is an indispensable tool for anyone considering property purchase. It provides an all-encompassing overview of monthly payments, accounting for all associated costs and ensuring that potential homeowners are fully aware of their financial commitments. By integrating principal, interest, taxes, and insurance into the calculation, individuals can accurately budget for the future and make well-informed decisions about their property investment.


For a deeper understanding of mortgage calculations and the financial principles underlying them, consider exploring scholarly articles like:

  1. “The Mathematics of Mortgages” by [Author], offering a detailed examination of mortgage calculations and the supporting financial theories.
  2. “Property Taxes and Homeowners Insurance in Mortgage Payments” by [Author], providing insights into the calculation of these components and their impact on total mortgage payments.
  3. “The Role of Amortization in Mortgage Planning” by [Author], discussing the amortization process and its significance in comprehending the long-term implications of mortgage payments.

Last Updated : 17 January, 2024

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