Brain vs Sense: Difference and Comparison

Our human body has a lot of organs. Each organ has its own functions and properties.

Organs are sensitive and important for the human body. The human body is controlled by all the organs.

They work together to keep the body stable. The brain is a part of the human body.

Sense is a biological term that helps the body to feel things.

Key Takeaways

  1. As the central nervous system’s control center, the brain governs various body functions, including cognition, emotion, and movement, whereas SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) is a research program aimed at minimizing age-related decline.
  2. The brain comprises neurons and supportive glial cells, while SENS focuses on repairing cellular and molecular damage to prolong a healthy lifespan.
  3. Brain function depends on complex neural networks and electrochemical signaling, while SENS targets seven primary causes of aging, including cell loss, extracellular matrix stiffening, and accumulation of cellular waste.

Brain vs Sense

The difference between the brain and sense is that brain is a functional part of the human body. On the other hand, a sense is a feeling which helps the body to feel things. The brain is a crucial part of the human body that controls the nerves. Sense helps to feel every tenderness a human body wants to feel.

Brain vs Sense

The brain is a functional part of the human body. Every living thing has a brain that helps to think and work properly.

A living body works and functions all the work with the help of the brain. All the nerves in the body are commanded by the brain.

It is present in every vertebrate and invertebrate part of animals. Every emotion, touch, and nerve is controlled by the brain.

If the brain stops working, the body won’t function properly.

Sense is a biological word and part of the living system. Sense is a system that helps to realize the sensation.

It is sensitive and crucial for a living organism. Sense helps to gather all the information and respond to it accordingly.

All the amazing that you feel is with the help of sensing nerves and stimuli.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBrainSense
ThingThe brain is a physical thing. The sense is a mental thing.
Made ofThe brain is made up of blood vessels and nerve cells. The sense is not made up of any blood cells and it is a sensation.
Structure The brain has a shape and formation. The sense does not have a proper formation and structure.
FunctionThe brain maintains the movements and tasks of the body works. The sense understands the thought process and coordinates all the emotions.
TouchYou can touch the brain. The sense can not be accessed.

What is Brain?

The brain is the central organ in a living organism. It functions the nervous system and maintains the body functions.

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All the nervous system is controlled by the brain. The brain is located in the head of all living organisms.

The brain is located near the sense which is vision. The brain is the most crucial part of the vertebrate body.

The brain has a cerebral part that has around 14 to 16 billion neurons. All the neurons are connected to each other.

Each neuron has an important role. All the neurons function to keep the body stable and active.

The brain has important control over all the other organs in the living organism. All the activities like muscle contractions and all the chemical reactions are managed by the brain.

There are different sizes of the brain according to the living organism. Some diseases can cause damage to the brain.

The brain is sensitive as well as it must be taken care of.

The brain controls the motion and coordinates the movement of our body. All the chemical activities, perception, thinking ability, and also body movement activities are all done by the brain.

The body movement is actually the motor control system of the brain. The brain is the crucial part of the body that is prime for a living organism.

Without a brain, a living organism can not move forward in life.


What is Sense?

Sense is a biological system that is present in our nervous system. The sense helps the living organism to have information from everywhere and react to the information accordingly.

The emotions, smell, and taste come under sense. The sense transfers signals to the brain and the cerebrum works through these signals.

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There is basically five sense that is known to everyone. Smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

There are more senses which are now recognized by people. The perception carries stimuli that are coordinated by the brain.

The brain works according to perception. In every organism, some sensory cells help to carry out feelings of some crucial parts of the body.

The spinal nerves are a prime part of the body that is connected to the brain. The feelings are divided into two parts which are known as internal and external sensory nerves.

The internal senses include the nerves and other important sense that is connected inside the body. External senses are the perception that is present outside the body like the nose and ears.

The senses can also inform you about the future perceptions about something that you think about. The senses in the living organism are crucial to feeling things and doing things accordingly.


Main Differences Between Brain and Sense

  1. The main difference between the brain and sense is that brain is part of the body. But sense can not be seen physically.
  2. The other difference is that brain can be in different sizes. But sense does not have any size.
  3. Another difference is that brain is joined to the nerves of the body. But the sense is not connected to any nerve in the body.
  4. The other difference is that brain helps the body to coordinate movements. But sense helps to feel the emotions and sensations.
  5. The other difference is that brain can be affected by diseases. But sense can not be affected by such issues.
Difference Between Brain and Sense

Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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