Duvet Cover vs Comforter: Difference and Comparison

There is persistent confusion regarding the purchase of blankets for their fancy mattresses. The terms duvet, duvet cover, and comforter are thrown around and used interchangeably.

This leads the general public to have an unclear understanding of the differences present among the blankets. A person must be clear with these differences to choose based on his preferences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Duvet covers are removable, washable casings for duvets or comforters, while comforters are thick, quilted blankets filled with insulating material.
  2. Duvet covers allow for easy cleaning and customization of bedroom décor, whereas comforters provide warmth and style in a single piece.
  3. Duvets require a cover for protection and hygiene, while comforters can be used alone or paired with a duvet cover for added versatility.

Duvet Cover vs Comforter

The difference between Duvet Cover and Comforter is that a Duvet cover is a removable cover and a comforter is a thick blanket. The duvet cover is used to cover a duvet blanket. Meanwhile, the comforter is a decorated blanket with no cover. There are much more differences with regards to the uses of a duvet cover and comforter.

Duvet Cover vs Comforter

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A duvet cover is a layer of clothing used to cover a duvet. A duvet is a type of blanket which is stuffed with down and feathers. As duvets are found in plain white color, duvet covers are used to cover the duvets from dirt, damage, liquid spills, etc.

A comforter is a blanket that is similar to a duvet. But comforters are made with lesser stuffing. Unlike the duvets, comforters come in a lot of different colors and designs.

The synthetic fibre inside a comforter is quilted to keep it spread evenly across the comforter. The comforters can be used as it is received.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDuvet CoverComforter
UsesA duvet cover is a protective layer of clothing. It is used to cover the duvets from any damage or dirt.Comforter is stuffed with synthetic fiber, which is quilted. The comforters are used as a blanket to cover and sleep.
CleaningThe duvet cover can be easily cleaned. It is prone to damage, but duvet covers can be easily removed and washed.A comforter cannot be easily cleaned. As the blanket is in one piece and is a large piece of clothing, cleaning is difficult.
DesignThe duvet is a plain white blanket. The duvet covers have few designs which can be used to make the duvets decorative.Comforters come in a lot of designs and decorations. They can be bought along with the mattresses in a matching set.
FillingThe stuffed filling inside a duvet cover’s duvet can become clumped up easily. It is difficult to try and spread the filling evenly.The fillings inside a comforter do not clump up and remain still. The stuffing is quilted and is spread evenly.
PriceThe price of a duvet and duvet cover is a bit higher than a comforter. The two materials cost more than just a comforter.The price of a comforter is a bit less high than a duvet and duvet cover. The single blanket does not cost much.

What is Duvet Cover?

To understand the meaning of a duvet cover, it is essential to first grasp an idea of what a duvet is. A duvet is a type of blanket which is plain and white.

It is stuffed with fillings down and feathers which are beneficial as thermal insulators. A duvet cover is a protective layer of clothing that is used to cover the duvet.

The term duvet is also interchangeably used as a comforter, particularly in the United States. In a general sense, Duvet is distinct from the comforter.

The fillings inside a duvet can get clumped up and are not spread evenly. Duvet covers are used to cover the duvets that have zippers, buttons, or corner ties to hold the cover.

Duvet covers protect the duvets from external damage like dirt and liquids. The covers can be removed and washed easily. Duvet covers add much-needed designs and decorations to the duvets.

Duvet covers with different colors and designs can be changed according to the seasons or festivals.

Duvet covers are necessary for anyone who does not have the time or the patience to arrange their beds regularly. The beds can be easily made with a duvet. A change in the duvet cover would possibly change the whole outlook of the bed.

duvet cover

What is Comforter?

The term comforter is used to refer to the types of blankets that are made with less stuffing inside. Unlike duvets, comforters are colorful and decorative. The synthetic fibre inside a comforter is spread evenly as it is quilted. It is a single piece of clothing.

Unlike the duvet and duvet covers, there are no covers for comforters. Comforters are meant to be used as it is. In the United States, the term comforter is interchangeably used with duvets.

Even comforters are interchangeably used as duvets, covered by duvet covers.

The design and colors of a comforter add important value to the blanket. The comforter arrives in a set, along with a mattress.

The designs and patterns of a comforter would match well with the whole bedding set. People can purchase comforters based on their favourite characters.

As it is single large clothing, the process of washing a comforter is extremely difficult. The price of a comforter is similar to duvets but a little less expensive.

A comforter can be used right out of the bag, and it provides a layered look to the beds. The heavy blanket can sometimes become too hot to stay under. A comforter can match the bed’s designs.


Main Differences Between Duvet Cover and Comforter

  1. Duvet covers are a type of protective layering used for duvets. A comforter is a single large piece of clothing used as a blanket.
  2. The duvet cover can easily be removed, and it is easy to wash. The comforter cannot be easily washed because of its large size.
  3. The duvet cover protects the duvet from any damage, like dirt and liquids. The comforter is always exposed to the risk of damage without a cover.
  4. The filling inside a duvet can easily become clumped up. The fillings inside a comforter cannot be clumped up, as it is quilted and spread evenly.
  5. The duvet is in plain white color, and the duvet cover adds some colors to the duvet. The comforter has a lot of designs and is super decorative.
Difference Between Duvet Cover and Comforter
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Last Updated : 09 August, 2023

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