Boomer vs Gen-Z – What’s the difference?

The beliefs and culture followed by the grandparents can be completely different from the grandchildren. For grandchildren, those traditions might appear to be illogical.


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All of this occurs due to the generation gap. Each generation has its different essence, which may not be suitable for the other generation. Boomer and Gen-Z are also two generations having decades of the gap between them.

Boomer vs Gen-Z

The difference between boomers and Gen-Z is that Boomer is the people who were born after World War II. The accurate year associated with their birth is 1946-64. On the other hand, Gen-Z refers to people who came into this world between 1997 to 2012. The everyday slang to denote Gen-Z is known as zoomers.

Boomer vs Gen Z

The term boomer refers to people who were born between 1946 to 1964. The successor generation of boomers is Generation X.

Boomers are also known as baby boomers because they came into the world after the boom of the 2nd world war. The general characteristics of boomers are independence, Self-Assured, and have strong social communication skills.

The term Gen-Z is a short form of Generation Z, sometimes referred to as Zoomers. Gen-Z comprises people who were born between 1997 to 2012.

The successor generation of Gen-Z or Zoomers is known to be a millennium, people born between 1981-96. Gen-Z is the unique generation of all having bizarre dilemmas to deal with.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBoomerGen-Z
Year of birthThe Boomer was born long ago, between 1946 to 1964. Gen-Z was born not so long ago; the year of their birth is between 1946 to 1964.
Major eventsThe significant events that occurred in Boomer’s life are the post-war boom, Apollo Moon landing, plague, etc. The significant events that occurred in Gen-Z’s life are global warming, digitalization, COVID, etc.
NeedsThe things desired by boomers are ownership of a house, job security, etc. The things desired by Gen-Z are stability, social and digital security, career counseling, and family support.
StatusThe status of Boomer in the era of Gen-Z is the owner of ancestral property and living the retirement life. The people of Gen-Z are either working as part-timers or preparing for their careers.
TechnologyThe signature product that is associated with the people of the boomer generation is television. The signature product associated with the Gen-Z are smartphones, Google Glass, 3D printing, etc.

What is Boomer?

The Boomer generation is one of the most independent, healthy, and orthodox generations. They have goals beyond this world while having enough practical knowledge.

Any boomer now has lived a maximum amount of their lives and obtained the extraordinary experience of this world. This generation came after the Silent generation and lasted for eighteen years.

In other words, this generation started in 1946 and expanded till 1964. This generation is called the Boomer because after World War II, a drastic increase was noticed in the fertility rate around the world, and it was denoted as a baby boom.

This generation is claimed to be one the largest generation in the history of the United States.

The Boomer generation is also a healthier generation and lives longer than other previous generations. Boomers are full of self-esteem.

They are confident and independent. They faced the after-war circumstances in their youth, and that’s the reason they grew up with the potential to change the world.

Boomers aren’t afraid of any new challenge, whether in the workplace or in their personal life. They are Self-assured in every situation.

The boomers have acquired major significant achievements in the professional aspects of their life. They are made of a mind that is goal-oriented and a body that never gets tired from the workload.

What is Gen-Z?

Gen-Z, also known as zoomers, is the successor generation of Millenium and predecessor of generation Alpha. Gen-Z is not entirely born in the 21st century.

Some of them belong to the 20th century. Gen-Z’s members are the children of the millennium, also called Generation X. Gen-Z is all about digital technology, and they rely entirely on their cell phones.

Gen-Z likes to be unique, and one of a kind but the high development in modern technology made them physically and mentally weak.

Gen-Z accomplishes most of the tasks online, whether it’s school or work. They are crazy about social media platforms. Gen-Z lacks social communication and has less dedication to following their religious traditions and culture.

Gen-Z has become introverted because they find it hard to talk in person. Their lives revolve around their smartphones, and a member of Gen-Z would prefer online FaceTime over meeting in person.

Every generation that ever existed had its distinct traits, and the situation Gen-Z is facing is entirely different.

That’s why this Gen-Z lacks social skills. Gen-Z does not believe in divinity, but they are materialistic and focused on earning money. Sometimes this behavior leads them to painful events.

Gen-Z is drifting apart from nature but is very active in the field of science and innovation.

Main Differences Between Boomer and Gen-Z

  1. The people from the boomer generation care a lot about health, wealth, and settling down. On the other hand, Gen-Z cares about living in the present and virtual world.
  2. The other term used in place of Boomer is known as a baby boomer. On the other hand, Gen-Z is also known as Generation Z and zoomer.
  3. Talking about the relationship between boomers and Gen-Z, boomers are grandparents of Gen-Z, while Gen-Z is their grandchildren. They can also be teachers and students, bosses and employees.
  4. Boomers do not care about getting old. For them, it is an inevitable natural process. On the other hand, Gen-Z does not believe in terms like getting old, and they tend to live each and every moment with joy.
  5. The Boomer generation believed in getting proper and higher education, and it was the most necessary thing. On the other hand, Gen-Z has many types of online sources to make money, and they don’t rely on getting a college degree.
Boomer vs Gen Z – Whats the difference


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