Difference Between Spotify and iTunes

The music industry has had its remarkable place for a long time. From the time of kings and queens, music has been touched everybody’s life in some way.

Now people like to make a collection of their favorite songs and several media do that already. Spotify and iTunes are two such mediums that stream online podcasts and music.

Spotify vs iTunes

The main difference between Spotify and iTunes is that Spotify can be put to use by Android phone users. iTunes is a service imparted by Apple Inc. That is used by iPhone users. Both the terms Spotify and iTunes are widely used to circulate music and audio podcasts. A user can use both of them for free or pay for their services.

Spotify vs iTunes

Spotify is a company based in Sweden that is known to stream audio media. It provides media services in audio form. Spotify is very trendy nowadays.

It facilitates its users to enjoy different types of songs and media together by providing group sessions. A person can listen to millions of songs and podcasts online that are available on Spotify.

iTunes comes in the category of media player. According to its services, it also comes in the categories of the media library, Internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, etc.

The platform iTunes for listening to music and other audio media is developed by a very renowned company Apple. The language used to make iTunes software or application is c++.

Comparison Table Between Spotify and iTunes

Parameters Of ComparisonSpotifyiTunes
ReleasedSpotify was introduced to the people on 7 October 2008. iTunes was introduced to the people for the first time on 9 January 2001.
DeveloperThere are two individuals known to be the founder of Spotify and they are Martin Lorentzon and Denial Ek. Apple developed iTunes and the person known to be the founder of iTunes is Steve Jobs.
DivisionSpotify is an independent platform that is used by millions of users for its online music streaming. iTunes is a software application developed by Apple for certain operating systems and iPhone users to sync with air pods.
QualitySpotify offers music in high quality of 320 kbps to its users but a user had to pay for it. iTunes offers a blended quality of music that is up to 256 kbps, it is quite less than Spotify.
Type of serviceSpotify delivers ad-free services of music only to premium members, not to the free users. Spotify delivers ad-free services for users that haven’t spent a single penny.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a renowned company for its audio streaming of several types of media. Lorentzon and Denial Ek are the people who founded Spotify in 2006.

Spotify also has a parent organization widely known as Spotify Technology S.A. Spotify is one of the largest companies in the world that provides audio and music services worldwide.

In the year 2020, the number of employees in Spotify was almost 6.5 thousand.

There are many subsidiaries run by Spotify that including Spotify Ltd (United Kingdom), Spotify USA Inc., Spotify AB, and many other regional subsidiaries depending on the regulations of the related country.

A person can enjoy the services offered by Spotify for free. However, Spotify gives advanced features for its premium users that are not available for users who do not buy a premium membership.

The number of free users is more than those who have paid for Spotify’s additional services. There are over 70 million songs are available and almost every artist is registered on Spotify.

Its free users can enjoy its services by listening to ads that are streamed in between the songs. On the other hand, premium users can have additional controls and commercial-free listening.

Spotify imparts digital copyright for recorded music and other audio services.

What is iTunes?

Apple Inc. Offers its consumers an online audio streaming software application known as iTunes. It was released in 2001. iTunes can be operated on Windows XP, macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows, etc.

iTunes has a separate digital store iTunes Store dedicated to the related services.

It was launched as a mere media player, it facilitated its users to sync their digital music collection to the iPods. Macintosh OS was the platform on which it was capable of being operated. Apple developed and released iTunes for Windows in 2003.

Apple Music, Apple TV, are the terms that are known to be the successor of iTunes.

It helps the users to sync, upload, and organize the digital collection of music. By the passing of time, iTunes expanded its area and began to provide or sell audiobooks, videos, games, and even TV shows.

It became the iTunes Store from a software application that was developed for music only.

iTunes can help its users to change the file format, edit information of several files, organize playlists, etc. A person can also purchase certain music from iTunes and then turn it into graphic form with its help.

iTunes also features iTunes DJ where it selects songs with 5-star ratings.

Main Differences Between Spotify and iTunes

  1. Spotify has a better engagement when it comes to social media while iTunes is limited to certain operating systems and iPhones.
  2. Spotify is a Swedish company that works separately. On the other hand, iTunes is Apple’s software and application that provides similar services.
  3. The bitrate at which Spotify streams its songs and podcasts is 320 kbps while iTunes streams music at 256 kbps.
  4. Commercial-free listening is only available for premium members on Spotify while iTunes facilitates commercial free listening to free users as well.
  5. Spotify has a huge amount of involvement in social media while iTunes is not available on certain platforms and has less engagement socially.
Difference Between Spotify and iTunes


Music is the most soothing thing that can make any aspect of life beautiful. Music is for every situation whether it is joyful or painful. Apart from music, storytelling has become very trendy among people lately.

People like to spend their time listening to music and other audio media. Spotify and iTunes are here to save the hard work by providing an already made collection of related things such as there are playlists on Spotify which are solely dedicated to one genre.

A person can choose them according to the mood and occasion. There are mediums as well but Spotify has its value when it comes to listening to music.


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