CID vs CBI: Difference and Comparison

In today’s world, We hear many criminal activities daily from each corner of India connected with murders, assault, burglary, debasement, outrages, settlement demise, cybercrime, honor killing, crowd lynching, street mishaps, attack, grabbing, etc.

To control these criminal cases to maintain a crime-free environment, the Government has set up organizations like the Crime investigation department (CID) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) with similar tasks but different authorities and abilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. CID stands for Crime Investigation Department, while CBI stands for Central Bureau of Investigation.
  2. CID investigates crimes within a state, while CBI handles cases of national importance.
  3. CID operates under state police departments, while CBI is a federal agency.


CID is a specialized branch of the police force responsible for investigating crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and fraud. Officers are highly trained and skilled in investigative techniques, forensic science, and gathering evidence. CBI is a federal agency responsible for investigating high-profile cases and national security.


The CID was structured in 1902 by the British Government on the concept of the police commission, CID is related to exploring the criminal activities submitted in the state because it has been limited to state operations only.

The placement professional of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) inspects the CID.

CBI was incorporated in 1941 by the Department of War of British India to enquire into charges of pay off and debasement in the Aquasiton related to conflicts.

CBI is related to exploring criminal cases at the country and international levels. Its headquarters are in New Delhi and it is influenced by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and the Government of India.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCrime Investigation Department (CID)Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI)  
MeaningCID is a division of the Indian state police, that examines the offenses submitted inside the state.CBI is a research organization of the Central Government, which explores the offenses worried about public or global interest. 
Established in1902 by the British Government at the suggestion of the Police Commission.1941 as a Special Police Establishment (SPE) 
Area of OperationConcerned Jurisdiction, for example, the state only. All over the nation and abroad.
CasesHanded over by the State government and High court.Handed over by the Central Government, Supreme Court, and High Court. 
Deals withSensitive, and confounded cases. Corruption cases, Economic cases, unique cases, and different cases.

What is CID?

In the year 1902-03. On the concept of the Indian Police Commission to demonstrate the Crime Investigation Department (CID), the Government of India incorporated CID departments in every state continuously.

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It is a statewide criminal investigation office that controls the criminal acts within the state. It goes through the placement of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police.

The primary function of CID is to research criminal cases like assault, murder, burglary, theft and to solve them. It assembles realities, proof for criminal cases, cheats, and gets lawbreakers in the Court.

These operations can traverse various urban areas and states relying upon the level of the crime. The CID group takes the assistance of neighborhood police to explore the cases.

CID investigates intolerable, convoluted, thrilling instances, consisting of cybercrime, specified through the State Government, Hon’BLE High Court, Human Rights Commission of the State, National Human Rights Commission, Local, and so on.

People are developing every second in this Powerful climate. There is a better approach to new ways of crime. Like technology, innovation has prompted cybercrimes, for instance.

Innovations permit us to accomplish unthinkable objectives. Therefore, it straightforwardly promotes more complex criminal cases and working circumstances.

Therefore, Criminal Investigation Department has a few different abilities other than its standard capacities.

What is CBI?

CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation is the central level organization to control criminal activities all over the nation and on the international level that works in India.

The basis of CBI can be found in Special Police Establishment (SPE) which is prepared under Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946.

With the development of time, CBI has been shaped right into a present-day association, gambling augmented components and obligations.

The central level authorities operate and solve criminal cases of the nation with the consent of the Government authorities.

The Supreme Court and the High Court can set up for CBI to discover the lawbreaker case in any situation of the country, without the consent of the government authorities.

During the time of World War II, the Special Police Establishment (SPE) was incorporated in 1941 in the Department of War by British India to enquire the charges of payoff and corruption,

later on, it was formalized as an organization of the Government of India to examine charges of debasement in different wings of the Government of India by authorizing the Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act, 1946.

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The factors of the SPE then, at that point, were to take a look at times of payoff and debasement in exchange for the War and Supply Depth.

The SPE’s variables at the time were about to look at compensation and debasement times in exchanges with the War and Supply Depth. Later SPE is turned into CBI.

Main Differences Between CID and CBI

  1. CID extends to Crime Investigation Department. It is that department of the state police which manages the investigation of criminal offenses done in the state. On the alternative hand, CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation that acknowledges the offenses submitted the country over.
  2. While CID is specified in 1902 through the British Government, as cautioned through the Police Commission. Then again, inside the year 1941, CBI turned into the installation as Special Police Establishment, under DSP, Act.
  3. Regarding the place of activity, CID works in the state because it has been. As against, CBI can work at the country level and international stage.
  4. CID takes up the cases coordinated through the State authorities and High court at the opposite, CBI assumes duty for the instances coordinated through the Central Government, Supreme Court, and High Court.
  5. CID manages Sensitive cases, like homicide, revolt, falsifying, fabrication, sneaking, capturing, robbery, whilst CBI manages Economic, splendid and exclusive instances.
  6. To join CID, there are two different ways, for example, the up-and-comer can either join the state police power and based on their administration record, he/she can be elevated or moved to the concerned office, given the competitor has two years experience as a formally dressed official. Furthermore, the applicant qualifies for the Civil Services Examination led by UPSC consistently. Before the test which is led by SSC. On the contrary, after graduation, the competitor needs to qualify for the Civil Services Examination, and become an IPS official, to join CBI as a gathering official. Besides, to turn into a Sub-Inspector in CBI, one should pass SSC CGL Tier – 1 and Tier 2 assessment.

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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