Difference Between Com and Org

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Com and Org are the interface standards that help to open a link.  

Com vs Org  

The difference between Com and Org is that Com is a binary interface introduced by Microsoft in 1993, where Org is a domain name system on the internet. The establishment of the domain Org is in 1985. But Public Interest Registry was registered and came to usage in 2003.  

Com vs Org

Component Object Model (Com) is a binary interface domain used on the internet. Com had introduced by Microsoft in 1993. It is a software component that enables inter-process communication in programming languages.

The Component Com had a high range in a programming language. There is a code behind the word, Com that runs and executes in one word. The component Com had used to display the content in a link. A link does not display the content without this software component.  

The domain Org is abbreviated from the word “Organization.” Org is one of the top-level domains established in 1985. But the registry called Public Interest Registry had registered and operated the domain Org since 2003.

Public Interest Registry is a technical service by Afilias that operates the org domain. The domain Org is mainly used for non-profitable organizations such as charities, open-source projects, NGOs, and many others. 

Comparison Table  

Parameters of ComparisonCom  Org 
Meaning      Com is a software component used as a domain for inter-process communication.  Org is one of the top-level domains used for non-profitable organizations. 
Abbreviation        The component Com had abbreviated from the word Component Object model. The word Org had diminished from the Organization.  
Com is used to display the content on a website on the internet. This is a server that provides services to the clients on any object.  Org is the domain used for non-profitable organisations like charities, open-source, NGOs and many others.  
Purpose    Com is widely used for online business purposes and gain profit by using this domain.  Org is widely for helping non-profitable purposes.  
Websites    Some of the websites using the Com domain are Youtube.com, google.com, apple.com, facebook.com, twitter.com etc.  Websites that use the Org domain are wikipedia.org, mozilla.org, craigslist.org, Cambridge.org and many others.   

What is Com?  

Com is one of the top-level domains used on the internet for websites. Component Object Model (Com) is a commercial domain used for online business purposes.

Com is introduced in the year 1993 by the Microsoft organization. It is a software component that enables inter-process communication in programming languages. 

The component Com had a large range in a programming language. Com had popularly used domain world widely. The domain Com provides services for the clients in online businesses and, the clients acquire profits by this the commercial domain.  

Com consists of two kinds of servers that provide services to the clients. Two kinds of servers are in-process servers and out-of-process servers. Component Interfacing is the name of the domain used in Com.

The updated version of the Com is living standards and, it had updated in 2021. Example websites of the Com domain are,  

  1. Youtube.com  
  2. Google.com  
  3. Facebook.com  
  4. Apple.com  
  5. Twitter.com 

Above are the famous websites that an individual can identify and understand the usage of the Com domain. There are so many websites using this domain in the World.  


What is Org?  

Org is one of the top-level domains used around the globe. The word Org had shortlisted from the word “Organization.” The domain Org had established in 1985.

It had been operated by the Public Interest Registry since 2003. Public Interest Registry is a technical service by Afilias that operates the org domain.

The domain Org is used widely on the internet by non-profitable Organizations. Org domain had trusted by many clients but, there is no business profit for using this domain.

The domain Org had mostly helpful for charities, open-source projects, NGOs, educational platforms, and many others. The clients who do not expect any profit but provide information, source for free use the Organization domain.

Org consists of different types of servers that provide services to the clients. Generic top-level is the domain name of the Org. Org is non technically sponsored domain but, the Public Interest Registry (PIR) had partially connected with the internet society.

Org is two of the largest trusted domains in the world and, this is unrestricted to everyone. Some of the examples of the ORG domain are,  

  1. Wikipedia.org  
  2. Mozilla.org  
  3. Cambridge.org  
  4. Telegram.org  
  5. Wikimedia.org  

Above are some of the examples for the Org domain. The global ranks of the websites are very predictable and, these ranks had based on the content usage by the people.  


Main Differences Between Com and Org  

  1. Com is one of the domains established in 1993. In contrast, Org is one of the domains, established in 1985 and, PIR is operating since 2003.  
  2. Com is fully-fledged from the word, Component Object Model that is Commercial, where Org had truncated from the word “Organization.”  
  3. Com is a profitable domain used by business clients, where Org is a non-profitable domain used by organizations.  
  4. Com domain is non-restricted for registered people, where Org is non-restricted for every client.  
  5. YouTube.com and Google.com are examples of the Component Object Model (Com) domain. On the other hand, mozilla.com and wikipedia.com are examples of the Organization (Org) domain.  
Difference Between Com and Org


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