Difference Between Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 5E

Fitness is the number one priority lacks of any kind of fitness may lead to low immunity, increasing diseases and obesity which can be very easy to get rid of later as the metabolism slows down leading to less bodily function and more time to burn the fat.


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Doing fitness and keeping your body active is very important even a 30 minutes’ walk every day is more than enough for the people busy with their work or not getting enough time, fitness clears the mind, do not cause obesity and helps to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fossil is one of the bestselling and luxury watches brands globally that sells all kinds of watches recently fossil also launched a series of there smart watches that became a global success. A typical smart band and watch has basic features like heart rate sensor, pedometer and sleep tracking, workout moods, alerts etc.

But fossil smartwatches are built different with more advanced technology and luxury look and feel to it making it the best combination of fitness and fashion and watch. Fossil have a series of smart watches with different series and different prices giving a chance or everyone to buy and experience.

Fossil Gen 5 vs Gen 5E

The difference between Fossil Gen 5 and 5E is that the Gen 5E doesn’t have any built in GPS that is a very important feature to many users as built in GPS is helpful to those who are into active fitness and long walks can easily access the map from the wrist which is available in the Gen 5. Gen 5E also offers two sizes with a big and small dial that is perfect fit for those with a small wrist whereas the Gen5 has a standard single size.

Fossil Gen 5 vs Gen 5E

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFossil Gen 5Fossil Gen 5E
MeaningGen 5 is one of the bestselling smartwatches with an active inbuilt GPS and a movable dial for navigation and standard size; the watch is of a sports style.Gen 5E is the lite version of Gen 5 as it cuts down many features like the inbuilt GPS; this watch is for those who want to experience an essential future at a low cost.
Sensors offeredHeart rate, pedometer, compass, ambient light, gyroscope, and altimeter.Heart rate sensor, pedometer, accelerometer.
Battery lifeThe watch offers a big 2-day battery with magnetic charging.The watch offers a relatively one da battery with magnetic charging.
Storage/RAMThe watch offers a great 8 GB ram to store more stuff like music, photos, and contact and a standard 1 GB ram, which is great for a watch.he watches offers 4 GB storage. Meaningless stuff can be stored, and a standard 1 GB ram for easy access and movement.            
DisplayThe watch offers an AMOLED display with a 1.28-inch screen.The watch offers the same AMOLED display with a small dial of 1.19 inches.
Water Resistance  The watch offers an incredible 30 meters of water resistance, making it suitable for swimming, fishing, and even everyday splashes won’t affect the functioning.The watch offers a standard 20 meters water resistance making it suitable for regular swimming.
On-Board GPSThe Gen 5 offers an active and accurate gap for running and jogging. This also serves as a great future to find the watch in case of any loss.The Gen 5E that is the lit version cuts a few corners here as the watch doesn’t offer any active GPS on the wrist, and the user has to access GPS from the phone manually.

What is Fossil Gen 5?

Fossil is a luxury watch manufacturer that deals in luxury watch with all different prices and different collections. But with evolving times, Fossil started manufacturing smartwatches that were a global success.

Fossil Gen5 is the bestselling smartwatch with the latest snapdragon 4100 that is the best chipset for the watch at a great price.

The watch offers an incredible 44mm dial only and an AMOLED display that enhances the color quality and is the best display that can be fitted.

The watch also offers an inbuilt GPS that helps to track the location from the watch. This feature also allows the watch to be used to track the area; the watch also offers a tremendous digital crown for easy access and easy navigation purposes.

Overall, the watch offers all the sensors like heart rate, pedometer, etc., and the watch is an excellent package for those looking for a smartwatch with a great brand and a pinch of fitness.

fossil gen 5 1

What is Fossil Gen 5E?

Fossil is a brand that is also concerned with the buyers who want to invest in the watches but cannot spend so much money.

Gen 5E is the lite version of the Gen5 that is a great smartwatch but it cuts down sum ends as the prices reduces sacrifices are made.

Gen 5E cuts down the inbuilt GPS that is a very important future to many users who like to go on long run and jogs and cannot easily access the phone to check the map.

Gen 5E also cuts down the digital crown as the crown requires a lot of technology movable parts and spring springs to it that is cut down. The watch offers some basic feature like pedometer, heart rate sensor receiving calls and also able to reply to messages.

The best feature that only comes in Gen 5E is that the dial comes in two sizes that is 42 and 44mm that is great for those with a small wrist.

fossil gen 5e

Main Differences Between Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 5E

  1. The Gen 5 offers a button on the app from whereby the person can easily locate the watches last location as the Gen 5 has an active on-board GPS that serves as a great function in case the watch is lost whereas Gen 5E doesn’t offer any on board GPS that ultimately results as an option not to find watch.
  2. The Gen 5E which is the elite version offers two dial sizes that is 42 and 44mm making it great for those with small wrist whereas the Gen 5 offers only one dial size that is a 44mm therefore not suitable for those with small wrist as the watch is also bulky.
  3. The Gen 5 offers the latest snapdragon 3100 that a great chipset for the watch of this size and price whereas the Gen 5E offers the old 2700 chipset which is not the bad but an average processor for the great lite version.
  4. The Gen 5 also offers the most important feature that is a rotatable crown on the top that serves as an easy navigation dial to change the apps very fast whereas the Gen 5E doesn’t offer a rotatable crown.
  5. The Gen 5 also offers a great 30 meters water resistance suitable for swimming as it has an active swimming mode whereas the Gen 5E cuts out this and offers a standard 20 meters water resistance.



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