Difference Between 4L60E and 4L80E

The vehicle’s power lies in its transmission. The wheels speak the stability of motors. There are hundreds of designs on wheels. Choosing the best will give a smooth journey on the road. Automobile company introduces plenty of models with new design combined vehicles. But not everyone gets the reach among people. The 4L60E and 4L80E are the powerhouses of transmission. They both have their unique features.

4L60E vs 4L80E

The main difference between 4L60E and 4L80E is their shape. The 4L60E is square with a couple of irregularities. The 4L80E is a rectangle in shape with two lopped corners. The 4L60E has 17 bolts, and the 4L80E has 16 bolts. They are both termed pan shapes. The ‘E’ on both stands for electronically shift controlled version. The 4L80E is a bullet – proof tranny covered almost 3,00,000 kilometers. They both get designs from a general motors company. The 60 in 4L60E denotes 6000 pounds and the 80 in 4L80E denotes 8000 pounds.

4L60E vs 4L80E

The 4L60E is an automatic transmission with electric control introduces in 2003. Before 4L60E, A non-electronic 4L60 install in GM trucks. It comes with a heavy trace racer. The engine 4L60E comes in the LS GM engine family. It has the largest torque converter of 300mm. It performed well when the classic engine installs in the modern car. The version in 1966 has removable bell housing. It is a performance-friendly powerhouse.

The 4L80E was produced in 1963 by longitudinal engine general motors. The features in 4L80 are available in TH 400. Thus, it didn’t make any surprises for the customers. It has some advanced features like a torque converter and gear overdrive. The 4L80e has a speed of 4 and is longitudinally mounted. It lifts around 8000lbs. The electronic control unit maintains the functionality. The commercial vehicles and vans use the 4L80E transmission. Rolls Royce and Bently vehicles are also using the 4L80E.

Comparison Tabel Between 4L60E and 4L80E

Parameters of Comparison4L60E4L80E
LengthThe length of 4L60E is 23.5The width of 4L80E is 24.6
WeightThe weight of 4L60E is 150lbsThe ballast of 4L80E is 230lbs
Gear ratioThe gear ratio of 4L60E is 3.059:1The gear ratio of 4l80E is 2.48:1.
Number of boltsThe 4L60E has 17 bolts.The 4L80E has 16 bolts.
Maximum TorqueApproximately 350nmApproximately 450nm
ShapeThe 4L60E is square with irregularities.The 4L80E is a rectangle with loops.

What is 4L60E?

The 4L60E is an automatic transmission of high gear ratio. It has a large amount of torque at its first gear. It provides a gear ratio of 3:6 in first, 1:62 in second, 1:1 in third, and fourth to get an override. It has a 440lb of torque rating at its highest peak. If you match the precise axle ratio 3:73:1, it makes 2:84 in first and a final drive in 10:1. The 60 denotes the 6000 pounds of transmission handled by GVW. All the inner parts are consist of aluminum alloy.

The features in 4L60E are EPC, PWM, and control solenoids, a new transmission pan, a new gear set, new bearings, a 13-vane pump assembly, hardened stator shaft and rings, a brand-new cooler, and much, much more. It has no reverse gear effect. It has no high speed and high powers.
It is only available for rear-wheel vehicles. The 4L60E needs 8.4 quarts of fuel capacity for a 9.64 torque converter.

It is a successor of 700R4 introduced in 1982 which, use in Chevrolet. The 4L60E is a four-speed automatic drive. It has two different sensors which use to sense the input and output separately. It is most favorable for smaller vehicles like SUVs. The fuel consumption capability makes it beneficial for small transport. It is lighter compared to 4L80E. The bell housing in it is not get removed. It is available at an affordable cost.

What is 4L80E?

The 4L80E is more omnipotent than 4L60E. It has the power to run heavily loaded trucks. The TH400 is the predecessor of 4L80E. It has to die-cast aluminum case with tail housing and bell housing pattern. The flex plate in 4L80E is as same as TH400. In 3wd and 4wd applications, it has the biggest 32 line shaft. The extra gear set provides by the fourth gear to override. The reverse gear of 4L80E is mean to lose reported by many users. The 80 denotes the 8000 pounds of transmission controlled by GVW.

By using the electronic and control shifts, the transmission occurs. It has integrated bell housing. The length of 4L80E is 24.6, and its weight is around 236lbs. The torque might be positive 450nm and negative 450nm. The DEXRON IV is the fluid type of 4L80E. It has three gears with one override gear up to 30%. The fluid capacity is 13.5 quarts. It has 17 bolts with rectangle loops.

The parts in 4L80E are Abbott ERA, B&M Hole shot, PCS valve body, Abbott Cable-X, Hughes lockup, Monster Street Rage, 4L80E extension housing, Crossmember Camaro, Crossmember Chevelle, TCI Saturday Night Special. The power train control mode makes the electronic transmission. Torque converter controls by a PWM lookup solenoid inside the shift phasing. It has cooling parts.

Main Differences Between 4L60E and 4L80E

  1. The length of 4L60E is 23.5, and The width of 4L80E is 24.6.
  2. The weight of 4L60E is 150lbs, and The ballast of 4L80E is 230lbs.
  3. The gear ratio of 4L60E is 3.059:1, and The gear ratio of 4l80E is 2.48:1.
  4. The 4L60E has 17 bolts, and The 4L80E has 16 bolts.
  5. The 4L60E has approximately 350nm, and The 4L80E has 450nm.
  6. The 4L60E is square and the 4L80E is rectangle.


Both the 4L60E and the 4L80E have their advantages. The 4L60E will suit small vehicles and the 4L80E suit for heavy vehicles. The 4L80E is heavier than 4L60E. Depends on your needs, the option may change. They look like the same shape but, it’s not. On comparing both, the 4L80E is heavier and robust. They both predecessor. The 700R4 for 4L60E and TH400for 4L80E.


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