Difference Between 64-Bit and 32-Bit iTunes

As we move on to a new day more and more changes are being made for the betterment of the people. Radio used to be the only source of entertainment decades ago but now the latest innovations in the technology companies have replaced those items.


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Apple is a huge name whenever we talk of smarphones or any technological type of equipments. Whatever their price maybe customers are always satisfied with the technology offered by Apple.

It was a clever choice to bring in the new product because iTunes is a media player that allowed users to organize, play music and as well as video files. This too was an important discovery because it helped people to have an entertainment system by just clicking or by just touching few times on their device’s screen.

The product iTunes has been tied with most of the Apple products like iPad, iPhone, iPod. iTunes also allowed the users to connect to the Apple iTunes Store that helped users to download several audio and video files, movies, ringtones and many others.

64-Bit vs 32-Bit iTunes

The difference between 64-bit and 32-bit iTunes is that in 64-bit version you can use 64 bit and the 32-bit iTunes can be used in any one of them. Other than that the 64-bit installer comes with a 64 bit code that is much faster.

64 Bit vs 32 Bit iTunes

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison64-Bit32-bit
UsageUsers can download music, audio, movies, data files like PDF’s.Can also perform similar tasks like 64-bit iTunes.
Transferring of AppsAfter downloading certain apps or games can be transferred to other devices like iPhone, iPad, and other such devices.Can perform the same thing and can transfer.
Home Sharing FeatureYesYes
Additional FeaturesThe 64-bit iTunes has got additional libraries and drivers.Do not have any additional features.
Other Tasks and FeaturesDownloading files, tv shows, movies, ringtones, and other such things.Can perform the same thing and is almost similar to 64-bit’s features.

What is 64-Bit iTunes?

The 64-bit iTunes is just a media player that is a free program for Apple users. The player is quite simple and easy to use and is designed for the benefit of the common people.

So, if you are an android user and you want a taste of iTunes on your device too then keep your hopes high because you can avail of that option from Google Play itself. The iTunes program is a free program where you can perform various types of tasks in it like recording CDs, editing music files, listening to podcasts, and many more.

Apple had brought out iTunes back in 2001 and since then they have made several changes by keeping their updates checked regularly or periodically. iTunes 64-bit was introduced later than the 32-bit and it came with several fixes and updates.

The 65-bit had provided the following bug fixes:

  1. Resolved the issue of pertaining to syncing of iPad with the iTunes program.
  2. Faster syncing of iPad, iPhone, iPod.
  3. Improved the overall stability and also the performance.
  4. Can work in Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. However, this does not work on Windows XP’s 64-bit edition.
64 bit itunes

What is 32-bit iTunes?

32-bit is similar to 64-bit and performs all the same tasks as the 64-bit. So, there is not much difference between the two.

However, it would be nice if you would make the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit because it will benefit you more because of the latest bug-fixes and other additional updates on 64-bit. Surprisingly, the transition will not affect or have an impact on the data files.

Well, this is because of the additional updates in 64-bit that have a type of installed program that will not let any kind of issues come in the way. As now iTunes can also be availed by Android users from the Google Play Store you can now enjoy the taste of iTunes on your device.

Syncing up your photos has become easier because of the introduction of iTunes and the 64-bit iTunes comes with much better stability and better performance.

32 bit itunes

Main Differences Between 64-bit and 32-bit iTunes

  1. iTunes helps its users download music files, audio files, movies, videos, television shows, and ringtones on your device.
  2. The 64-bit iTunes comes with much better performance than the 32-bit iTunes.
  3. The transition can be done from 32-bit to 64-bit without any kind of issues faced or impacting on the data files like PDF’s.
  4. The home sharing feature in iTunes makes your syncing process much more easier.
  5. Apps downloaded from the App Store can later be transferred to your iPod, iPad, iPhone.


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