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Difference Between Air France and British Airways

There are several airline options available to every traveler. While some may rank higher in customer service, others may be popular for their cuisine.


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Thus, it is essential to analyze the available airline options to make the right choice for oneself. Air France and British Airways are well-known four-star airlines that offer comparable services.  

Air France vs British Airways 

The difference between Air France and British Airways is that Air France has four classes of service: standard economy class, Premium Economy, La Première, and Business Class. In contrast, the four classes offered by British Airways are Economy Class, World Traveller Plus, Club Europe and Club World. Additionally, British Airways has a higher reputation than Air France. 

Air France vs British Airways

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Air France is an airline that offers travel services for more than 500 destinations worldwide. The price of each ticket varies depending upon the itinerary.

Air France is one of the major transport players. People can access more information from

Air France has adopted the seahorse logo as its insignia. Air France shares an interline agreement with Pakistan International Airlines.

Air France is the official airline of the Cannes Film Festival

British Airways is a full-service global airline with headquarters in London, England. British Airways operates on all continents except Antarctica. The parent company of British Airways is International Airlines Group.

British Airways also has codeshares to hundreds of other destinations. In addition, British Airways is one of the founding members of Oneworld, an airline alliance. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAir France British Airways
Main LocationAir France operates mainly from France.British Airways operate mainly from the UK. 
Fleet Size There are 214 in service There are 253 in service. 
Destinations Air France offers more destinations than British Airways. British Airways offer fewer destinations than Air France. 
Incidents or AccidentsThere have been 93 incidents or accidents in Air France. There have been 12 incidents or accidents in British Airways.
ChairpersonThe chairperson of Air France is Anne Rigail. The chairperson of British Airways is Sean Doyle. 

What is Air France?

Air France is the flag carrier of France. The headquarters of Air France is in Tremblay-en-France.

Air France was founded on 7 October 1933. The focus cities of the airways are Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse.

With 84602 employees, the parent company of Air France is Air France-KLM.

There are several facilities provided by Air France. An Air France journey offers pleasure, refinement, and relaxation to its passengers.

Air France describes itself as the embodiment of France. There has been a recent upgrade in the cabins for long haul flights to provide a more comfortable journey.

The airways have introduced greater flexibility for business travels and streamlined service at the airport

The passengers travelling in Air France business class have access to over 600 Skyteam lounges all over the world including approximately 40 Air France lounges. There are special areas at the airport along with games and meals for the youngest globetrotters.

In addition, the cabin crew and the customer service have training in customer relationships to cater to the passenger’s needs. 

Air France has an 89/100 gender equality index that considers factors like pay gaps, individual pay increases, number of males and females in the 10 most highly paid positions, promotions, and pay increase in the year upon return from maternity leave. In addition, Air France employs 2000 people who are currently on a work or study contract.

Thus, the airways are diverse and offer opportunities to different sections of society.  

What is British Airways?

British Airways is one of the main airlines of the United Kingdom. The headquarters of British Airways is situated in London, England.

British Airways is the second-largest airway in the UK after EasyJet. British Airways came into existence on 31 March 1974.

British Airways covers approximately 183 destinations and has a fleet size of 254. 

British Airways propagates itself using slogans such as the World’s Best Airline, We will Take More Care of You, and Fly the Flag. Some famous facilities of British Airways are comfort, loyalty program, and customer service.

The updated technology in the cabins of British Airways includes USB and British Charging outlets. 

British Airways are clean, spacious, and comfortable. British Airways follows the full-service airline mantra. The cabin crew is supportive and the customers don’t have to pay extra money to avail of additional services.

The best value fares include online check-in, a generous baggage allowance, allocated seats, and complimentary snacks or drinks. 

Individuals can access more information on The destinations covered by British Airways include eight domestic and 24 in the USA.

British Airways offers ideal customer service to its passengers and a wide variety of destination options. Thus, British Airways offers several luring facilities.  

Main Differences Between Air France and British Airways 

  1. Air France is known for its First Class service. In contrast, British Airways has a better Business Class product. 
  2. While Air France offers complimentary meals or snacks and refreshments depending on the flight duration. In contrast, British Airways provides a buy-on-board service and free refreshments. 
  3. Air France covers approximately 211 destinations. On the other hand, British Airways covers around 183 destinations. 
  4. In 2019, Air France ranked as the eighth-best airline in Europe whereas British Airways ranked fourth. 
  5. The hub of Air France is Charles De Gaulle International Airport. In contrast, the hub of British Airways is Heathrow International Airport.  
Difference Between Air France and British Airways
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