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Difference Between Baby Wipes and Cottonelle

Baby wipes/wet wipes and toilet papers are extensively used in every household for various purposes.


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Though the baby wipes are meant to clean the skin of infants, they are also used by adults for various purposes like cleaning the face in warm weather, removing makeup, etc.

Since these products touch very intimate areas of our bodies, customers prefer brands that are dermatologically tested.

Baby Wipes vs Cottonelle

The difference between baby wipes and Cottonelle is that baby wipes are a type of product that is used to clean the skin of infants are and produced by several companies. On the other hand, Cottonelle is an American brand that has several products lines of toilet paper and flushable wet wipes.  

Baby Wipes vs Water Wipes

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Baby wipes are designed with such type of fabric that they have good absorbing power and are also durable. These fabrics are also saturated with a cleaning solution such that they can clean effectively but are mild so that there is no allergic reaction on the baby’s skin.

Cottonelle is an American brand that mainly started as a toilet paper manufacturing company but eventually it expanded its product line. It is also manufacturing flushable wet wipes, a product similar to baby wipes. Cottonelle is marketed under various brand names in various parts of the world.   

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBaby WipesCottonelle
DefinitionBaby wipes are a special type of disposable cloth that is made from non-woven fabric to use on infants.Cottonelle is a brand of toilet paper that is started by an American multinational company, Kimberley-Clark Corporation.
ManufactureSpecial types of equipment are required to manufacture this non-disposable cloth and it started becoming popular in the 1970s.Though the first evidence of toilet paper was found in the late 1300s, Cottonelle was founded in 1972.
ProductsBaby wipes are a single product that is sold by various companies like Huggies and Pampers.Cottonelle is a brand that is known for selling several types of toilet paper like Cottonelle Kids, Cottonelle Extra Strength, etc.
UseBaby wipes are used as disposable clothes after cleaning the sensitive skin of infants.Cottonelle’s products are mainly toilet paper and flushable wipes that are used after going to the toilet.
AgeMost doctors recommend waiting until the baby is one-month-old before using baby wipes.Cottonelle offers products for a wide range of ages from kids to older people.
QualityFor quality check of baby wipes, several factors like quality of the fabric, the concentration of the cleaning solution, packaging material, etc. are checked.  Among various product lines of Cottonelle, the Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care is the best one.

What is Baby Wipes?

The fabric that is used for manufacturing baby wipes is similar to those that are used in making diapers and dryer sheets. Cotton and rayon are the most common non-woven fabrics used in the process of making baby wipes.

The cleaning ingredients that are used in these baby wipes are mostly diluted by water. The mild detergents that are used are known as amphoteric substances along with some moisturizing agents and preservatives.

Any type of harsh chemicals is not used because they might strip down the natural oil from the baby’s skin.

Various factors need to be individually tested before the baby wipes are rolled out in the market. For example, the tear strength of the non-woven fabrics is tested, the mildness and effectiveness of the cleaning solution are tested, and also the plastic packaging such that there shouldn’t be any leakage. And the final batch is checked for proper pH, viscosity, etc.

Although baby wipes are manufactured for the use of infants, they are also used by adults for the top quality and effectiveness in cleaning.

Apart from using baby wipes to clean the infant’s skin, they are also used to clean their toys, remove makeup, wrap fresh herbs, etc.

What is Cottonelle?

Cottonelle is a toilet paper brand that is currently marketed under the brand name Kleenex (Huggies is also under the same brand). The company has a wide range of products that can be used by various age groups.

It is one of the most popular toilet paper brands in the US. It is also marketed in various European countries, Australia, and also in South Africa. The various types of toilet paper that are marketed by the company are regular, two-ply, extra strength, etc.

They have also rolled out a product line for kids because their skin is more sensitive as compared to adults.

Cottonelle, after establishing, also did good advertising and campaigning about how good their products are. Originally the mascot of Cottonelle was a woman and in the following years, various types of advertisements were launched.

Cottonelle initially compared its products to a cotton ball to give the audience an idea about how soft the Cottonelle products are.

Cottonelle introduced Puppy Points as a marketing method to attract more customers. It was a program where a person after buying a Cottonelle product would receive a certain number of points on the label that has to be saved.

Later, various Cottonelle products could be exchanged with the saved Puppy Points. This program was discontinued in 2008.

Main Differences Between Baby Wipes and Cottonelle

  1. Baby wipes are a special type of disposable cloth product for infants whereas Cottonelle is an American brand that mainly manufactures toilet paper.
  2.  Baby wipes are manufactured by several companies like Pampers and Huggies whereas Cottonelle manufactures several products like Cottonelle Kids and Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care.
  3. Baby wipes became a popular product in the 1970s whereas Cottonelle was founded in 1972, toilet paper was invented far before that.
  4. Baby wipes are used as disposable clothes after cleaning the sensitive skin of infants whereas Cottonelle’s products are mainly used after going to the toilet.
  5. Baby wipes go through rigorous quality checks because they are used on infants whereas various products of Cottonelle have various levels of quality.
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