A Broker vs An Advisor: Difference and Comparison

It includes terms like crypto, deposits, NFT, currency, stocks, shares, advisors, brokers, etc. This article shall be throwing light on two of the main topics that are covered under the finance department, which are Broker and Advisor.

Key Takeaways

  1. Brokers facilitate buying and selling of financial instruments, while advisors provide guidance and recommendations for financial planning.
  2. Advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in their client’s best interests, while brokers are held to a suitability standard.
  3. Brokers earn commissions on transactions, whereas advisors charge fees based on assets under management or an hourly rate.

Broker vs Advisor 

The difference between a broker and an advisor is that the former is someone who holds, buys, and sells assets on behalf of their clients, while on the other hand, the latter is a person who advises his/ her clients in making financial decisions and choosing apt stocks or shares.

Broker vs Advisor

At one point, a broker can either represent a buyer or a seller. It never represents both parties at the same time, as it’s not convenient for the broker to do so.

Advisors are appointed by clients who enjoy an official position. They only provide advice and never buy or sell on behalf of their clients.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBrokerAdvisor
SignificanceA broker sells and buys stuff on behalf of his/ her clients.An advisor provides paid pieces of advice to his/ her clients.
Payment Method Brokers are paid a commission on the sale of some type of investment.Advisors are paid to provide bits of advice to clients in various fields.
  Total NumberThere are around three hundred brokerage firms in the world.There are around two lakh advisors currently around the globe. 
 Legal ObligationsBrokers are not subjected to high-order legal matters.Advisors need to maintain a high legal standard.
CompaniesUpstox, Zerodha, angel broking, groww, 5paisa, share khan, etc.Dana investment advisor, check capital management, new south capital management, etc. 

What is A Broker?

A broker directs to a professional who acts as a buyer and seller middleman. The broker sells and buys assets on behalf of their clients.

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Zerodha is one of the most important and well-established brokerage firms in India so far. Here is a list of a few famous brokerage firms:

  • 5paisa
  • Angel Broking 
  • Zerodha
  • Robin hood 
  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity investments
  • Groww
  • Upstox
  • Share khan 

This is very unlike in the case of advisors. Brokers get to enjoy their individuality and freedom.

He/ she acts or participates as an intermediator between a buyer and a seller and helps bring the two together. The main responsibilities of a broker are:

  • Executes sales.
  • They need to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

What is An Advisor?

Advisors are people who have immense knowledge of a particular field. They help share their knowledge with their clients and guide them in any field that the client desires to be guided on.

There are more than two lakh advisors across the globe. Here is a list of a few advising agencies:

  • Salem Investment Counselor
  • Dana’s Investment Advisor
  • Check Capital Management
  • New South Capital Management
  • California Financial Advisor
  • The Burney Company
  • Anchor Capital Advisor 
  • Clifford Swan Investment Advisor
  • Lee Financial

If they don’t abide by these laws, they can be strictly disregarded and hence punished. An advisor is a mentor or a guide who mentors/ guides his/ her clients to achieve success in their respective fields. Their roles are:

  • Keeping their clients informed about all the new updates.
  • Demonstrates a caring and quite considerate attitude towards their advisees.

Main Differences Between A Broker and An Advisor

  1. Brokers are paid for any sale of an investment, but advisors are paid for only providing consultation/ bits of advice to their clients.
  2. Upstox, Zerodha, groww, angle broking, and 5paisa are some of the Indian brokerage firms, while on the other hand new south capital management, Dana investment advisor, and check capital management are a few of the important advising firms.
Difference Between A Broker and An Advisor
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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