Brunch vs Buffet: Difference and Comparison

Brunch has become a trending culture for the new generation, especially for people who want to skip an early breakfast.

A wholesome meal that constitutes food items from both the breakfast and lunch menu sounds ideal for a weekend meetup.

Buffet-style eating is also very famous and many people prefer buffet over conventional style because it gives customers more liberty to choose.

Key Takeaways

  1. Brunch combines breakfast and lunch dishes, served late morning; a buffet is a self-service meal with various dishes.
  2. Brunch can be a sit-down, à la carte meal or a buffet; buffets can feature breakfast, lunch, or dinner options.
  3. Brunch is associated with leisurely weekend dining, whereas buffets can be found in restaurants, hotels, and events throughout the week.

Brunch vs Buffet

Brunch is a meal that combines breakfast and lunch, served in the late morning to early afternoon, featuring a mix of breakfast and lunch dishes. A buffet refers to a style of meal service where various dishes are placed on a table, and diners serve themselves according to their preferences.

Brunch vs Buffet

The word “brunch” appeared for the first time in a magazine in 1896. Eventually, it became a part of the modern culture, describing a perfect meal for people who are too lazy to get up early in the morning for breakfast.

Many elite social groups also prefer drinking during brunch.

A buffet is a form of food service where there is a fixed rate for the entire menu of the day.

People are allowed to self-serve and they are charged the same rate irrespective of the quantity of the food they consume or the variety of dishes they try.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBrunchBuffet
DefinitionThe concept of brunch has become very popular in the 21st century as a combination of breakfast and lunch.A buffet is a type of food service where the dishes are presented in front of the customers but a self-service style.
HistoryThe origin of the concept of brunch dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries among the British people.The concept of buffet originated in France during the 16th and 17th centuries.
TimeBrunch meal is served between 10 AM and 2 PM.There can be a buffet option for every meal be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
DishesBrunch meals mainly offer breakfast and lunch dishes like pancakes, sausages, etc.Dishes in a buffet vary and cover everything from starters to desserts.
SignificanceThe best thing about brunch is that it is two important meals of the day combined into one and less time-consuming.Since buffet is all about self-serving, it gives customers more freedom to choose and also reduces the employment cost of the hotels.
ControlIn a brunch meal, we don’t have control over the quantity of food and we have to order plate-wise.In a buffet system, we can take as much quantity of any particular dish we wish to.

What is Brunch?

Though brunch can be a meal for any day of the week, it initially became famous during the weekends. Brunch is the perfect wholesome meal for those in hurry and who don’t have time for two separate meals.

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For example, if someone has to catch a flight in the afternoon or if someone is having a headache from the hangover and cannot wake up early in the morning, there is no better option than brunch.

Moreover, brunch meals comprise both breakfast and lunch options like pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, etc.

Since brunch is the first meal of the day, it is packed with both calories and energy. Several restaurants are starting special menus and adding vegan choices, lean meat choices, etc. so that people can eat healthy brunch.

Brunch is not only the ideal meal for late sleepers, but it is also a great way to socialize. Many people meet over brunch to discuss their social life and business.

Brunch doesn’t dictate to wear any specific outfit unlike dinner dates or lunch parties. The best advantage of having brunch is you can go without eating anything for a long time and still feel very full.

Drinks like mimosas and bloody Mary are very common brunch drinks.


What is Buffet?

The best part of eating in a buffet food service is you don’t have to call the waiter several times to order.

When you enter into a restaurant that offers buffet services, they will let you know of the fixed prices for breakfast, lunch, veg items, non-veg items, etc.

And, no matter how much you eat and the number of dishes you eat, you will be charged the same under any circumstances.

Usually, there is a fixed rate for the buffet, and tax is added to the final bill. Since there are various types of people dining in a restaurant, the options for buffet and à la carte both are available.

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The rate of a buffet varies from restaurant to restaurant. But, most of them try to hike the price during the weekend.

For example, they have a fixed price from Monday to Thursday and another price from Saturday to Sunday.

They also tend to charge higher during dinner time because the crowd is more during that time of the day.

There is a huge profit on the restaurant’s side as well. There are two reasons, first, they don’t need to pay much for the employment service because the buffet is self-service dining.

And, second, though people get excited about hundreds of choices to eat from, they barely end up eating more than enough and paying more.


Main Differences Between Brunch and Buffet

  1. Brunch is the combination of lunch and breakfast and should be taken within the afternoon whereas a buffet is a self-service dining style.
  2. The concept of brunch is new as compared to the concept of a buffet.
  3. Brunch was invented by the English people whereas buffet was invented by the French people.
  4. Brunch meal is served between 10 AM and 2 PM whereas there can be a breakfast, lunch, or dinner buffet.
  5. The dishes served in a brunch mainly constitute a breakfast and lunch menu whereas a buffet has numerous options from starters to desserts.
  6. In a brunch, an entire dish has to be ordered and one cannot control the quantity per plate whereas, in a buffet, one can exploit the quantity.
Difference Between Brunch and Buffet

Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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