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Difference Between Equal and Splenda

In the present day, people have a different lifestyle from that in the old days. The problems such as diabetes, obesity, and other diseases linked to these two, are wreaking havoc in each household.


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At present, almost thirteen (13) percent of people globally are suffering from obesity. And nearly ten percent are diabetic. So the new term ‘artificial sweetener’ is also getting equally popular.

It is the replacement of sugar which diabetic people can take without getting worried about insulin shots later. 

Equal vs Splenda

The difference between equal and Splenda can be many. These are two different artificial sweeteners. Though their task is the same, they differ in composition, taste, and usage. Equal, which was created in 1980, became a famous substitute for sugar. However, much later came Splenda, which is containing sucralose. Also, its reaction to heat and calorific contents are other parameters of differentiation. 

Equal vs Splenda

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Equal is a famous substitute for sugar. At present, when diabetes and obesity have become quite a social scene, artificial sweeteners have been a savior. Equal is a known artificial sweetening substance that contains Aspartame.

Aspartame has a sweetness of almost 200 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose). Also, this compound isn’t heat resistant. Also, dextrose and maltodextrin are other components that are present in Equal. 

Splenda has a similar function to that of equality. The use of Splenda is to induce artificial sweetness into our food.

Diabetic people are the ones who mostly use it. Splenda can be said to be another name for sucralose.

We can say it is a compound that acts much similar to sugar. It contains Sucralose in its composition.

Sucralose is a component that needs to be taken in small amounts to be safer. This component makes Splenda heat resistant, and we can use it in baking and cooking.

It is effective at present. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison EqualSplenda
CompositionIt contains aspartame, dextrose, and maltodextrin as sweetening components.It contains sucralose as a sweetening component.
CaloriesIt contains more calories than Splenda.It contains very few calories.
Taste after heatingAfter heating, it turns bitter and gives off a weird aftertaste.After heating it doesn’t undergo any change and taste is constant.
UsesIt is used in tea, coffee, cold drinks, ice creams.It can be used for cooking, baking, and also in beverages.
Side effects of useKnown side effects are dizziness and headache.Knows side effects are weight gain, reduction in helpful bacteria, and migraine.

What is Equal? 

At present, the world is battling two health conditions which are obesity and weight gain. Sugar, which is present in almost everything, is a reason for this condition. In the year 1965, Aspartame was discovered.

It was branded as an ‘artificial sweetener’, and people were selling it in the name ‘Equal’. 

Equal is the sugar substitute that contains sweetness. It can be said to be 200 times more than sugar. It is the main component of equality. The other two elements, namely maltodextrin, and dextrose are also present in it. 

Equal contains a little more calories than Splenda. One gram of equal has 3.6 calories.

Due to the presence of Aspartame, the Equal is unfit to be used in baking. In case it comes in contact with heat during heating, baking, or cooking.

It leads to some chemical reactions in the Aspartame, present in equal amounts. Because of this, it turns bitter. 

Its uses are limited to tea, coffee, cold beverages, ice creams, etc. The FDA ( Food And Drug Administration ) approved of Equal in the year 1981.

Some side effects are known to be associated with it, like a feeling of sleepiness and headache. Equal is sold in the market in both tablet form and also in powdered form.


What is Splenda? 

Splenda has a similar function to that of equality. They were using this to induce artificial sweetness into our food.

Diabetic people are the ones who mostly use it. Splenda contains sucralose, which is the sweetener.

Splenda can be said to be another name for sucralose. The year 1980 was the time when the discovery of sucralose took place.

We can say this year is a revolutionary phase, and the aim was to help the Diabetics, and people concerned with weight immensely. 

The calorific content of Splenda is much less than the calorific content of equal. Splenda can even be said to be a no-calorie substance.

One of the perks of using Splenda is that it can be used in tea, coffee, beverages, ice creams, desserts, and even while cooking and baking. As sucralose behaves very similarly to sugar when heated, its taste remains the same.

There have been many debates as to whether the use of Splenda is safe or not. There have been known side effects.

They are reduction in the helpful bacteria present in our gut, a condition of migraine, and even in some cases, it was an increase in weight.

The FDA ( Food And Drug Administration) approved it in the year 1991. It is sold both in the form of tablets as well as in the form of powder.

It has now gained popularity, and many people use it. 


Main Differences Between Equal and Splenda

  1. Equal contains aspartame, dextrins, and maltodextrin as sweeteners. However, Splenda contains sucralose as a sweetening component. 
  2. Equal contains more calories than Splenda. However, Splenda contains fewer calories than equal. 
  3. Equal changes its taste and turns bitter upon heating. Whereas Splenda doesn’t change its taste upon heating. 
  4. Equal is used in coffee, tea, cold beverages, and ice cream. But Splenda can also be used in cooking and baking. 
  5. Equal intake might cause side effects such as dizziness and headache. However, Splenda shows side effects such as weight gain, a reduction in gut bacteria, and migraines. 
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