Difference Between Culture and Lifestyle

In the study of human civilization, we encounter two interrelated concepts: culture and way of life. Anthropologists and sociologists have long been captivated by human behavior in various societies, studying people’s cultures and lifestyles.

Culture vs Lifestyle

The main difference between Culture and Lifestyle is that Culture can be defined as a group’s entire set of behaviors, thoughts, customs, and activities. Lifestyle, on the other hand, can be defined as a group of people’s way of life. Altering one’s culture is more difficult than changing one’s way of life. While culture incorporates habits, traditions, values, and a variety of other social features, a lifestyle is impacted by these same elements.

Culture vs Lifestyle

Culture is a broad term that includes social norms and practices. This can be considered as a collection of people’s complete way of life that has been passed down through generations.

Almost everyone in a particular society shares these cultural characteristics. Another intriguing feature of that society is that it is passed down rather than inherited. As a result, culture has an impact on one’s behavior.

A person’s lifestyle is their way of living. It’s a way of life for me. A person’s, group’s, or culture’s lifestyle encompasses their behaviors, interests, needs, wants, intentions, emotions, views, and behavioral orientations.

In other words, our use, our behavior, how we spend our leisure time, and other social patterns all reflect our way of life. A person’s lifestyle might also differ from one person to the next.

A person living in an urban region, for example, has an entirely different lifestyle than someone living in a rural town. A person’s lifestyle can also help them develop a sense of self.

Comparison Table Between Culture and Lifestyle

Parameters of Comparison CultureLifestyle
DefinitionCulture is the set of ideas and practices that we learn, share, and pass down to the next generation.A person’s or a group of people’s lifestyle can be defined as their way of living.
NatureCulture always refers to a group or community of people.Lifestyle might relate to a person’s way of life.
ConnectionCulture includes a way of living.People with varied lifestyles can exist within a single society.
ChangesChanging a complete culture is tough because it is ingrained in the individual.A person can alter his lifestyle.
FocusCulture primarily focuses on tangible components.Lifestyle might be expressed in tangible and intangible components.

What is Culture?

Culture, according to Ralph Linton, is the system of thoughts and practices that we learn, share, and pass down through generations. This comprises all parts of a society’s basis, such as conventions, traditions, values, mores, folklore, and the arts.

Culture facilitates human relationships by fostering societal uniformity. Culture is shared in this way.

Culture encompasses all lifestyles that exist within a civilization, not just one that belongs to a certain group of people. Culture is passed down over generations by the people of that society.

This happens as a result of the socialization process. Socialization occurs in a variety of circumstances. First, the infant learns the ways of society through his or her parents in the household.

Primary socialization is the term used to describe this process. However, as the child receives knowledge from other actors in society, such as schools, peer groups, and so on, socialization takes on a larger meaning.

Secondary socialization is the term for this process. Culture can also provide remedies for social problems. These can take the shape of societal values that are upheld.

Most civilizations, for example, place a high priority on caring for the elderly. These are ingrained in society to decrease societal issues.

What is Lifestyle?

A person’s or a group of people’s lifestyle can be defined as their way of living. People in various societies live in diverse ways. Even within a single community, people might have different lifestyles depending on their background.

For example, a person of one religious background may have a quite different lifestyle than someone of another. A lifestyle permits a person to feel at ease in his surroundings and deal with challenges that come his way.

It’s a way of adjusting to life’s daily realities. A person’s lifestyle encompasses all aspects of his or her life, including his or her behavior, thoughts, employment, leisure, dress, food, interests, and so on.

The culture of that particular society has a huge impact on this. Because culture encompasses a broader scope that encompasses not only people’s lifestyles but also their norms, values, customs, and every other facet of society that contributes to social cohesiveness and stability, people’s lifestyles are inevitably influenced.

Take, for example, the societal rules around clothing. The way we dress in our daily life is based on these rules. The cultural code dictates what we think is proper in certain contexts. This then becomes a way of life for us.

Main Differences Between Culture and Lifestyle

  1. Culture refers to the ideas and practices that we acquire, adapt, and pass down from generation to generation, whereas The way of life of a person or a group of people is characterized as their lifestyle.
  2. Culture encompasses a way of life whereas, Within a single culture, people with various lifestyles can coexist.
  3. A person’s lifestyle can be changed, but changing a culture is difficult because it is deeply embedded in the individual.
  4. A group or community of people is always referred to as culture, whereas a person’s way of life is referred to as lifestyle.
  5. Custom primarily focuses on concrete components, but lifestyle can be reflected through both tangible and intangible elements.
Difference Between Culture and Lifestyle


An ethnic, religious, or societal group’s culture is a complex whole that includes social forms, conventional beliefs, and material qualities, whereas a person’s or persons’ lifestyle is the way they live.

Culture and lifestyle differ in that culture are always centered on society or group of people, whereas lifestyle can relate to an individual’s way of life.

Although lifestyle and culture are linked, they are not the same thing. One is a human’s personality and beliefs, while the other is society’s attitudes and practices. People should be aware of when their culture and way of life are defined.

Culture and lifestyle are both influenced by factors such as where people live, which society they belong to, the weather in their location, the cuisine accessible in their area, and so on.


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