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Difference Between F150 XL and XLT

Since its debut, the 2019 Ford F-150 has become one of the greatest prominent and renowned pickup trucks on the marketplace due to its low price, improved efficiency, towing capability, and pleasant cabin. The models are compared head-on to help you decide which truck would fit your budget and purposes.


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F150 XL vs XLT

The difference between Ford F150 XL and XLT is that the XL trim is a very good budget deal offered by Ford motors, it is efficient and the very definition of “value for money” whereas, the XLT model comes with many additional features that thankfully satisfy a decent feature to price ratio and surely, it is a great upgrade from the former trim XL.

F150 XL vs XLT

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Features like SYNC 4 with voice commands and recognition, a 12-inch display with a touch feedback LCD, on the other hand, provides a lot of value for your buck, with an 8-inch middle tablet screen, Rear View Cameras, driver assistance safety technologies, and more.

In addition to the engine’s output, the 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 has a direct injection system composed of two injectors each cylinder. The XL also has a 6-shift speed automatic transmission with three modes to choose from: regular, tow/haul, plus sport.

The XLT model, on the other hand, is more premium and offers many flagship features which the XL lacks. These features are convenience and comfort upgrades, the performance isn’t a major difference between the two trims.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonF150 XLF150 XLT
PriceThe XL trim costs $28,940 MSRP.The XLT trim is docked at  $35,050.
DashboardThe dashboard boasts a sync 3 standard FM/AM 8 inch touch panel user-surround system which is also equipped with a back camera monitor.The dashboard is equipped with Sync4 and has a 12 inches touch panel along with surround sound-music system.
EngineThe XL comes with a standard engine with the module; 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 and the Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V6 as an engine is not available.The XLT has different variations like; 2.7L EcoBoost® V6, 3.5L EcoBoost® V6, 5.0L Ti-VCT V8.
InteriorsStandard black vinyl flooring and seat warmers are not available.The XLT is color-customized and poly-vinyl footrests and full flooring is equipped.
Exteriors17-in. Black bumpers as well as silver steel wheels.17-inch silver-painted aluminium wheels, chrome fenders, and halogen fog lights are standard.

What is F150 XL?

Regardless of the distance, you must go, the performance of your pickup truck is critical. When deciding here between the 2020 Ford F-150 XL, efficiency, as well as performance, may be a deciding factor. The XL is a less expensive but more durable type of Ford’s heavy-duty truck.

When you pick one of the F-150’s six different drivetrains, you can work hard and strive. All F-150 motors are mated with a ten-speed Select Shift auto-transmission gearbox, which provides a stable shifting performance on the trail or the freeway.

The following characteristics are included in this safe driving suite: Blind Spot Data System which features a cross-traffic alert and trailer tow protection, Auto on/off headlights, and all of these features are also included with the XL model.

The F150 XL comes standard with an AM/FM audio, which boasts over 150 stations spanning news, music, entertainment, and more and all these are compatible with the latest music system equipped in the XL version. Furthermore, Ford SYNC 3 allows you to rewind any transmitted information.

What is F150 XLT?

The high-end trim of the F150 is the ultimate XLT model which is immensely packed with futuristic features and majestic comfort-friendly augmentations. The XL comes with four more wheel options, while the XLT comes with six.

The XLT comes standard with driver assistance and MyKey, while the XL does not have this option. On the XLT, SYNC 4 is the standard surround sound system, whereas the XL has an AM/FM radio which can be equipped with sync 3 only.

The XLT comes equipped with a brushed metal two-bar grille with chrome and silver polished bars, a black border, and solid black mesh. The XLT comes standard with a motorized tailgate and an electronic door locking mechanism.

Main Differences Between F150 XL and XLT

  1. The F150 Xl has standard black vinyl flooring whereas the XLT has customizable polyvinyl foot-rest equipped flooring.
  2. The Ford F150 does not have a keyless entry security feature whereas the XLT trim has this equipped.
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