Difference Between Freestanding and Slide In Range

Ranges are appliances with a stove and oven combined. There might be one or two ovens depending on the type of range. Hence they are great choices if someone wants to buy both stove and oven for their kitchen.


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There are two types of ranges available in the market. They are freestanding and slide-in range. Both these ranges have a similar function. The major difference between these two is their installation process.

Freestanding vs Slide In Range

The difference between freestanding and side in the range is that freestanding range can stand independently or can also be installed in between two cabinets, whereas slide-in range cannot stand on its own. Slide-in ranges can only be installed between two cabinets. The freestanding range stands on its own in the kitchen, whereas slide-in ranges blend along with other furniture present in the kitchen.

Freestanding vs Slide In Range

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Freestanding ranges include a cooktop surface and an oven below the cooking stove. Freestanding ranges are independent and do not need any support to stand.

They can be easily bought and installed by anyone without any professional help. If someone wants to install a freestanding range in between the cabinets, they can easily do that as well.

Slide-in ranges also include a cooktop and oven below them. Slide-in ranges can only be installed in between cabinets. Installation of these cabinets may require professional help as the countertops need to be modified to fit the range between them.

They are easier to install when the kitchen is getting built. In that way, one can easily install them in between cabinets.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFreestandingSlide In Range
PropertyIt can stand on its own.It cannot stand on its own.
ModificationIt does not require modification of the countertop.It requires modification of the countertop.
Back guardIt has a back guard.It does not have a back guard.
InstallIt usually does not require professional help for its installation.It requires professional help for its installation.
LookIt may not blend with the rest of the furniture.It blends with the rest of the furniture.

What is Freestanding Range?

A freestanding range is a type of range one can find when looking for kitchen appliances. A freestanding range has a cooktop where cooking and heating of food can be done.

The bottom part consists of one or two ovens that can be used for baking. If one is looking for both stove and oven for their kitchen, they can install a range which includes both of these.

A freestanding range is independent. It does not need any support; it can easily stand on its own. A freestanding range has a back guard that protects the back wall from food splashes, steam, smoke, etc.

It also has finished built-in sides, and hence they can be easily installed by any individual with less time and effort.

Freestanding ranges are usually preferred to be placed alone that is on its own. It stands out in the kitchen. One can find a range that matches the color of other furniture present in the kitchen so that all the kitchen appliances look good together.

The range has a control panel for both the oven and cooking panel present on its top or near the back guard. Freestanding is a great choice if you do not want to modify the countertops of your kitchen to fit your range between the cabinets.

freestanding range

What is Slide In Range?

A slide-in range is also a type of range one can install in their kitchen. It also includes a cooktop and oven below it. Slide-in ranges cannot stand on their own.

Hence, they can only be installed between the cabinets or so-called countertops. Slide-in ranges may require professional help for their installation as they do not have finished sides.

They also do not come with back guards. Hence, one needs to put tiles or any kind of protection on the wall behind a slide-in range to protect the wall from food splashes, stains, and steam.

Slide-in ranges may be a bit tricky to install as the countertops have to be modified to fit the range inside. If you are building your kitchen or say it is still in the building stage, then you can choose a slide-in range and get your countertops modified according to the fit of the range.

However, there is an advantage to slide-in ranges over freestanding ones as a slide-in range gets exactly attached to your countertops, and hence they can be cleaned easily, plus they save you from spilling the food on the floor.

There will be no accumulation of dust or food particles in between the space between the countertop and the range because there is no gap between them, unlike the free-standing ones.

slide in range

Main Differences Between Freestanding and Slide In Range

  1. Freestanding ranges can stand alone on their own or can be installed between the cabinets as well, whereas slide-in ranges can only be installed in between the cabinets.
  2. In order to install a freestanding range, one does not have to modify the countertops, whereas, in slide-in ranges, countertops need to be modified to fit the range in between them.
  3. Freestanding ranges come along with back guards, whereas in the case of slide-in ranges, back guards need to be installed.
  4. Installation of free-standing ranges is easier than that of slide-in ranges.
  5. Cleaning and hygiene are much easier in the slide-in range rather than the freestanding range installed between cabinets.
Difference Between Freestanding and Slide In Range
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