Baby Wipes vs Water Wipes: Difference and Comparison

Personal hygiene and sanitation are crucial for everyone, irrespective of their age. There are times when; water may not be available for cleaning; for such cases, wipes came for the rescue.

Many types of wipes are available in the market. A water wipe and a baby wipe are two of those wipes; made for cleansing purposes for infants.

Though; some people may find them to be similar, they have distinct features.

Key Takeaways

  1. Baby wipes are specifically designed for cleaning and caring for babies, while Water Wipes are a brand of wipes made from 99.9% water and suitable for use on sensitive skin.
  2. Baby wipes may contain fragrances, lotions, or other ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, while Water Wipes are free from such ingredients and are hypoallergenic.
  3. Baby wipes are more affordable than Water Wipes, as they are sold in larger quantities and are available in bulk.

Baby Wipes v/s Water Wipes

Baby wipes contain a combination of water, mild cleansing agents, moisturizers, and fragrances that help to remove dirt and moisture from the skin. Water wipes are made with only water and a small percentage of fruit extract. They are designed to clean newborns’ and infants’ sensitive skin.

Baby Wipes vs Water Wipes 1

Baby wipes are disposable clothes made for cleaning the skin of infants. These wipes come in plastic tubs: that prevents the moisture from drying and make it easier to separate the wipes.

These wipes are designed to do a thorough cleaning and yet be disposable. The fabric used to make these wipes are treated with some gentle cleansing solution yet still be effective.

Water Wipes are the type of baby wipes made for newborns to provide smooth and gentle cleansing. These wipes are: so gentle and soft that these wipes can be used: for cleaning premature babies.

They contain 99.9 % high purity water with a drop of few extracts, due to which these wipes are said to be as mild as cotton and water.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Baby Wipes Water Wipes 
FabricPolyester or polypropylenePolyester and viscose in a 80:20 proportion.
 Chemicalspropylene glycol, potassium tocopheryl acetate, etc.It does not contain chemicals
Product life2 to 3 years18 months

What is Baby Wipes?

Baby wipes are a type of wet wipes drenched in glycerin or some gentle solution for cleaning the sensitive skin of infants.

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They are kept inside plastic tubs containers and sold as the tubs help; to keep the moisture inside the wipes and allow easy separation. In the late 1970s: the technology for creating one-time use wipes was developed.

Big brands like Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies acquired the market at that time as the machines and equipment required for making these wipes were expensive.

Later on, the technology became affordable, so small brands also; started making similar products. These wipes have a unique design that allows them to do heavy-duty cleaning and; still be disposable.

The fabric used to make these wipes are selected based on cost, absorption, and durability. In packaging: thermoformed plastic tubs are used.

For wipes making: plastic pellets are melted and are forced through mini holes using air pressure. When the fibers cool down: they condense and form a sheet, and a hot metal roller is rolled over it to bind the fibers together.

The fabric made then goes through the solution or sprayed with the same; multiple times. Before selling the final product in the market, all the components go through quality checking to ensure the safety and hygiene of the baby.

The package used for wrapping these wipes goes through a few tests to ensure that it does not have any bacteria or mold that can cause leakage.

The fabric of the wipes is examined for assurance that the wipe can hold a force that could tear the wipes, and then the solutions are thoroughly tested to avoid anything that can burn or cause irritation to the baby.

wet wipes

What are Water Wipes?

Water Wipes are the purest form of baby wipes that contains high purity level water and a drop of fruit extract. These ingredients infused in the wipes make it safe to use on delicate newborn babies and unique.

The water used for making these wipes go through a seven-step purification process that eliminates impurities and softens the water while purifying it.

This process makes the water better than cooled boiled water and creates a product that cleanses the skin with just water and not other cleansing ingredients. Water wipes also do not have any surfactants.

The technology used for purifying water reduces the surface tension; as a result: the wettability and access to more dirt in the wipes increase, resulting in deeper cleansing with just two ingredients.

These wipes; are produced under cleanroom conditions that prevent microbial contamination.

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These wipes are a fresh product which means that they should be used before four weeks of package opening and should be resealed; after every use.

The Skin Health Alliance has certified water these wipes: for their purity and being better than cotton.

Water wipes mean that these wipes provide convenient and thorough wipes while maintaining the feature of the stratum corneum, which is a skin barrier.

Doctors, nurses, and other health workers; highly recommend using water wipes for cleaning the skin of infants instead of other wipes. 

Main Differences Between Baby Wipes and Water Wipes

  1. Baby wipes are made with polyester or polypropylene, whereas water wipes are made: with an 80:20 proportion of polyester and viscose.
  2. Though this is not mentioned in the package, many baby wipes do have chemicals like potassium tocopheryl acetate. On the other hand, water wipes only contain purified water and a drop of fruit extract.
  3. Many baby wipes have surfactants in them: which can irritate the skin of infants, whereas the technology used to make water wipes does not use surfactants.
  4. An unopened pack of baby wipes can last up to 2-3 years, whereas an unopened water wipe is; made to be used within 18 months from the manufacturing date.
  5. Baby wipes contain a small amount of soap for cleansing purposes. On the other hand, water wipes do not have soap as the technology used for water purification makes them purer and more effective for cleansing.
Difference Between Baby Wipes and Water Wipes

Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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