Difference Between Earring and Nosering

Earring and Nosering are ornamental items that are usually worn by women and sometimes men too. Earrings can vary in size from big to small depending on what function it is being used, while the Noserings are usually small in size and are made up of gold or silver.

Earring vs Nosering 

The main difference between Earring and Nosering is that the Earring is pierced through the ear. On the other hand, Nosering is pierced through the nose. Earrings can be of gold, or they can be made up of simple plastics or metals, while the Nose rings are usually in the form of gold or silver.

Earring and Nosering

Earring is ornamental jewelry that showcases the beauty of the woman, but nowadays, it is also worn by men as a fashion or those belonging to the tribes. Earrings can be made up of gold, silver, plastics, or even metals which are later framed into the designer one to make it look soothing.

Nosering is a piece of small ornamental jewelry that is used by the woman. It also reflects the beauty of the females. Noserings are usually small in size, and generally, most of the Noserings are made up of gold or silver. Noserings can be straight and curved to give an antique look and soother finishing.

Comparison Table Between Earring and Nosering

Parameters of Comparison Earring Nosering
DesignComes in various designs Due to its small size, it is simple
Cost Generally cheap if it is made up of plastic or metal.Cost is high as it is made up of Gold or Silver most of the time.
Size It can be big as well as small in size They are generally small in sizes
Location It can be worn on various parts of the EarIt can be worn only on one side of the Nose
No of pieces At a time you can wear 8-9 earrings on various parts of the earAt a time only up to 2 Noserings can be used

What is Earring?

It is basically a part of the jewelry which is usually attached to the ear lobe, and it is hung with the help of piercing. It is attached to the outer part of the ear.

An earring is a common form of jewelry that is worn by many different kinds of civilizations and tribes. Today it is not common to women only. It is also used by men as a fashion material. Earrings are cheap and affordable until it is made up of gold or silver.

It is attached to the ear with the help of piercing, there are some Earring that comes with the clip, which is easy to attach and remove, but it is mostly used in the film industry for the actors to avoid piercing.

Earrings can be made up of various materials, it can be made up of plastic, even metals which are later reformed into designers one which gives an antique look to the person, also it is made up of gold and silver which is mostly worn by the Indian women.

Their size can vary from small to big, depending on what occasions you are using it. For grand functions or parties, women usually wear gold or designer earrings which increase the beauty of women, while as a casual day or normal day, women usually wear small earrings.

What is Nosering?

Nosering is mostly referred to as nose piercing which includes the piercing of the nose, usually the side part or the lower part, to make a fit for the ring.

Noserings are a common form of art among the tribal people, in which both the men as well as women have their noses pierced and use the metal or plastic to reflect their tribe‘s tradition.

It is also part of the ornamental jewelry that is adopted mostly by women. Women generally have their noses pierced and put small jewelry into the nose, which is often made up of gold or silver.

These types of jewelry are small in size compared with Earrings. Generally, the Noserings are straight and small in length, but there are some Noserings available that are curved also lie a circular one and are open from the end loop.

These curved Noserings are usually worn by the tribe’s people between the two nasal cavities as a part of the tradition.

Nose rings are mostly made up of gold and silver, but sometimes it is made up of rough metal, which is polished later to increase the shiny surface. Women during the grand function or festivals usually wear the Noserings that are made up of gold.

Main Differences Between Earring and Nosering

  1. Earrings are usually cheap and affordable until they are made up of gold, while the Noseerings that are mostly made up of Gold are costly. 
  2. Earrings have plenty of design and varieties, whereas the Noserings, which are usually small in size, have a limited design and curves. 
  3. Earrings can vary in size from big to small mostly. They are bigger in size than the Nosering because Noserings always have a small length to make them suitable for piercing through the nose.
  4. Earrings can be worn at multiple parts of the ear from lobe to helix to cartilage and snug, which sums up to a total of 9 parts where it can be pierced, while the Nosering is limited only up to 2 parts, usually the side and bridge between nasal cavity.
  5. Earrings can be clipped ones as it makes it suitable to clip on the ear lobe, whereas to wear the Noserings, one should have the nose pierced.


As both are ornamental jewelry, both have their main function to showcase the beauty of the woman during the functions or celebrations.

Both have their own limitations, people who don’t want to pierce their ears can use the clipped Earring, which is common among the male actors shooting for a particular video.

Earrings and Noserings can be made up of gold and silver; however, there are many tribes in the world that uses Earrings and Noserings made of either wood (usually bamboo).

People who use ornaments instead of gold reflect their tradition towards their culture, which should be respected by everyone. It is wrong to differentiate the person who is wearing the ornaments made of gold and the other person who is wearing the ornaments made up of either wood or metals.


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