Difference Between Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty

Slutty style is in fashion for a long time now. A woman when wears a dress to make her body more appealing; is known as slutty. There are two types of slutty, elegant slutty and trashy slutty. Elegant slutty is the one who wears a sexy dress coupled with loads of self-confidence. Trashy slutty is the one who wears a revealing and skimpy dress associated with feeling sexy. Trashy slutty is considered a negative aspect because of the carefree attitude or being open about being themselves. Many celebrities try both looks but often fail to carry both simultaneously.

Elegant Slutty vs Trashy Slutty

The main difference between elegant slutty and trashy slutty is that elegant slutty women don’t put too much effort into their looks but still look their best, while trashy slutty women have loud makeup with chic hairstyles to look best. In addition, elegant slutty women, after wearing revealing clothes, don’t seem to be showing off their bodies, but trashy slutty women tend to attract a massive crowd with their bodies. Elegant slutty women give a thought before acting on anything.

Elegant Slutty vs Trashy SLutty

Elegant slutty women are incredibly sexy and carry themselves with colossal self-confidence. They wear short skirts with fitted tops or short jackets with minimal makeup yet look classy. Anything these women wear looks elegant and stylish. They manage to turn people’s heads. Elegant slutty women avoid too much makeup, which makes them look natural and flawless.

Trashy slutty women are too carefree, which gives them a negative image. They are the ones who prefer less clothing and always try their best to show off their bodies which sometimes become too much. See-through tops and micro shorts are typical attire in terms of fashion for trashy slutty women. In addition, trashy slutty women like to wear too much makeup to look different and get attention from the crowd.

Comparison Table Between Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty

Parameters of ComparisonElegant SluttyTrashy Slutty
Attire preferenceRevealing dresses but no effort in showing off of the bodyRevealing dresses showing off all assets of the body
PersonalityReserved personalityCarefree personality
MakeupMinimal makeupLoud makeup
They are recognized forSelf-confidenceSkimpy or diminutive attires
AttitudePositive attitudeNegative attitude

What is Elegant Slutty?

Elegant slutty women wear skimpy attire and loads of self-confidence, making them look classy and super stylish. These women are of reserved personality and don’t put too much effort into looking flawless and elegant. Whatever they wear, either skimpy tops or tight shorts, they manage to look their best. Elegant slutty women just like trashy slutty women need attention but they get it by their elegance and perfection in their looks.
They do very little makeup showing off their facial features, making them unique and stand out from the crowd. They look incredibly sexy in every attire and grab all the praises from everywhere. The main goal of elegant slutty women is to get attention and come in headlines just like trashy slutty women.
Elegant slutty women are calm and composed in their behavior and often think before acting on something. They give thought to every minute detail of their style, including attire, hairstyle, and presenting themselves. Therefore, elegant slutty women are always considered more innovative and avoid any controversies. Elegant slutty women look effortless when it comes to looking elegant and charming.

What is Trashy Slutty?

Trashy slutty women are known for their short and revealing attires. They try to look different and do a lot of experiments with their clothing. The more the showing of the body, the better it is for trashy slutty women. Therefore, the see-through tops and shortest of shorts are their favourite attire. Trashy slutty women have a hunger for attention and they can go to any extent to get it.
The loud makeup, which makes them look unique in their style, makes them trashy slutty. They have an attitude that becomes a negative aspect and often lands them in controversies. People only talk about their skimpy attires and loud makeup. Trashy slutty women put a lot of effort into dressing up to grab people’s attention, unlike elegant slutty women.
Trashy slutty women are often transparent. They have a life like an open book. Their emotions are as nuanced as water. Trashy women wear loud makeup and usually tend to distract the crowd with their looks. Sometimes their attires land them in problems like ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ Trashy slutty women put too much effort in their style and often end up looking trashy.

Main Differences Between Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty

  1. Elegant slutty women are reserved in nature, whereas Trashy slutty women are carefree.
  2. Elegant slutty women are calm and composed, whereas Trashy slutty women are windy.
  3. Elegant slutty women wear minimal makeup, whereas Trashy slutty wear loud makeup.
  4. Elegant slutty women don’t put much effort into looking elegant and stylish, whereas Trashy slutty women focus on grabbing all the attention from the media and public by doing exhilarating efforts on makeup and shortest of the clothing.
  5. Elegant slutty women are known as the women who wear anything with confidence, whereas Trashy slutty women are known as the women who wear skimpy dresses, which doesn’t look great.


Being elegant or being trashy is a personal choice that totally depends on an individual. If a little thought is given to the dress and makeup, every woman can look elegant which a high standard and class. An elegant woman with loads of confidence is always the one who attracts the crowd. The trashy slutty women may put a lot of effort in makeup or the attire, can’t match the level of elegant slutty women. The clothes can’t decide the personality, it is the confidence that speaks. Elegant slutty women have self-esteem and confidence which make them stand apart from everyone. Trashy slutty women, however, may turn the heads but, only for their skimpy clothing and loud makeup.


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