Difference Between A Journal and An Article

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You can write about anything from your emotions to what’s going on in the world to what’s going on in your own backyard, and here’s the difference between two of the most popular and widely accepted writing categories: a journal and an article.

Key Takeaways

  1. A journal is a scholarly publication containing articles, research papers, and studies on a specific subject or discipline.
  2. An article is a piece of writing, typically based on research, analysis, or opinion, published in a journal or other periodical.
  3. Journals ensure the quality of their content through peer review, while articles present individual perspectives on a given topic.

A Journal Vs An Article

A journal is a collection of articles or research papers published by a scholarly or academic organization, often in a specific field of study. An article is a written work that is usually shorter and more focused than a journal article. Articles may be published in magazines, newspapers, etc.

A Journal Vs An Article

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A journal is an academic publication in academia. It is an anthology of essays produced by researchers, academics, and other experts. Articles in journals are usually derived from the original research and are peer-reviewed.

Journals often concentrate on a single discipline or field of research. Also, journals are used by different people, like authors owners, to keep personal records, like diaries or accounting journals.

An article can be traced in magazines, text books, journals, websites, newspapers, or other media; the content and format of an article may differ depending on the source.

An article is a form of writing that is published alongside others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication. It is a type of prose nonfiction.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJournalArticle
Meaning A journal is a compilation of articles written by scholarly researchers and specialists on a variety of topics.An article is a nonfiction piece, that serves as an independent component of a publication on a given topic.
StructureA journal is a collection of articles bound together to form a volume. Generally, every year has its own volume.An abstract, headers and sub-headings, and a bibliography are all common components of an article.
LengthA journal is a compilation of articles that are roughly the length of a book.An article is several pages long, significantly shorter than a book.
FormA journal can be composed in text form but not in audio form.An article can be written or stored as a text and also as an audio recording.
Writing StyleA journal paper is created that is well-constructed and professional. An article constructed could be on any topic or of any interest which generally shows the thoughts of the writer.

What Is A Journal?

A journal is a type of publication that focuses on a specific topic, which is typically of an academic or scholarly nature. Business, medical, bioscience journals, and so on, often feature a collection of papers focusing on a single topic.

There are also other journals established in the fields of chemical engineering, medicine, medical sciences, and so on. Scholars may write articles for journals on significant subject matter that is supported by facts and proof.

Journal articles, on the other hand, are more technical and formally written about related topics with the goal of providing additional research and insight into a particular topic.

Scholarly journals, commonly known as “open access journals,” are supported by academic institutions and the government for online publications.

Also, to keep track of a company’s transactions Journals are maintained enlisting the business and the accounting related. Journal articles, on the other hand, are more technical and formally written about related topics with the goal of providing additional research and insight into a particular topic.

Nowadays, the daily records of recent happenings or business are written in journals or diaries such as accounting journals. Newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and other publications are published on a regular basis.

Not just for academia, but journals are also used as personal diaries by people, authors or owners, and in many other professions too.

The journals can be seen or read for a fee as magazines or for free(depending on publications) in libraries or websites, people are also paid for such articles published in publications. 

What Is An Article?

An article, like the one you’re reading right now, is a piece of writing that contains information about a specific topic. Articles come in a variety of formats and are published in a variety of venues.

A journal, newspaper, magazine, newsletter, website, or other publication may publish an article. For example, an article can be an editorial, review, feature article, scholarly article, etc. Anybody can write an article, and it can be about anything. 

An article published in a magazine could be about anything and could even include the writer’s own ideas. 

An article might be as brief as one or two paragraphs or as long as a few dozen pages. An article’s primary goal is to educate readers about a certain subject. They are, however, focused on a narrow range of issues.

In addition, most articles use a heading (which specifies what the article is about and is located at the top of each article) and sub-heading arrangement, which helps readers understand the themes discussed in the article, a lead (the motive of this is to catch the reader’s attention), the main section (which provides a thorough understanding of the topic on which the article is based), and then the conclusion of the article.

The types of information included in articles might also differ. Writers convey facts and information objectively since their goal is to provide information rather than persuade readers to accept their viewpoints.

Main Differences Between A Journal and An Article

  1. An article is a nonfiction work that serves as an independent component of a publication on a certain topic, whereas a journal is a collection of articles written by specialists on a variety of themes.
  2. An article is several pages long, much shorter than a book, however a journal is a collection of articles that are roughly the length of a book.
  3. A journal is a collection of articles put into a single volume, whereas an article’s key aspects include an abstract, headers and subheadings, and a bibliography.
  4. A journal can only be written in text format; however, it cannot be written in audio format. A text, a list, or an audio recording can all be used to create an article.
  5. A journal article is written with a professional point of view and well constructed. An article in a newspaper or magazine, on the other hand, could be about any topic of interest or simply represent the writer’s thoughts.
Difference Between A Journal and An Article
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