Class vs Object in Java: Difference and Comparison

The world is moving around technology, and every day it is achieving new heights. The technology essentially includes things like a computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

All of these things work upon the programming done by various experts in the industry. A very crucial element of programming in all these things is the computer language used.  

Java is one such language of computers and holds utter significance in the world of technology. But certain terms related to this language can be very confusing as many people are not aware of these terms exactly.

A class and an object in Java are two search terms that confuse people the most, but they happen to be very different from one another. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A class in Java is a blueprint for creating objects, whereas an object is an instance of a class.
  2. Classes define objects’ structure, properties, and behavior, while objects represent actual instances with unique attributes and behaviors.
  3. Java programmers create and manipulate objects using class definitions as a basis for their creation.

Class vs Object in Java 

Class is a blueprint or template from which objects are created. Class is a logical entity, while object is a physical entity. Class is declared only once, while object is created many times as needed. Class doesn’t allocate memory when created, while object allocates memory on creation.

Class vs Object in Java

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A class in the Java language refers to a mixture of multiple structures or different methods that help the program maker in creating different varieties of objects. It can be understood as a building that aids in the building of objects in a program.

A class may also refer to a common group of common objects because all the objects created by a similar class share some or other similar properties. 

But on the contrary, an Object happens to be completely different as compared to a class. It can not only be explained in terms of Java but also in terms of real-life too.

It can easily be explained as anything that carries certain characteristics and has a proper structure. One unique feature of this is that it can be both tangible and intangible. And in terms of Java, it happens to be intangible. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Class in Java Object in Java 
Meaning  A group of many objects that happen to share similar properties. An example of something with a state and identity created with the help of a class.  
Nature  It has a logical appearance and nature. It has a physical appearance and nature.  
Creation  The creation of this uses a class keyword. The creation technique of this uses a new keyword instead. 
Frequency of creation  It can be created just once. It can be created multiple times. 
Mode of creation This can only be created with the help of a class keyword. This can be created with the help of many ways, such as new keywords, factory methods, and decentralization, etc. 
Interrelation  It is created to make objects further. It is created with the help of the former. 
Certain examples A class may be a fruit or a human being. An object may be an apple, banana, etc. Or man or woman. 

What is Class in Java? 

Explaining the element class from the perspective of a computer language, Java, can be difficult sometimes because of the technical technicalities it contains.

In simple words, a class in Java is nothing but a group in which many objects or members exist that somehow share a certain set of similar qualities. 

A unique feature with respect to this particular element is that it has to be a logical or intangible substance. It can never be a physical one or one that can be touched or altered by human touch.

The objective behind creating a class happens to be the creation of multiple objects further, as it serves as a way of creating them. 

With respect to the frequency of the creation of this element, one thing to be kept in mind is that it can only be created once and cannot be created again and again on the same merits. To create this element, a class keyboard is required by the program. 

It can better be explained with the help of the following example- 

The term animals happen to be a class as it contains multiple members, such as elephant, giraffe, lion, etc., as its members or objects. 

What is Object in Java? 

As compared to the other elements, an object in terms of language Java happens to be considerably easy to explain and comprehend.

It can be explained as anything that is created with the help of a class. Unlike a class, this element can be tangible in nature and can be touched or altered by anyone. 

The objective behind the creation of this substance is that the creator of the program wants the program to run smoothly and in a definite manner.

A unique feature of this element is that it can be created as many times as the requirement arises, and there is no limitation with respect to its creation. 

As it happens to be a physical element, the possibility is that it can be altered or manipulated for certain reasons, and due to this feature, this substance happens to be comparatively gullible in nature. 

This can better be explained with the help of the following example 

All the animals under the class of animals add objects, such as elephants, giraffes, lions, deer, etc. 

Main Differences Between Class and Object in Java 

  1. A class, on the one hand, refers to a group that contains multiple objects sharing certain similar qualities. But on the other hand, an object refers to an example of a creation done with the help of a class. 
  2. A class on one side happens to be of a logical nature, but an object on the other side happens to offer physical nature. 
  3. A class can be created one time only, while an object can be created multiple times as per the requirement. 
  4. A class is created with the help of a class keyword, but on the other hand, an object can be created with the help of a new keyword and other ways also. 
  5. An example of a class can be a human being, while an example of an object can be a man or a woman. 

Last Updated : 01 August, 2023

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