Difference Between Animoto and Lumen5

Videos are the best entertainment in the world. Videomaker is a process of preparing a video by combining and editing the available photos and video clips and adding music to enhance the effect.


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Many industries depend highly on marketing, whereas marketing relies on attracting customers through videos. Video making can be done either offline or online.

Animoto and Lumen5 are the best online video-making websites or portals to create videos quickly and professionally. In today’s world, photos and videos are readily available online or can be instantly transferred online so they can be quickly edited with the help of these video-making tools.

Animoto is one of the best video-making tools, which helps to create powerful and professional videos for all types of occasions and businesses within a few minutes.

Lumen5 is also the best online video-making tool that provides millions of resources to create engaging videos for brands and businesses.

Key Takeaways

  1. Animoto is a user-friendly video creation platform focusing on slideshow-style videos, while Lumen5 is geared toward creating engaging social media videos using AI-driven technology.
  2. Lumen5’s AI-assisted features can help users quickly create videos from text content, while Animoto offers a more hands-on approach with customizable templates.
  3. Animoto is known for its ease of use and music library, while Lumen5’s strength lies in its AI-powered video creation capabilities and text-to-video features.

Animoto vs Lumen5

The difference between Animoto and Lumen5 is that Animoto allows adding an individual’s voiceover along with photos and videos for video making, whereas Lumen5 video making does not support the voiceover feature. Only for the business plan and above, Lumen5 allows uploading an individual’s audio file.

Animoto vs Lumen5

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There are many similarities between the two. However, there are a few differences as well. Both Animoto and Lumen5 have specific fees associated with them to create videos; however, they offer free subscriptions with limitations.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAnimotoLumen5
FeaturesVideo-making tool with access to millions of photos, videos, soundtrack, and the option to add individual voiceover.Video-making tool with a media library of millions of photos, videos, and soundtracks but provides voiceover option only for business and above plan.
Video MakingAll the plans allow the creation of unlimited videos.Each plan has its limitations in the count to create videos.
AvailabilityThe Animoto tool is available for both desktop and mobile. But for mobile, the device is available only for iOS, not Android.The Animoto tool is available for both desktop and mobile. For mobile, the device is available for both iOS and Android.
CostAnimoto has plans for both monthly and annually. But a limited number of projects are available.Lumen5 also has various plans with feature limitations based on the projects.
Artificial IntelligenceAnimoto does not have an AI feature.Lumen5 has an AI feature which helps to populate relevant content for video making automatically.


What is Animoto?

Animoto helps to create beautiful and impressive videos within a few minutes with the help of the easy drag-and-drop technique. Editing experience is not necessary to create videos using Animoto.

Animoto helps create videos for multiple purposes, such as content for social media, promotional videos, celebrations, business videos, etc.

Animoto has versatile templates that will be used to customize the required videos quickly and professionally. Animoto has access to millions of stocks, such as photos and videos, which will be helpful for instant video making.

Video making is comfortable and easy with the help of Animoto. There are three easy steps involved in creating a video:

  1. Add the required photos and video clips
  2. Customize the video by adding colours, fonts and music tracks based on the requirement
  3. Produce the video within a few minutes and share it

Animoto offers a range of plans monthly and annually. All the program includes unlimited video creation, stocks of millions of photos and videos, music tracks, social sharing, and video downloads.


What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 helps to create engaging videos for brands, businesses, social posts, ads, etc.; Lumen5 helps to create videos in a few minutes without training or earlier experience.

Lumen5 has a media library providing access to millions of photos, videos, stock footage, and soundtracks. Individuals can create videos instantly with the available resources without looking for external content purchases.

The steps to create videos using Lumen5 are as follows:

  1. Prepare a script or choose a template so that it will create a storyboard automatically.
  2. The Lumen5 system will populate the related visuals and audio relevant to the content or requirement using artificial intelligence.
  3. Customize the video by adding styles, logos, watermarks, and colours.
  4. Download the video and share it with the required groups.

Lumen5 also offers a range of plans monthly and annually. Each program has its limitations in creating videos.


Main Differences Between Animoto and Lumen5

  1. Both Animoto and Lumen5 are vide making tool which helps to create videos quickly as well as professionally. They are easy and convenient to use for various reasons. The main difference between Animoto and Lumen5 is Animoto allows all individuals to create unlimited videos for all plans, whereas Lumen5 has restrictions to create videos based on plan type.
  2. Animoto, along with the stock of photos, videos, and soundtrack, has the additional feature of adding a unique voiceover feature to videos, whereas Lumen5 has this voiceover feature only for the business plan and above.
  3. Animoto has both desktop and mobile versions, but the mobile version is available only for Apple users, not for android users, whereas Lumen5 has a desktop version, and the mobile version is available for both iOS and Android users.
  4. Animoto has few plans, whereas Lumen5 has more plans, but each plan has restrictions.
  5. Animoto does not have many automation features compared to Lumen5, which has an artificial intelligence feature that helps to populate relevant resources to create videos.
  1. https://animoto.com/
  2. https://lumen5.com/
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