SmartThings vs HomeKit: Difference and Comparison

What is SmartThings?

SmartThings is a Samsung-owned domestic automation hub compatible with several smart domestic gadgets. It lets owners attach, reveal, and manage a couple of smart gadgets ranging from smart TVs and home equipment to devices from specific manufacturers like Ring, Nest, and Philips Hue.

With SmartThings, your house will become a smarter, more secure, and more pleasing area; it simplifies your life by means of automating routines and responsibilities, optimizing gadgets for overall performance and offering steerage both in and outside the house. SmartThings is well matched with voice assistants, inclusive of Google Assistant and is operable through the devoted SmartThings app.

It transforms your property right into an associated space, enhancing your studies and simplifying house chores. Recent improvements also encompass SmartThings Energy, allowing owners to show their power usage in real-time.

What is HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is a reliable and secure framework for controlling clever domestic gadgets from Apple and third-birthday celebration producers. Devices like-minded with HomeKit meet stringent requirements for ease of use, capability, and security.

Using the Home App or Siri, you may remotely control numerous smart add-ons like lighting fixtures, thermostats, and doorbells right from your Apple tool. Apple has framed its hints to ensure users have a seamless, interconnected revel across all gadgets, giving up-customers the power to personalize and automate their homes in an advanced but honest way.

HomeKit is also equipped for the upcoming generation consisting of Matter, and promising customers persisted forward compatibility. The attention is on keeping users’ facts steady and private, further strengthening the fee proposition of the HomeKit environment.

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Difference Between SmartThings and HomeKit

  1. SmartThings is manufactured by the company Samsung and is available worldwide. Similarly, HomeKit is manufactured by the company Apple and is available worldwide. 
  2. SmartThings is mainly compatible with various devices of different brands. While on the other hand, the HomeKit is primarily compatible with Apple devices and some other brands. 
  3. In SmartThings, it should be integrated through ZigBee and Z-Wave to work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and various other devices. Whereas on the other hand, the HomeKit is integrated with Siri and other devices certified by HomeKit.
  4. In the case of SmartThings, the user can easily set up the device by just using the SmartThings application. Contrastingly, on the other hand, in the case of HomeKit, the user can set up the device by using the ‘Home App’ on the Apple devices.
  5. SmartThings provides a good level of encryption security for its users. In contrast, the HomeKit provides a superior level of security with end-to-end encryption, and data will stay private on the home network.
  6. The device SmartThings by Samsung is compatible with various operating systems, for example – iOS, Windows, Android, and web interface. While comparatively on the other side, the device HomeKit by Apple is compatible with only the iOS operating system. 
  7. The price range of SmartThings is affordable, while on the other hand, the price range of HomeKit is expensive. 

Comparison Between SmartThings and HomeKit

Parameter of ComparisonSmartThingsHomeKit
EcosystemIt is compatible with various devices of different brandsIt is primarily compatible with Apple devices and some other brands
IntegrationIt is integrated through ZigBee and Z-Wave to work with Google Home, Amazone Alexa, and various other devicesIt is integrated with Siri and other devices certified by HomeKit
SetupThrough the SmartThings ApplicationThrough the Home App present on Apple devices
SecurityA good level of encryption security is offered by the companyA superior level of security is offered with end-to-end encryption, and data will stay private on home network
Compatible Operating SystemsWindows, android, iOS, and web interfaceiOS
Price RangeAffordable rangeExpensive


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Last Updated : 04 March, 2024

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