60w vs 85w MacBook Charger: Difference and Comparison

As we all know, in this digital world of the internet, every work is done virtually by using electronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc.

So we can understand the importance of a charger, which provides power to our gadget so that it gets charged, to help us in our work.

For MacBook, there are various kinds of chargers available in the market. Two of them are 60w and 85w chargers.

Key Takeaways

  1. The 60W charger provides less power than the 85W charger, affecting charging speed and device compatibility.
  2. The 85W charger can charge all MacBook models, while the 60W charger is limited to certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models.
  3. Using a higher-wattage charger than required is safe, but using a lower-wattage charger can lead to slow charging or potential damage.

60w vs 85w MacBook Charger

A 60W MacBook charger provides less power than an 85W charger and is designed for smaller MacBooks like the MacBook Air or the 13-inch MacBook Pro. An 85W charger provides more power and is designed for larger and more powerful MacBooks like the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro.

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60w MacBook charger is a charger that supplies 60w power to the MacBook and is good enough. It has a magnetic DC connector which provides safety.

It is a compatible charger because it keeps the wires and cables in good condition for a longer period of time. Its magnetic DC feature help to establish a fast and secure connection.

85w MacBook charger provides 85w of power supply to the MacBook. It helps in the fast charging of the MacBook. Even when we are working on our laptop, its charging rate is faster than other chargers.

It also provides the feature of the DC connector and hence provides a secure connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison60w Charger85w Charger
Power SupplyIt supplies 60w of power.It supplies 85w of power.
HeatIt easily gets hot.It does not easily get hot.
NoiseIt may sometimes create a buzzing noiseIt does not create any noise
StrainDo not resist strain.Resist strain.
AdapterSingle adapter.Double adapter.

What is 60w MacBook Charger?

60w MacBook charger has a magnetic DC connector feature that helps to disconnect cable if someone trip over it. The DC connector feature helps to provide a secure connection.

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As the name suggested, it provides 60w of power supply. Whenever a secure connection is established, there is a light at the head of the connector, which lights up.

This light helps to indicate that the MacBook is charging. The color of this light varies in different situations. An amber light indicates that MacBook is charging.

A green light indicates that MacBook has been fully charged.

Along with an adapter, an AC cord is also provided so that the user can enjoy a long length of cord. This cord length is very much compatible with traveling purposes.

It helps to connect the MacBook at longer distances which is a plus point from the user’s perspective.

As a good traveling companion, this cable is very flexible to round up and fits in your bag easily. The adapter has a very clever design which helps a DC cable to wound up easily.

This charger is compatible with both the MacBook and MacBook Pro models. But its power supply is limited, so it is not sufficient for the pro model.

60w macbook charger 1

What is 85w MacBook Charger?

85w MacBook charger is very compatible and provides a sufficient power supply to the gadget. Its power supply is 85w, which is sufficient.

Its DC connector feature helps in disconnecting the power cable under strain. It also helps in weakening cable with time.

Because of its DC cable, the connection is established very quickly. This charger also has a red light which indicates the charging of your laptop. Amber light indicates that MacBook is still charging.

While the green light indicates that MacBook is fully charged. The design of this charger is very neat and clean, which helps in the easy maintenance of the charger.

This adapter charges the lithium battery in all circumstances, i.e., in on, off, sleep mode. Due to the higher power supply, this charger does not easily get hot while charging.

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It does not create any kind of buzzing noises while charging. It can easily be used to charge both MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

Even due to its higher power supply, it does not harm MacBook because of its wattage. But yes, it has many advantages point over the 60w charger.

85w macbook charger

Main Differences Between 60w and 85w MacBook Charger

  1. 60w charger does not have a sufficient power supply, so it is not compatible with the MacBook pro. On the other hand, an 85w charger is sufficient and compatible in the case of a power supply.
  2. 60w Charger has only a single adapter magnetic DC connector feature. Whereas the 85w charger has a double adapter feature.
  3. Under the conditions of strain, the 60w charger has no significant resistance. On the other hand, the 85w charger has resistance under strain.
  4. The noise cancelation facility is not present in the 60w charger. On the other hand, the 85w charger has a noise cancelation feature. It does not create any buzzing noise.
  5. Due to less power supply, the 60w charger easily gets hot, and it does not have a sufficient power supply. On the other hand, the 85w charger has a sufficient power supply and does not easily catch heat.
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Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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