Bullying vs Joking: Difference and Comparison

A mere intention can make any event a crime or just a playful act.

But if a person causes vandalism or any kind of physical injury or mental damage, he is without any exception a sort of criminal and should be punished by law. Bullying and Joking are also two such terms that are mistaken for each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bullying is a repeated pattern of aggressive behavior, intended to cause harm or discomfort to others.
  2. Joking involves humor and light-hearted banter to entertain or amuse without causing harm.
  3. Bullying can have serious psychological consequences while joking is harmless and promotes social bonding.

Bullying vs Joking

While joking can be a positive and enjoyable form of social interaction, bullying is always harmful and unacceptable. Bullying is intended to harm or control another person, while joking creates a positive atmosphere. Jokes targeting a particular individual or group can be considered bullying.

Bullying vs Joking

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Bullying is a process in which a strong person delivers physical and mental damage to a person weaker than him. This is one of the major problems in modern society commonly found in schools.

If the action of bullying gets severe, it can cause severe damage. Some laws and regulations have also been imposed to prevent bullying.

Joking is something that involves doing or saying funny things. It is done with friends and family. A person can lie to introduce certain things to make them funny.

Joking is not a negative process since it intends to make people laugh. Since it is making fun of things, there are certain things a person is suggested not to make a joke about.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBullyingJoking
MeaningBullying is an act with malicious intentions to deliver mental and physical damage to the feeble person. Joking is an act with playful intentions to make fun of certain things or people to entertain everyone.
Other wordsBullying has no scope since it is a disgusting act that should be removed from society.Other words that denote joking can be making fun, kidding, comedy, sarcasm, irony, etc.
ScopeThe consequences of the behaviour Known as ‘bullying’ are always negative and harmful. ‘Joking’ is also adopted as a form of art where a person can make a career in comedy.
ConsequencesThe structure of the action of bullying is distressing, aggressive, harmful, abusive verbally and physically, etc. The consequences of the behaviour Known as ‘joking’ are more pleasant and sometimes a little harmful.
StructureThe structure of the action ‘bullying’ structure is not fun, embarrassing, hurtful, etc.The action ‘joking’ structure is fun, playful, friendly, amusing, entertaining, etc.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is considered to be an unwanted behaviour; it is an abuse of power. Bullying is seen among school-aged children. This behaviour of bullying gets repeated once it started.

Someone who becomes a victim of bullying should reach a related school or some other kind of authority, or talk to reliable adults such as older siblings, teachers, parents, etc.

If a person keeps getting spontaneous behaviour of bullying, the person or group that is bullying him gets more encouraged and stronger over time. Hence necessary steps against bullying should be taken as soon as possible.

Getting bullied can make someone mentally ill, causing several types of psychological disorders.

In some cases, a person might be traumatized for their entire life. So never avoid taking a step forward to stop this heinous act.

Bullying can have several types, such as physical, social, cyberbullying, and verbal bullying. Bullying can occur with anyone at any place.

The most common place where an individual gets bullied is the school building, playground, bus, internet, etc.

When more than one person participates in the process of bullying, it’s called mobbing and, in some particular circumstances, is also designated as peer abuse.


What is Joking?

The process of joking is a part of humour, in which sentences or words are delivered in a specific narrative that triggers a person to laugh.

Jokes are made only for fun, and are not true; in other words, they are not supposed to be taken seriously. There is a whole field where people have adapted ‘joking’ and turned it into their career as a comedian.

Joking is considered to be a short humorous action. But some might try to offend others under the guise of joking.

The process of joking involves making fun of friends and family, saying funny things, setting up pranks, teasing people, and making weird and funny body gestures and facial expressions.

Joking is not harmful, but it provides entertainment. Joking is used for jokes; a joke is a particular type of story that can have dialogue and ends with a punchline.

Jokes have multiple meanings that the audience is aware of. Other words used for marks are puns, sarcasm, irony, hilarious, comedy, etc.

Joking is a significant part of oral literature; it is also considered a form of art where a person says or does funny things to make his audience laugh. No one can master the art of comedy or joking.


Main Differences Between Bullying and Joking

  1. Bullying is a social disease that ruins the connection between people. On the other hand, joking is a fun activity that can build a stronger relationship.
  2. The main reason or cause of bullying is causing distress and harm to other people, while the reason for joking is to make other people laugh and be entertained.
  3. Bullying is always considered a negative and illegal behaviour that can cause depression, while joking is indifferent and positive behaviour that can cure depression.
  4. Bullying is considered to be a crime and punishable by law. On the other hand, joking is an act to provide fun activities and is not punishable by law.
  5. Bullying most certainly takes place in places like schools, offices, and in the middle of the way, while joking is a versatile act that can be pulled off anywhere.
Difference Between Bullying and Joking
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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