TWS vs Earbuds: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) is a wireless technology that allows two independent earbuds to receive audio signals without any physical connection.
  2. TWS earbuds provide a stereo audio experience, with one earbud for each ear, and they use Bluetooth to connect to a paired device like a smartphone wirelessly.
  3. Earbuds are a broader term that includes wired and wireless audio devices designed to fit inside the ear canal. In contrast, TWS refers to the wireless technology used in some earbuds to achieve a wire-free experience.

What is TWS?

TWS is a wireless audio technology. The complete form of TWS is True Wireless Stereo. As its name suggests, it is entirely wireless and uses Bluetooth to connect with devices. The earpieces of TWS come in a pair, but the two pieces are separate and can be used independently.

There is no issue of cords getting tangled as it is wireless. Each earpiece has its battery. Hence they allow it to be used independently. These headphones are very light and portable. You can use these while doing any activity.

The audio quality of TWS headphones is high. They can effectively perform noise isolation and make the experience richer. Some TWS earphones have added features. They include voice assistants and touch controls, primarily water-resistant.

Due to its long list of conveniences, these are becoming more common. People are choosing these over traditional headphones to consume audio content of a higher quality without the hassle of detangling the wires.

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What are Earbuds?

Earbuds are miniature speakers that one is supposed to wear inside the ear canal. These do not sit outside the ears like over-ear headphones. They snuggle inside the ear and have two separate earpieces, one for each ear.

Earbuds can be connected to different devices via Bluetooth technology or wire, depending on the model of the earbuds. Consuming any audio content is possible, but the noise isolation feature here is only sometimes top-notch. Some of the pieces still need to include this feature.

The risk of them falling out is less compared to over-ear headphones. Usually, earbuds come with a 3.5mm audio jack. When earbuds are entirely wireless, they become TWS.

Wireless earbuds can also come with a neckband. These are known as neckband headphones. Here the two earpieces are attached by a band. This band sits on the back of the neck. They do not possess advanced features, but some have extra attributes.

Difference Between TWS and Earbuds

  1. TWS comes with Bluetooth technology, while earbuds can use Bluetooth or wired connections based on the features of a particular earbuds model.
  2. TWS always includes two separate individual earpieces, whereas earbuds may vary to have one or two different earpieces.
  3. The two earpieces of TWS come with two separate batteries, which last longer. At the same time, the batteries of earbuds are shared by the earpieces, and comparatively, the battery life is shorter.
  4. TWS is more expensive when compared to earbuds.
  5. Mostly TWS compromises extra features, but all the earbuds models might have yet to add advanced features.
  6. The noise isolation feature is better in TWS, while earbuds do not always offer adequate noise isolation.
  7. The two earpieces of a TWS can be used separately and independently, but earbuds require both earpieces to function correctly.
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Comparison Between TWS and Earbuds

Parameter of ComparisonTWSEarbuds
Connectivity technologyIt uses Bluetooth technology.It might use Bluetooth or wired connections based on the model features.
EarpiecesIt has two separate individual earpieces.It can be one or two separate earpieces.
BatteryThe two earpieces have two separate batteries.Often the batteries are shared by the earpieces.
Sound qualityIt has a better sound quality.Comparatively, its sound quality needs to be improved.
ExpenseCompared to earbuds, they cost more.Comparatively, it is cheaper.
Battery lifeIt has a longer battery life.Most of the models have shorter battery life when compared.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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