Difference Between Excel and Accel

If you are interested in the various similar-sounding words in English grammar, you probably must have wondered about their differences. One such word includes Excel.


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Accel includes just another instance. While both these kinds belong to the same category of verbs, they are very different.

They have some very significant points of difference between them. It is essential to know these differences not to confuse them.

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 Excel vs Accel

Excel is a spreadsheet software used for data analysis, calculation, and presentation, compatible with other Microsoft Office applications. Accel is a free spreadsheet software developed by SSuite Office that provides basic functions such as calculation, data analysis, and charting.

Excel vs Accel

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A very common word that finds its use in English includes Excel. It means to outshine or outdo. It may also mean being superior. It is part of the word ”Excellent.”

Someone who excels at something usually is outstanding beyond description. They are something more than being good at it. Skilful and proficient are the synonyms for this word. “Outdo” is another synonym for the word.

A much lesser-known word that finds its use in the English language is Accel. This term is actually a part of another bigger word: Accelerando.

Speeding up is indicated by this term. It is used to indicate an accelerating or slow increase in speed. This term is most commonly used in music to describe a progressive rise in tempo.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonExcelAccel
Part ofIt is a part of the word “Excellent” and has a similar meaning.It is a part of the word “Accelerando” and has a similar meaning.
MeansIt means to outshine or outdo. It may also mean being superior.It means to speed up. It is used to indicate an accelerating or slow increase in speed.
SynonymBeing skilful or proficient is synonymous with this word. “Outdo” is another synonym for the word.Accelerating is a synonym for this word.
IndicatesSomeone who excels at something usually is outstanding beyond description. They are something more than being good at it.In music, it is used to indicate the gradual increase in pace. In the case of vehicles, it indicates acceleration.
ExampleHer sister excels at sports.When you press the gas pedal, the automobile accelerates.

What is Excel?

This prevalent word is usually used as a verb. Therefore, a state of action is indicated by this word. It may also represent what people do or show.

Like all other words, it also comes in 3 forms. Exceled is its past form and will excel in its future form. It also has a 3rd person singular present tense. It is excellent. Its past participle is the same as its past form, which is excelled.

This word usually gives a very distinguishing trait. It is usually only used to describe those people who exceed the common mass. They are someone who surpasses the definition of ordinary.

It has a unique pronunciation. It is often pronounced as Iksel.

As it is known, most English words in use have a Latin origin. Similarly, the Latin term excellere led to the origination of the word excellent. From this came the term excel.

The original word can be broken into two main parts-ex and kel. The former term means out. It may also mean upwards or be completely devoid of.

The latter part of the word stands for prominence. It also indicated a hill, thus hinting at something above the level.

What is Accel?

This shortened word is usually used as a verb. Therefore it indicates a state of action to show what people do or show.

It has a distinctive pronunciation when spelt. It is pronounced as ukh sel. It sounds very similar to the word excel and may sometimes be confusing.

However, these two words mean very different things and should not be used interchangeably or mistaken for one another. 

The plural form of this word is accels. The meaning of a word should be clear before being used anywhere. Thus, it is important to know the correct meaning of the word accel for its proper usage.

Many words like this one are not dictionary-recognized words. However, they are used as abbreviations. This may sometimes confuse many readers, but knowing exactly what the abbreviation stands for can often help.

The Latin word accelerationem is the mother of this abbreviation. From this word came the original, full word. This is acceleration. Following that came this abbreviation into use. Thus we can see how words originate from one another in this way.

The mother term can be broken into two parts-namely ad and celerity. The former part means towards in terms of space or time. The latter part means swiftness of movement.

Main Differences Between Excel and Accel

  1. The terms Excel and Accel should not be intermixed. The first portion of the term Excellent is a component of it. This word has a similar connotation to it. Accelerando is made up of two words: Accelerando and Accelerando.
  2. Excel can be used to represent a variety of things. Outshine or outdoing something or someone is one of them. It can also signify excellent, whereas Accel means to accelerate. It’s used to describe a quick or gradual increase in pace.
  3. Excel is a term that means being proficient or skilful in something.” Another phrase for the same thing is “outdo.” On the other hand, Accelerating is a synonym for the word accel, which we see here.
  4. Somebody who excels in something is usually exceptional in every way. They are more than just good at what they do. However, the term accel might refer to two different things. It is used in music to imply a steady increase in tempo. It has a different meaning in the context of vehicles. It implies increasing the speed.
  5. The following is an example of how to use Excel: Ram excels at playing the guitar. The example use of accel includes: The pedal makes the car accel.
Difference Between Excel and Accel
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