Difference Between Carrier Oil and Cold Pressed Oil

Whether it is your skin or your health, oils play a very crucial part in your life. Starting from your skin care routines to your healthy diet plans, different varieties of oils come into play with their respective benefits.

Believe it or not, oils are actually very essential to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Carrier Oil vs Cold Pressed Oil

The main difference between carrier oil and cold pressed oil is that carrier oils are applied directly to the skin whereas cold pressed oils are extracted from seeds, nuts, and fruits with the help of a steel presser. Both types of oils are essential for your skin and a healthy lifestyle in their respective ways.

Carrier Oil vs Cold Pressed Oil

Carrier oils, as the name suggests, are used as a “carrier” for other types of oils such as essential oils. Both types of oils are extracted from plants but the essential oils are a bit harmful when applied directly to the skin.

So the carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils for better and safe application.

On the other hand, cold pressed oils are the type of oils extracted from oil seeds. The oil seeds are pressed to extract oil from them. Hence, the name cold pressed oils.

These have a very high amount of oil content. Cold pressed oils are mainly used for culinary purposes.

Comparison Table Between Carrier Oil and Cold Pressed Oil

Parameters of ComparisonCarrier OilCold Pressed Oil
UseUsed for skin care and hair careUsed for culinary purposes
BenefitsHelp nourish and moisturize your skinContains antioxidants and various retained nutrients
ExtractionExtracted from plantsExtracted from pressed oil seeds, nuts, or fatty fruits such as olives
ScentStrong fragranceUnscented
ApplicationDiluted with essential oils to apply on skinCooking oil

What are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are the type of oils that “carry” the essential oils to your skin. As it is harmful to apply these types of oils directly on your skin, carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils for better and safe application on your skin.

Most oils do not cause irritation or an allergic reaction, but it is always advised to do a patch test for precaution.

Some carrier oils are absorbed in your skin better than others. These types of oils are rich in two types of fatty acids i.e., Omega-3 and Omega-6.

These acids are known to be very beneficial for your skin as they nourish your skin and give it a smooth texture. Carrier oils are used for massages, beauty products, and pain relief.

Carrier oils have a distinct odor, but when they are diluted with essential oils, they carry a different and more pleasant scent. These oils can be kept for a much longer period of time than other oils.

When it comes to their application, you need to use them according to your skin type. Some of the carrier oils might not be safe for your skin as they may be irritating or cause a worse skin condition such as acne.

But it is not the same for all carrier oils. Most carrier oils have very beneficial effects on your skin. They possess beneficial properties such as cell regeneration, moisturizing the skin, providing essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and calming inflammation.

What are Cold Pressed Oils?

Cold pressed oils are extracted from nuts, oil seeds, peels, kernels, and fatty fruits such as olives. These oil seeds are crushed with the help of a stainless steel presser.

This method of extracting oils helps retain most of the nutrients and more essential properties of the plant than any other method.

Cold pressed oils are widely used in many nations across the world. They are considered more nutritious than hot pressed oils.

They are obtained naturally by crushing oil seeds as compared to hot pressed oils which lose most of their nutritious values while the extraction process. There is no extra heat or chemicals used in their extraction making them the healthiest type of oils.

Cold pressed oils are considered healthier than most other types of oils known to us. This is because of the fact that they retain almost all the nutrients and flavors after their extraction.

They contain antioxidants that are absent in other oils. Most cold pressed oils prove to be very beneficial for your diet as they are rich in vitamin E and oleic acid which are good for your immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties.

These types of oils are mostly used in cooking. It is no surprise that they can actually replace regular cooking oils as they are more nutritious and healthy for the body.

They are also used as salad dressings or dipping sauces with snacks and other cooking methods as well. These oils should be kept in a dark colored container away from direct exposure to light and excessive heat.

This keeps the oils in a safe manner to preserve their nutrients for a long time.

Main Differences Between Carrier Oil and Cold Pressed Oil

  1. Carrier oils are extracted from plants whereas cold pressed oils are extracted from various plant parts such as oil seeds, peels or fatty fruits such as olives or coconuts.
  2. Carrier oils can not be applied directly to your skin but it is completely safe to use cold pressed oils without any dilution.
  3. Carrier oils are generally used for skin care and as beauty products whereas cold pressed oils are famous for their beneficial culinary uses in cooking.
  4. Carrier oils are rich in fatty acids whereas cold pressed oils are extracted with retaining many of the nutrients.
  5. Carrier oils get absorbed in your skin when applied whereas cold pressed are easily digested in your body.
Difference Between Carrier Oil and Cold Pressed Oil


So the bottom line is that oils, no matter what their type, are beneficial and essential for your body in their own unique ways.

Carrier oils enhance your beauty and nourish your skin and hair and at the same time, cold pressed oils provide you with all types of different nutrients naturally and keep your diet healthy.


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