Clarks vs Crocs: Difference and Comparison

Footwear refers to a covering of feet made to protect our delicate feet. Initially, they were predominantly made of leather and affordable by only the high class of society.


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Continuous technological advancements have made them cheaper and available to all. One can now find footwear made of all kinds of materials and available in all budget ranges.

Key Takeaways

  1. Clarks is a British footwear company known for its stylish, comfortable shoes. At the same time, Crocs is an American brand famous for its unique, casual footwear made from a proprietary foam material called Croslite.
  2. Clarks offer a wide range of shoe styles for various occasions, from formal to casual, while Crocs focuses primarily on comfortable, casual footwear with a distinctive design.
  3. Crocs’ shoes are generally more affordable and lightweight than Clarks’ shoes, making them popular for casual, everyday wear.

Clarks vs Crocs

The difference between Clarks and Crocs is that Clarks is a luxury footwear brand while Crocs is the manufacturer and marketer of foam clogs. Clarks has a larger product line compared to Crocs. Moreover, Clarks deliver footwear that is both stylish and comfortable while crocs shoes though trendy at one point in time, are comfortable, not stylish.

Clarks vs Crocs

Clarks is a brand that has deep roots in British culture. Founded by two brothers in England in 1825, this brand has since been able to expand its market manifold and now there isn’t any country on the globe where you will not able to find Clarks footwear.

The main reason for its unshaken presence is its unstoppable innovation. It is known to collaborate with great designers delivering new contemporary designs.

Founded as a comfortable boat shoe, Crocs footwear has now evolved into a brand that can be found in every country. They are available in over 120 styles for children, men, and women.

Their collections are lightweight, colorful, and most importantly comfortable for all kinds of feet. The company manufactures Crocs footwear using the brand’s proprietary Croslite technology.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonClarksCrocs
Founded inThe company was founded more than 150 years ago; in 1825The company was founded 20 years ago; in 2002
HeadquartersIt is headquartered in Street, Somerset, EnglandIt is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, U.S.
ProductsAll kinds of footwear even designer onesShoes
StylishClarks footwear offers both stylish and comfortable footwearThe focus of Crocs is not delivering comfortable, not stylish shoes, that can be worn every day

What is Clarks?

Clarks is the birthchild of two brothers, Cyrus and James Clark.

In the initial years, the company used to make rugs out of sheepskins. After a few years, James started making footwear from leftovers, this became the first-ever Clarks shoes.

After years of constant innovation and development, in 1873, they decided to mechanize the whole process which gave the company the much-needed edge to expand.

It was in 1910, the brand established it as a must-have in the closets of style-conscious people in London. It delivered fashion-forward and new premium designs which gained a lot of traction.

Another key moment in the history of Clarks was in 1940 with the launch of new feet measuring system developed especially to ensure shoes were correctly sized for children.

However, in terms of fashion, Desert boots’ launch in 1950 revolutionized the footwear market.

Designed by Nathan Clark, these shoes were inspired by boots worn by British army officers in the bazaars of Cairo. These simple suede ankle boots captured a significant market share.

These became a sensation; worn by Jamaican rude boys to Beatniks in the U.S., and even during the Britpop movement in the 90s.

Throughout the period, Clarks has acquired a place in all British households. From school shoes to desert boots, heels or brogues, Clarks can be seen everywhere. It never stops creating styles that can put any person in awe.

clarks shoes

What is Crocs?

Founded in 2002, Crocs established its presence in the market through an innovative shoe developed with Croslite technology. This technology made it possible for Crocs shoes to deliver on both water and land efficiently.

Their dual nature was also the reason it was called Crocs, named after the amphibian ‘crocodile’.

This was new at the time bringing about a change in the footwear industry. These foam clog shoes quickly became the new trend with their fun, innovative and comfortable design perfect for all lifestyles.

It has now created a brand name built around a feel-good emotional and physical experience for consumers.

Breaking all cross-cultural boundaries, Crocs has created a loyal customer base for itself with more than 100 million pairs of shoes sold to date. The reason for its growing popularity is the comfort offered through Croslite technology.

This technology evens the load to the bottom part of the foot. Moreover, it is shockproof absorbing 40% better compared to other footwear materials.

One drawback is that Crocs shoes are expensive. However, it offers high durability apart from being waterproof, lightweight, and hygienic. The shoes come with a 90 days warranty.

Another distinguishing feature is its ability to offer more in less. It offers versatile functions in utilitarian designs.


Main Differences Between Clarks and Crocs

  1. Clarks is a private British international company that manufactures and deals in footwear worldwide. On the other hand, Crocs is an American company that manufactures and markets its iconic foam clogs.
  2. Clarks is headquartered in Street, Somerset, England while Crocs is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, U.S.
  3. Clarks brand is owned by C. & J. Clark International Ltd. while Crocs brand is owned by Crocs, Inc.
  4. Clarks focuses on making footwear that is stylish and comfortable. On the other hand, Crocs focuses on creating shoes that are comfortable to wear but may not be stylish.
  5. Clarks footwear is not as durable as Crocs. Crocs manufacture footwear that is long-lasting using its Croslite technology.
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