Spotify vs Resso: Difference and Comparison

Music contains the power to change moods. Therefore, it can transform a bad-looking day into a good one. This power of music has now raised and reached every household due to the Online Music Streaming Platforms.

Two of these Online Music Streaming Platforms are Spotify and Resso.

Key Takeaways

  1. Spotify offers a larger music library and more extensive playlist options than Resso.
  2. Resso emphasizes social features, allowing users to share lyrics, comments, and videos, while Spotify focuses on music discovery and personalization.
  3. Spotify has a broader global reach, while Resso is primarily available in select Asian markets.

Spotify vs Resso

Spotify is a standalone music service that offers a free ad-supported version and a paid subscription service. Resso is currently only available as a paid subscription service, it emphasizes social interaction and allows users to comment on and share songs.

Spotify vs Resso

Spotify is an online music and podcast streaming platform. Spotify offers its users millions of song tracks of various genres as well as more than 3 million podcast titles.

Spotify is a freemium platform, meaning that users can opt for a free account or a paid one which has added features.

Resso is a music streaming service that allows its users to listen to millions of songs from hundreds of featured artists.

Resso also curates special playlists according to your taste so that you can discover new songs and vibe on the ones you like. Moreover, you can comment on songs too.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSpotifyResso
Owned bySpotify Technology S.A.ByteDance Ltd.
Founded byDaniel Ek and Martin LorentzonByteDance
Launched on7 October 20084 March 2020
Services offeredSongs & podcastsSongs
Free premium1 Month14 Days
Credit/Debit card needed to avail free premiumYesNo
Floating Lyrics (a feature that overlays other apps and displays song lyrics)NoYes
Shareable PlaylistsAll playlists are shareableAll playlists are not shareable
Interface to skip to next songSwipe rightSwipe up
Sleep TimerOnly available for podcastsAvailable for songs

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the place where you can listen to millions of songs and hundreds of podcasts for free. Spotify understands that a person can grow weary of the same song so its unique algorithm suggests playlists that let you discover new tracks.

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It also creates daily mixes according to the various genres you listen to. Also, you can search for your songs or podcast that you like or you can simply explore according to the listed genres.

Daniel Ek and Mark Lorentzon founded Spotify on 7 October 2008 in Sweden. Initially, Spotify had many limitations on the free service, but in March 2012, it removed all those restrictions. This decision allowed anyone to listen to songs infinitely.

Now, Spotify has a database of 8 million artists with over 70 million songs. Also, Spotify has over 3.2 million podcasts. According to Spotify data, it has about 381 million out of which 172 million users pay for a premium account.

The premium account on Spotify offers an ad-free experience and a sound quality of 320kbps. It also allows users to download songs to their device in high quality, however, the number of downloads depends upon the plan bought.

Spotify premium also supports offline playback.


What is Resso?

Resso is a music streaming service that provides you with playlists specifically curated according to your interests. Due to the reason that they are strictly made for you, these playlists can’t be shared.

However, playlists made by other users can be shared and streamed. Resso’s intelligent algorithm provides you with daily mixes, artist mixes, genre mixes and also suggests playlists made by other users.

Resso also gives the feature to stream similar songs according to the one you like.

Resso was launched by Moon Video Inc., a subsidiary of ByteDance Ltd., on 4 March 2020. It was aimed at providing the users with a better way to listen to their favorite songs as well as comment on them to connect with others.

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Also, Resso provides a feature called “Lyric Quote” that allows a user to create an image containing the lyrics of the song. This image can be downloaded to the phone or shared on other apps.

In Resso, to skip to the next song, users can swipe up.

Moreover, the users can see synced song lyrics as they play the song. Users can also enable “Floating Lyrics” which allows the app to overlay and display the lyrics and controls even when you’re not using the app.

Main Differences Between Spotify and Resso

  1. Spotify is owned by Spotify Technology S.A. whereas Resso is owned by ByteDance Ltd.
  2. Spotify was founded by Daniel Ek and Mark Lorentzon in 2008 whereas Resso is developed by ByteDance and was launched in 2020.
  3. Spotify offers songs and podcasts whereas Resso offers songs.
  4. Spotify offers a free premium of 1 month whereas Resso offers 14 days.
  5. For free Spotify premium, a credit or debit card is needed whereas no registration is required for free Resso premium.
  6. Spotify doesn’t have a feature to overlay other apps and display lyrics whereas Resso does.
  7. On Spotify, every playlist is shareable but you can only share the playlists made by users on Resso.
  8. On Spotify, you can swipe right to skip to the next song whereas you need to swipe on Resso.
  9. Spotify offers a sleep timer only for podcasts whereas Resso offers it for songs.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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