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Difference Between Direct and Indirect Expenses

Direct and indirect expenses are two different accounting terms that represent a business’s expenditure. Both direct expenses and indirect expenses are performed for the convenience of maintaining accuracy in the financial statement report of a company.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Direct expenses are tied to the production of goods or services; indirect expenses are not directly linked to production
  2. Direct expenses can be traced to specific cost objects; indirect expenses are spread across multiple cost objects
  3. Direct expenses are variable; indirect expenses can be fixed or variable.

Direct vs. Indirect Expenses

The difference between direct and indirect expenses is that direct expenses are traceable. They are confined to a particular department and are restricted only to benefit that specific department. These expenses are connected to all factory expenditures, whereas indirect expenses are none traceable, as they are not administered to any particular area.

Direct vs Indirect

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Direct expenses are restricted in the daily performance of a business. These expenses are related to all office expenditures in a company.

These are the expenses utilized before the manufacturing of a material and during the production of a material. It is an all-factory expense.

Indirect expenses are those expenses that are not bound to the expense of production. These expenditures are utilized to regulate business.


Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonDirect expensesIndirect expenses
MeaningThe expenditures are connected to the production procedure or investment of goods.The expenditures are not connected to the cost of production or procedure of production.
Purpose of calculationIt is calculated to know the gross profit of the business.It is calculated to know the net profit of the business.
Cost of productionThese are included in the expense of goods sold or manufactured.These are included in rent, taxes, utility expenses, etc.
Financial StatementsThey are posted in the business account.They are broadcasted in the profit and loss report.
Pertained toThese expenses are associated with the factory.Office-related payments are allied with indirect expenses.
Necessary forIt is essential to know the actual expenditure of production.It is necessary to know the income statement of the business.


What are Direct Expenses?

Direct expenses are the expenditures that are used in the process of creating a product and its services after the product is manufactured. These expenditures are traceable and restricted to a specific department and workers.

Direct expenses are a part of the financial statement record of a business which is done to track the expenditures in a company. The sole purpose of direct expenses is to assist one office.

Direct expenses fluctuate with the production rate but are consistent for each production unit and usually occur under the supervision and accountability of the department manager.

Direct expenses are operated to evaluate the gross profit of the company. These expenses are necessary to know the substantial expenditure of a product. These expenses are used to classify and administer costs between departments.


What are Indirect Expenses?

Indirect expenses are not bound to the cost of production. It is all office expenditures. They exist in the daily process of a business.

Indirect expenses are not incorporated into the costs of a commodity. They are operated to evaluate the net profit of a business, and it is necessary to know a company’s income statement.

In fixed indirect expense, the rate of expenditures is fixed and is in process during the project period. In contrast, recurring indirect costs are paid on a recurrence basis.

Factory indirect expenses are the expenses that occur at the time of production. Administrative indirect expenses are the expenses that are related to organizational actions.


Main Differences Between Direct and Indirect Expenses

  1. Indirect expenses are included in the expenditures of goods sold or manufactured, whereas indirect costs are included in the price of rent, taxes, and utilities.
  2. Direct expenses are related to factory-related expenses, and it is necessary to know the actual cost of a product. In contrast, all office-related expenses are allied with indirect expenses, and it is necessary to know a company’s income statement.

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