Difference Between Crickets and Grasshoppers

Crickets and grasshoppers are two such insects that look almost similar to one another and can be really confusing for some people. But if looked at carefully, a number of differences can be drawn between these two insects as they happen to be completely different from one another. 


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Crickets vs Grasshoppers 

The difference between Crickets and Grasshoppers is that both of these belong to a similar order of insects that is known as Orthoptera, but even after this, they differ by their suborders. The former one belongs to the suborder Ensifera, while on the other hand, the latter one belongs to the suborder Caeliferans. Apart from this very basic difference, a lot of differences lie between these two insects in terms of their physical attributes. 

Crickets vs Grasshoppers

Belonging to the suborder Ensifera of order Orthoptera, a Cricket is a very common insect that is found in almost all areas of the world regardless of the weather and the circumstances. This insect is mostly noticed during the night time or when the sunsets. A very distinguishing feature that differentiates the sunset from other insects is that it creates a particular chirping sound that can be recognized from anywhere. 

But on the other hand, belonging to the suborder Caeliferans of order orthoptera, a grasshopper is another species of insect that somehow looks similar to the previously described insect. It can usually be seen in places with heavy flora. In the daytime, this insect happens to be relatively more active and can be noticed in almost all parts of the world. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Crickets  Grasshoppers  
Meaning  It is a variety of insects having a relatively short body and two large antennas. It is a variety of insects that majorly feeds upon plants and can be noticed almost all across the world. 
Suborder  It belongs to the suborder Ensifera. It belongs to the suborder Caeliferans 
Activity time It is mostly noticed during the nighttime. It is mostly noticed during the daytime. 
Size  The average cricket is found of almost two inches. An average grasshopper usually happens somewhat up to four inches or more. 
Color  It is majorly found in either brown or dull yellow color. It is majorly found in a very bright and shiny green color. 
Abilities  This insect happens to be able to fly only. This insect can not only fly but hop or jump as well. 
Species available Almost 900 species of this insect are available all across the world. Almost 11000 species of this insect are available all across the world. 

What are Crickets? 

During almost all times of the year and especially during the monsoon, if one is to go out of his house during dawn and visit near the bushes, a very distinct and particular sound of chirping can be noticed. This sound is produced by a species of insect known as the Crickets, and they belong to the suborder Ensifera of the animal kingdom. 

Crickets in their habitat can be seen all across the world and in almost all countries. However, these insects do not happen to be very comfortable with severe cold weather, and therefore, they refrain from living in such an area. Apart from this, they are widely seen all over the earth. One can easily recognize these insects as they carry some distinguished qualities.  

In most cases, crockets can be seen either in brown color or in a very pale yellowish color, and they grow up to 2 inches mostly. Almost 900 species of these insects can be found on earth, but the most classical form is known as the bush crickets that is generally seen everywhere. These carry two very lengthy antennas on their head and make a very different sound of chirping. 

What are Grasshoppers? 

If one is to look closer to bushes and crops, an insect looking similar to crickets or cockroaches can be found easily feeding upon those crops, and this insect appears in green color. If anyone makes any move towards this insect, it hops from one plant to another and continues eating the plants. In terms of science, this insect is known as a Grasshopper. 

Belonging to the suborder Caeliferans of the order orthoptera of the animal kingdom, a grasshopper is a very important and significant part of the ecosystem of the earth. It is a herbivores insect and mainly feeds upon plants. It can easily be recognized because of its color and the size it holds. It can grow up to four inches in most cases and carries antennas and wings to fly and jump from one place to another. 

These insects do not produce any chirping sound but produce a flapping sound of their wings or their hands rubbing altogether. This sound is like a signal to their other family or group members. In some areas, when a grasshopper is found altering its color and qualities. It is recognized as a locust

Main Differences Between Crickets and Grasshoppers 

  1. Cricket is a particular insect that is a member of the suborder Ensifera of the insects, but on the other hand, a Grasshopper is another species of insect belonging to a different suborder, Caeliferans. 
  2. As a matter of size, a Grasshopper usually happens to be bigger as compared to a Cricket. 
  3. While cricket can be of either brown or pale-yellow color, a grasshopper is usually found in green color only. 
  4. On average, there are almost 900 species available of crickets, but grasshoppers have almost 11000 species available. 
  5. While cricket is an insect of night and usually does all its activities after the sun sets, a grasshopper is more of a daytime insect and can be seen at almost any time. 
Difference Between Crickets and Grasshoppers


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