Difference Between JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript and jQuery are two programming languages that come under the broad title of Java. It is both parts of the fourth generation of computer languages that were introduced after the C++.


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It mainly aids in designing and creating programs and software that ease out the life of computer users. It also helps in creating web pages and websites linked to different browsers.

JavaScript vs jQuery

The difference between JavaScript and jQuery is that JavaScript is a single coding language that has its own codes and those codes aren’t stored in any place specifically whereas jQuery is a storage unit or a library of all the codes that needn’t be written at all times instead could be fetched from the jQuery library.

JavaScript vs jQuery

JavaScript is a fourth-generation programming language that is used for the creation of many different software-based programs and also webpages.

For each program that a programmer intends on creating, he/she will have to type in each code without fail so as to get what they had intended on getting. They can’t get the codes or even paste them from some other source.

jQuery is one of the versions of the fourth-generation language created from Java itself. It is a compilation of many codes that could be taken from jQuery to some other place to complete a part of or even entire codes.

It has been instrumental in obtaining many additional features that can’t be used in Java-like animations and videos etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJavaScriptjQuery
Model and Script UsedECMA and DOMDOM alone
Code WritingThe user must self write everythingUsers can import from the library
Compatibility With BrowsersNot compatible with all browsersCompatible with almost all browsers
Time to Complete a Single ProgramGreater amount of time neededLess time
AnimationsLong codes need to be typedCodes can be imported

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used fourth-generation programming languages and it has gained momentum recently.

It is used to make websites more user-friendly and also make them responsive to the user in a proper way.

JavaScript helps in making sure that websites are constructed in such a way that they are quite interactive with the users and also keeps the user busy in what they intended to do.

It is used along with HTML and C++, third-generation programming languages to construct and design a webpage.

The purpose of HTML and C++ is slightly different from JavaScript. While HTML and C++ design the page, it is JavaScript that makes it lively.

In general, JavaScript has usually dubbed another name, client cooperative language.

Even though JavaScript helps make web pages, that isn’t its sole purpose. It is also commonly used for making programming software.

This software can be used on both a personal computer and on a desktop. These days, such software could be uploaded onto a few smartphones too.

At times, certain databases also seek the services and the capabilities provided by JavaScript. One of those databases is CouchDB.

All the times that a browser that is kept linked with JavaScript is opened, JavaScript forms a memory tree with all the webpages and links visited by the user.

JavaScript uses a combination of interpreter and compiler and also both an ECMA script as well as a Document Object Model.

JavaScript tends to be time-consuming as each and every single code has to be written.

Even to add in an animation or a video, a proper and lengthy code has to be typed in by the user according to their needs.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is one of the versions of Java that provides the base for JavaScript. This is possible as it is created from the basics needed for JavaScript.

jQuery is considered as a library of codes needed to create software and webpages through JavaScript.

It was created by John Resign and released for common public use in January 2006 in New York City as part of a launch.

It is a free coding source and can be used by all once they learn how to use it and there shouldn’t be any problem with coding as jQuery already has all the codes.

It is fast in retrieving the codes and also precise as it gets exactly the one we need and all the features of jQuery are compatible with almost all the browsers available.

The main purpose of jQuery is that it is the perfect source for codes and therefore makes life easier for people by helping them code.

It is a lightweight JavaScript library that has only DOM and no script type such as ECMA.

Its user-friendly nature makes it less time-consuming as all the codes could be easily found.

The codes needn’t be written by the user to obtain software that they had intended on getting.

In case a user wants to add in animations or video files, they can just import it from jQuery easing out their job.

Main Differences Between JavaScript and jQuery

  1. JavaScript was the first coding language to be developed in its category whereas jQuery was built using the codes and methods used for JavaScript. This means that jQuery was built after jQuery.
  2. jQuery allows users to import animations and video files from its library and therefore the user wouldn’t have to type all the codes by themselves but JavaScript, on the other hand, requires the user to type everything to obtain the required file.
  3. JavaScript has both an ECMA script as well as a DOM model whereas jQuery just has the model.
  4. JavaScript can be compared alongside HTML and C++ for the creation of webpages whereas it can’t be compared for jQuery as it is a library.
  5. JavaScript may not be compatible with all browsers whereas jQuery is cross-compatible.
Difference Between JavaScript and jQuery


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