Photoshop vs PicsArt: Difference and Comparison

Editing pictures has never been out of style. With the emerging trend of memes, content creation, reels, videos, etc people are in search of new editing tools.

The two most popular apps for editing are non-other than Photoshop and PicsArt. These are some of the best apps for editing.

There are many differences between the two. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Photoshop is professional photo editing software, while PicsArt is a user-friendly mobile app for casual editing and social sharing.
  2. Photoshop offers a wider range of advanced features and tools, whereas PicsArt provides basic editing functions and creative filters.
  3. Photoshop is a subscription-based software with a steeper learning curve, while PicsArt is free or offers a lower-cost premium version with a more accessible interface.

Photoshop vs PicsArt

The difference between photoshop and picsart is that photoshop is a great graphics editor with fundamental editing tools that work for both Android and macOS devices. On the other hand, picsart is an editing tool for adding effects, emojis, texts, borders, background. It’s not suitable for complex image editing. 

Photoshop vs PicsArt

Photoshop provides numerous features for editing and creating content.

It is most widely in use nowadays. Social media influencers, photographers and videographers, graphic designers, advertisements, web developers and meme designers use this app the most.

It is vital for pursuing such professions. It is one of the best sources that can help.  

Picsart is great for beginners to start and learn editing skills. It provides various editing features, effects, filters and many more.

It is chiefly in the use of social media influencers, content creators, photographers and videographers. It is comparatively easy to use than others.

It offers all kinds of features that an editing app needs. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPhotoshopPicsart
DefinitionPhotoshop is software that is used for raster graphics editing pictures, videos, etc.  Picsart is a multimedia editing tool that is used for editing images, videos, etc. 
OriginationPhotoshop was originated in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll.Picsart was originated in 2011 by Hovhannes Avoyan and Artavazd Mehrabyan.
RatingPhotoshop’s overall rating is 90%.Picsart’s overall rating is 50%.
LayersPhotoshop allows working with layers.Picsart does not allow working with layers. 
Social networkPhotoshop is not a social network.Picsart is a social network.
LanguagePhotoshop is available in 26 different languages.Picsart is available in 30 languages.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a graphic and image editing software. It is developed and published by Adobe.

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Editing is not the only thing that this app provides.

But, it also allows image creation and graphic designing. It is most widely in use by professionals.

Photoshop is running in the market for so long that its name is now a verb. People say that “this image is photoshopped”. 

There are so many features that this app offers. One needs to learn the usage of the app to operate it freely. It supports multiple overlays in transparency.

The layering option also enhances its effect. It gives an automation feature for reducing the use of repetitive tasks.

There are so many tools like shape tool, pen tool, clone stamp tool, measuring and navigation and others. Photoshop CC (creative cloud) is a bewildering feature that lets users operate it from any computer.

Photoshop is undoubtedly a significant app for complete reasons. This app is not free, it requires a monthly fee depending on the options.

This app works on every device, windows, mac, android etc. It transforms pictures neatly. It is also a good platform for earning if you are interested in such things. 

adobe photoshop cs5

What is Picsart?

There are so many apps that we use for editing purposes and picsart is one of them. It is a whole social network.

Picsart is convenient for beginners because operating is much easier than other apps. You do not have to go to multiple editing apps.

Picsart alone is sufficient in providing every kind of editing tool from filters to effects to changing background, etc. 

Picsart is available for free for both android and ios, but it offers premium subscriptions too. Picsart offers a stripped-down user interface of about 15+ tools.

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It has an effect that delivers the feature of converting the image into a sketch. It also removes the red-eye effect automatically.

It works faster than other apps also it does not take time in saving the final picture, unlike other apps. It also allows creating a collage with many layouts.

With a premium subscription, you can unlock many features. However, without the premium ones, you still get access to most of the features, which are enough for beautiful editings.

It is an online app, so you need to connect to the internet to operate it. It has some features like dispersion, with which you can create some unique content. 

Main Differences Between Photoshop and Picsart

  1. Potoshop is for both devices phones as well as PCs. On the other hand, picsart is only available on phones. 
  2. Photoshop supports the feature of editing with layers, but picsart does not have any such features.
  3. Photoshop has a total of 20 filters. On the other hand, picsart gives you 23 total filters. 
  4. By using Photoshop, you can order a physical copy of images directly within the app, but picsart do not possess any such service.
  5. Photoshop does not give the option for a tilt-shift. However, picsart do show up with the tilt-shift option.   
  6. Photoshop provide a vector graphic editor, but when it comes to picsart, it does not have a vector graphics editor feature.
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Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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