Christmas in Australia – Xmas is the Biggest Festival

In Australia, Christmas coincides with summer, thus allowing Australians to spend most of the holiday relaxing on the beaches or camping with their family and friends.

Although most of the festive activities in this country are inspired by the European culture, the Australians do have a few Christmas traditions of their own.

Below is an overview of how Australians spend their Christmas holiday.

Christmas Decorations in Australia

While Australians don’t have snow during Christmas, they induce the festive mood by beautifying their homes with bright lights.


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They also create round wreaths with multi-colored flowers and decorate them with seashells.

Aussies also decorate their houses with Christmas themed ornaments like props of native animals like kangaroos and Koalas.

Sometimes, local papers and broadcasting stations run competitions in which the best-decorated houses are announced.

It’s also common to see a sandman standing on the beach wearing a Christmas hat.

Carols by Candlelight

Major Australian cities host Carols by candlelight—an event for which people gather in parks to sing Christmas songs while holding lit candles.

These events are held on the few nights preceding Christmas.

Christmas Carols in Australia

The largest event, however, happens on Christmas Eve in Sidney Myer Music Bowl venue in Melbourne. It features major celebrities who entertain the audience with amazing performances.

Proceeds from this event are usually directed towards supporting charities like Vision Australia. Those who don’t make it to the venue enjoy the concert via live broadcasts on TV channels.

Sydney and Brisbane also host similar events known as carols in the Domain and carols by Twilight respectively.

Carols in the Domain is held on 22nd December while carols by Twilight take place on multiple dates throughout December.

Christmas Family Traditions

On Christmas Eve, most families attend mass together.

In the morning, children rush to the Christmas trees, hoping that Father Christmas left them something.

Santa is believed to use kangaroos for his voyage.

Older family members exchange gifts right before or after breakfast.

Most families also enjoy traditional meals, which include roast beef, ham, turkey, vegetables, and steamed pudding.
In some instances, a small coin is placed in the steamed pudding and whoever finds it in their meal, expects to be lucky the following year.

It’s also custom for families to attend Christmas mass together on the 25th of December.

Some people will spend the day on a beach picnic where they enjoy barbecues and cold Christmas meals.

Boxing Day Hobart Yacht Race

On Boxing Day, Australians experience the thrill of a 65-year old event where people race their yachts.

The racing fleet jostles from a shore in Sydney and speeds off towards the finish line in Hobart Derwent River.

Boxing Day Hobart Yacht Race

Those seeking to follow the fleet can chase through the crowd but should go ahead of the fleet if they are to catch all the action.

The Hobart Race Village later explodes to life with live music performances as well as lots of foods and drinks.

Boxing Day sales are held on the 26th of Dec and people can get Christmas paraphernalia at very low prices.

Even without snow, Aussies get to enjoy a fantastic Christmas holiday filled with music, electrifying events, and family traditions.

They also get to enjoy delicious traditional delicacies and sweet pastries.

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Main Points About Christmas in Australia

  1. The carols by candlelight are the most popular event of the Australian Christmas season.
  2. While some Australian families put up Christmas trees for the celebration, others use palm leaves, fern, Christmas bellflowers, Christmas bush, Wisteria, honeysuckle bloom and nasturtium for their Christmas decorations.
  3. On Christmas Eve, people deliver gifts, while some families go to church together. Some children are anxious to get a gift from Santa.
  4. The holiday mid-day dinner is often the highlight of the Australian Christmas day. Families and friends get together to share a meal.
  5. The Christmas church service is important on Christmas day after the opening presents and breakfast.


As Santa arrives in Australia to grab his beer and cake, as well as the carrots left for the reindeers, he might change into something less hot as it’s summertime here now.

Houses are still decorated with Christmas decorations, poinsettias and ”Christmas Bush” , an Australian tree with red flowers during this time of year and many cities have Carols by candlelight services with lots of singing.

Usually, people open their gifts on the 25th.

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