Condo vs Townhome: Difference and Comparison

Condos and Townhouses are the perfect ideas for people who want to start their life without paying much and spending more on expenses such as maintenance and other things.

They are the perfect solution for people who want to live their life with lots of neighbors and family members. They come in different styles, and they can choose the one according to their preference and style.

Key Takeaways

  1. Condos provide shared ownership of common areas, while townhomes offer individual ownership of land and structure.
  2. Condo owners pay monthly fees for maintenance and upkeep of common areas; townhome owners handle their property maintenance.
  3. Condos can be single-story or multi-story units, but townhomes always have multiple floors with separate entrances.

Condo vs Townhome

A condominium (condo) is a type of housing where individuals own their living space within a larger complex of units that share common areas such as hallways and amenities. A townhome is a type of housing that is similar to a single-family home but with shared walls and less yard space.

Condo vs Townhome

A condo is a large property complex where they are divided into units. Nowadays, new condo projects are built with good quality, and they will last up to 50 years.

Condos fall under a condominium association, and they are legally responsible for maintaining, replacing, repairing, and managing the common areas.

They are an excellent option for first home ownership because it comes with less responsibility than a single-family home purchase. 

A townhouse is a conjoined unit owned by individual tenants. In townhouses, a firewall or area separation wall will be used. These are used to prevent the fire from passing from one residential unit to another.

They will not have any neighbors above and below. They will have them on their adjacent sides. A group of townhouses is called rowhouses. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCondoTownhome
DefinitionIt is owned by a resident and not by a landlordIt is an attached home owned by a resident
SizeIt comes with many architectural units even though they are smallThey come with enough space to accommodate large families
Home insuranceThey are relatively lowThey are comparatively high
Sense of communityThey follow a high sense of communityThey follow a relative sense of community
OwnershipThey own only the interior partsThey own both interior and exterior parts

What is Condo?

It is a housing or a residential complex where a separate owner will own each one. When an individual rents a condo, they need to pay the rental fee to the owner.

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Apart from that, they also need to pay some regular fees to the condo owner. It is considered to be less expensive than a free-standing house.

People who find it difficult to arrange money and buy a separate place can go for this option. They are smaller in square footage, so that maintenance is also not difficult.

Condos are found in downtown areas so residents can access business and entertainment places. You can sometimes take a walk to these places as well.

When compared to an apartment, they are both equal. The cost and the other expenses will also be the same. The one difference between them is how you make payments for your stay. You can either pay every month or within a period.

It again depends upon the owner and the place you live at. If your landlord does not impose strict regulations and you enjoy living in a condo, you can live in that place forever.

They are considered to be cheap because they come with no land. A group of condo owners in the community will own all the common areas.

The downsides are you will lack privacy in those places, and sometimes the landlord may impose more rules and potentially mismanage funds.


What is Townhome?

A townhome is a multi-story house with one or more houses shared by common walls, but they have their own entrances.

In the suburban areas, they are built within a distinct community and might have their homeowner’s community association. Each townhouse will be individually owned by people.

It is like a house where the owner owns both the land and the house. But it is not freestanding, the land in which it sits will be limited to the front and backyards.

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They are connected to one another in a row and are 2 or 3 stories tall. The biggest downside of living in a townhouse is that there will be no privacy.

Because when you share a common wall with a neighbor lot of issues might arise. The freedom will be limited. Also, the cost of a townhouse will be expensive because of both land and the building.

People who are looking for low-maintenance lifestyles can go for a townhouse. 

Some of the benefits of buying a townhouse are they are not always expensive because the price depends on the area you buy, maintenance will be easier, common area amenities, less space, and sometimes extra amenities will also be available.

If you want a soundproof townhouse, you need to construct the walls as soundproof when you are building it. 


Main Differences Between Condo and Townhome

  1. The maintenance fees of condos are higher. On the other hand, the maintenance fees of the townhouse are moderately high.
  2. Homeowners association fees are expensive in condos. On the other hand, it is lower in a townhouse.
  3. People can own only the interior part of condos. On the other hand, people can own both interior and exterior parts of townhouses.
  4. Condos follow a high sense of community. On the other hand, townhouses follow a relative sense of community.
  5. A condo is a separate apartment owned by an individual. On the other hand, townhouses are rows of houses joined by common walls.
  6. A condo is a type of shared ownership. On the other hand, a townhouse is just a property style. 
Difference Between Condo and Townhome

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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