Rise of All Star Gift Codes (updated 2024)

Rise of All Star Gift Codes

As a fan of Rise of All Star, you can benefit from gift codes to unlock in-game rewards such as Gold, Gems, Advance Tickets, Character Shards, and Magic Stones. Redeeming these codes is simple and can enhance your gaming experience. Here is a list of active and working gift codes:

  • VIP666: 1000K Gold and 100 Gems
  • VIP777: 10 Advance Tickets and 100 Gems
  • VIP888: 10 Advance Tickets and 200 Gems
  • GOODGAME1: Reward
  • GOODGAME2: Reward
  • GOODGAME3: Reward
  • GOODGAME4: Reward

To redeem a code, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and locate the Coupon button on the lobby screen.
  2. Click the Coupon button to access the text area for entering codes.
  3. Type in the desired code and tap the Confirm button.
  4. Check your mailbox to receive the corresponding rewards.

Expired Codes

Unfortunately, there are no known expired codes for Rise of All Star. Remember that gift codes may have a limited time for redemption, so make sure to use active codes as soon as possible. You can find active codes on websites such as Gamer Tweak, App Gamer, and GamesKeys.net. Remember, they may update their list of codes regularly, so check back often.

To redeem a code in the game, go to the main menu and look for the “Redeem Code” option. Once there, you can input any active codes you have found. These codes will give you various in-game rewards, such as gold, gems, and advance tickets.

When new codes become available, redeem them promptly, as they might expire.

Acquiring All Star Gift Codes

Official Sources

It’s essential to stay updated on the official channels for Rise of All Star. These sources include the game’s official social media accounts, its website, and in-game announcements. Keep an eye on these platforms for new gift codes and promotions.

Alternative Sources

Apart from official channels, you can find gift codes through alternative sources. These may include gaming forums, YouTube channels, and dedicated websites such as Gamer Tweak, App Gamer, GamesKeys.net, and TheClashify. However, ensure to verify the validity of the codes and the credibility of the sources before using them.

Remember to claim gift codes as soon as possible, as they may have limited validity or restricted uses.

Last Updated : 28 December, 2023

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