Difference Between Eclipse and MyEclipse

Nowadays, lots of software companies are emerging. Many software projects needed to be developed. For this, they need a lot of software to develop.


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The two software preferred by many software developing companies are Eclipse, and the other one is MyEclipse. Both this software is developed by Eclipse Foundation and are used by many companies for their software development projects. 

Eclipse vs MyEclipse

The difference between Eclipse and MyEclipse is Eclipse is software that is used for standalone projects by software developing companies, and they need a plug-in. MyEclipse is a software developed by eclipse foundation for developing large projects, and they don’t need a plug-in for that. Eclipse is free and open-source software. But MyEclipse is a paid version. 

Eclipse vs MyEclipse

An eclipse is a software used by people for large projects, and they use plug-ins for managing those large projects. Eclipse is a safe software to download.

You don’t have to worry about getting in contact with the virus. Many companies are using eclipse software. Especially this software is used in most software developing companies for their large projects.

Having Java 8 version on your desktop will be a good choice for eclipse software to work. 

MyEclipse is a paid software developed by eclipse foundation. Many software companies prefer this software because you don’t have to work with lots of plugins.

Also, the software is very fast. It will not crash when you work with multiple resources at the same time. This is not available in eclipse software since it is not a paid one, so the features will be very limited.

Even though it is paid, you can check the features with their free trial option.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEclipseMyEclipse
PatternIt is a plugin used for an architectural patternIt is a full-featured platform mainly used for developing software applications.
Pluggable sourceIt needs a pluggable sourceIt does not need a pluggable source
Main useGood for developing standalone projects but needs a plugin for thatGood for developing projects but the plugin is not a problem
Open-sourceIt is an open-source softwareIt has both open source and paid versions
EvolutionNovember 20012003

What is Eclipse?

The Eclipse is a software written in Java language, which is mainly used for developing java applications. But you can develop applications other than java with the help of plug-ins.

Many other programming languages such as C#, Haskell, PHP, JavaScript, Fortran, and many more can be developed using this platform.

Every software comes with some advantages and then some disadvantages. Without that, we cannot develop software.

This software also got some pros and cons. If you are developing a simple UI, then this software will be a good choice for you. You can use any number of plugins and different types as well.

This is free downloadable software. You don’t have to pay anything for this software. Based on your windows configuration, you can download this software and start using it.

It will be very helpful, especially if you are in the situation of managing large projects.

Even though their UI is simple, but it will be hard for beginners to learn, understand, and use it. It will take some time for them. If you work on multiple workspaces, you will find lots of crashes happening in your tab.

This is one of the main problems faced by many users. Eclipse should take some action against this problem and should solve it so that others can work efficiently without any crashes happening. 

What is MyEclipse?

MyEclipse is a software developed by the eclipse foundation. It helps you to work with large projects without asking you to install plug-ins for that.

This software is not a free one as it is obvious because it allows you to work without plugins which mean you have to pay something for that to work.

Because in eclipse software, you can get the software for free, but you have to use the plugin. Here you don’t have to have that headache of using plug-ins.

But they are giving you a 30-day free trial to check whether you are comfortable with using this software or not. After that, you can decide whether to go with the software or not.

Users should have Java software in-built on their desktop before they start working on this. Then they have to start installing the package.

Once they have installed it, they should run the software by giving all the basic information like oath settings and all.

After giving all the information for the system, they can start working. It is one of the awesome software for managing large projects.

You will be able to see its amazing features once you start working on this software. During that free trial period, it will give unlimited access to all their features without taking any money from you. Everything is free in those 30 days. 

Main Differences Between Eclipse and MyEclipse

  1. The pattern used for Eclipse software is an agricultural pattern. On the other hand, MyEclipse software uses a full-featured platform mainly for developing large software projects. 
  2. For Eclipse software, you need a pluggable source. On the other hand, for MyEclipse software, you don’t need any pluggable source.
  3. The main use of Eclipse software is they are used for developing standalone projects, but they require a plug-in while developing. On the other hand, MyEclipse is for developing large projects, and they don’t require any plugin.
  4. Eclipse software is a free version, and you don’t have to pay anything. But for MyEclipse software, you have to pay, but before that, you can use a 30-day free trial. 
  5. Eclipse was first launched in November 2001. On the other hand, MyEclipse was launched in 2003. 


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