Alabaster vs Marble: Difference and Comparison

Many rocks and stones are available in the world. Some of them are used for construction purposes, and some are used in decorative arts and other materials.


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The two stones used for decoration and in making materials and things are Alabaster and the other is Marble. They are used by many people around the world because of their good features. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Alabaster is softer and more translucent than marble, making it ideal for sculptures and decorative items.
  2. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone, while alabaster is a sedimentary rock derived from gypsum or calcite.
  3. Marble’s crystalline structure gives it a more durable and resistant quality, whereas alabaster is more susceptible to scratches and damage.

Alabaster vs Marble

Alabaster is a soft, translucent, and fine-grained stone used for carving sculptures, decorative objects, and architectural elements. Marble is a harder and more durable stone that is used in architecture, sculpture, and decorative objects. It is known for its veining and is available in a variety of colors.

Alabaster vs Marble

Alabaster stone is available in two distinct varieties and is used in making pieces of jewellery and decorative arts. When you use things made of alabaster, you have to clean them carefully using a soft cloth.

Also, the cloth should be moist and mixed with acetone, not other liquids. You should not wash it aggressively; you must handle it softly.

Marble has a soft and smooth appearance and will look delicate and give a bold look. The predominant colour is white and lighter than white it is also available in other hues as well.

The reason for its high rate is because of the light colour. It is very rare to find light-coloured rocks and stones. And marbles always come in a light colour.

That makes it more unique. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAlabasterMarble
DefinitionAlabaster is a rock that can also be converted to plaster powder.A marble is a rock made of crystals.
AdvantagesIt will give mental clarity to your mind.It will be gorgeous and reflect light.
HeavyIt is less heavy when compared with marble.It is very heavy.
SoftnessIt will be very soft.It is less soft.
RateIt is less.It is high.

What is Alabaster?

Alabaster is a rock that can be used as plaster powder. People use these stones and turn them into rings as they will give mental strength to our minds and body.

Some astrologers even suggest people wear these rings as they are powerful and will have a good time in their life. There are both real and fake alabasters available in the world.

One can easily identify which is fake and which is real by considering some factors.

Real alabaster will have at least 3/8-inch thickness, and the weight will be twice the weight of the imitation. Sometimes there will be two pieces of the same weight in the same location, and then they are not genuine.

They are completely fake. It is made up of a material called gypsum. It also contains other materials as well, but gypsum is the primarily used material.

It is considered to be the second hardest stone in the world, and the hardness is at the medium level. 

Many people still use them because of the good qualities they bring to the person once they start wearing them. It is not only used in pieces of jewellery but also used in decorative arts as well.

It is mainly used in parts of Egypt and Italy. You can find these decorative arts in the ancient pieces available in Italy. It is very popular even though it was found many centuries ago.

You can even eat your food in a bowl made of alabaster. It will not create any damage.


What is Marble?

Marble is made up of crystals and mica inclusions. Marble will come under the category of metamorphic rock.

The main components that are included in the marble are acidic oxide and calcium carbonite. It is used on floors as it will give a rich look.

Many rich people will decorate their houses with marble floors. Walking on a floor made of marble will be quite difficult, especially when you walk barefoot.

You can walk with some sandals so that they will give you a grip while walking, or you might fall on the floor due to the smooth finish. Marble is always hard and has a high weight.

Due to this, the rate of them will be high. It is formed due to the pressure in the earth’s crust and the heat formed by limestone. Whenever you find pure marble, it will be white.

Although the colour change with the help of some variants.

It is not only used in decoration but it is also used in making statues and decorating house items. The things made of marble will look rich and enhance the place further.

Because the stones will be gorgeous and light will be reflected from them. When compared with other stones, marble stones will be softer than them.

That is the reason many people prefer to use them in whatever they make. Marbles are found in many countries, and the most common countries are Italy, India, China, and Spain.


Main Differences Between Alabaster and Marble

  1. Alabaster is a rock that can be used in decoration as well as converted to plaster powder. On the other hand, marble is a rock that is made up of crystals.
  2. Alabaster will give you good mental strength for your mind and soul. On the other hand, marble will be gorgeous and reflects light.
  3. Alabaster rocks are less heavy when compared with marble. On the other hand, marbles are very heavy.
  4. Alabaster will be very soft compared to marble. On the other hand, marble is less soft.
  5. The rate of alabaster stones is less. On the other hand, the rate of marble is very high. 
Difference Between Alabaster and Marble
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