Bolts vs Screws: Difference and Comparison

Almost every mechanical process or activity requires a nut bolt and screws. Both of them are a very essential part of manufacturing.

Any constructive job is not complete without having bolts and screws. People might think they are the same objects but they have many differences between them although the aim is similar.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bolts and Screws are fasteners used to hold two or more objects together.
  2. A bolt is larger than a screw and requires a nut to fasten, whereas a screw can be fastened directly into an object.
  3. Bolts are commonly used in construction and machinery, whereas screws are used in furniture and electronics.

Bolts vs Screws

The difference between bolts and screws is that a bolt comes with a nut on the other hand there is no nut given for screws. Also, there is a huge difference in the shafts of both bolts and screws. Both of them are used to keep several objects stuck together with proper firmness.

Bolts vs Screws

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Bolts are very well-known fasteners that are used in every household and mechanical workshop. Bolts come along a threaded shaft and a piece of additional equipment known as a nut.

Bolts are available in different sizes and types. Bolts are one of the most required mechanical fasteners to provide help in multiple tasks.

A screw can be elaborated as a sharp-pointed metal pin that is very close to a bolt. It has a round-shaped head that is slotted in between.

A screw can pierce any type of wood very easily by rotating it with a screwdriver. The main use of a screw is the same as a bolt which is to keep different objects together.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBoltsScrews
OriginBolts are known to have originated around 400 BCE by people known as Archytas of Tarentum. It is very uncertain to tell exactly when the concept of screws was introduced to the people.
ShapeThe typical shape of a bolt is hexagonal which facilitates a person to easily turn the bolt. A screw comes in different shapes such as flat-head, round head, truss head, dome-shaped, etc.
TypeThe common types of bolts are hex bolt, carriage bolt, machine bolt, eye bolt, lag bolt, etc. The common types of screws are dowel screw, wood screw, Masonry screw, Concrete screw, etc.
UsesA bolt is used to hold two things together and place or keep them in perfect position. A screw is also used to hold together but also can penetrate walls and other objects.
ShaftThe shaft of the bolt has many threads, also the endpoint of the screw is round and wide. The shaft of the screw has many threads as well, and a pointy and narrow endpoint.

What is Bolts?

Mechanically devised fasteners with a part of them threaded are called bolts. The structure of a bolt comprises a head with different geometrical shapes, a shaft with a part of it threaded, and a nut, which is screwed onto the shaft.

Bolts are confused with screws due to their resemblance but bolts are different from screws in many aspects. Bolts are used to hold two objects together.

A bolt is inserted into the holes from the surface of any object and a nut is then screwed onto it on the threaded part from the bottom of another object, which provides a clamping force to preserve any type of radial or axial movements in the object.

To epitome, bolts are used to clamp together the wooden part and iron stand of desks, which are used for sitting by students in school.

The first used bolts were square-headed bolts and these are still used today, although there are many types of bolts that have been devised today like hex bolt, Anchor bolt, Arbor bolt, Carriage bolt, Hanger bolt, and many more.

Hex bolts are the most commonly used bolt these days. Depending upon their formation, these bolts require different types of tools like screwdrivers or wrenches, to tighten them.


What is Screws?

A metallic object with a slotted head and the shaft entirely or partially threaded in raised helical shape is known as a screw. They have a blunt end. Screws are used to combine things.

Screws are penetrated on the surface of an object by rotating them with tools like screwdrivers, which results in the formation of an internal thread inside that body. Screws do not need any additional nuts to hold two objects together.

Instead of using aligned holes, screws pierce into the surface of the object by rotating motion which helps in joining together the fastened objects and preventing them from being separated.

There are several kinds of screws being used nowadays like loop-headed screws, lag screws, mirror screws, sheet metal screws, wood screws, etc.

These screws are manufactured according to their use on various objects. These are used for making strong wooden, plastic, and metallic joints to create different objects.

Different uses of screws can be seen in houses starting from ones which are penetrated the walls to hang pictures and clocks, ones which are used to attach hinges in the door or windows the micro-sized screws which are used in the electric devices used in daily life like blenders, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Screws are efficient to use due to their properties of being rust-resistant, cheaper, long-lasting hold, extra strength, and overall they can be reused as well.


Main Differences Between Bolts and Screws

  1. The shaft of the bolt is wider and round to fit in the nut. On the other hand, screws have long and pointy shafts for easy penetration.
  2. A bolt is not complete without its nut, there is always a nut given with it. While screws do not require nuts.
  3. The shaft of the bolt can have many threads for the nut to get together. While screws have minimum threads since it is mostly hammered into objects.
  4. A bolt can be used many times because a person just has to take off the nut. While screws can not be used many times because they get damaged because of hammering.
  5. There are many types of bolts available in the market such as oval sheet metal bolts, flat-topped bolts, etc. While decking screws, drywall screws are the common types of screws.
Difference Between Bolts and Screws

Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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