Fate vs Destiny: Difference and Comparison

Fate and Destiny are words likely to be heard when people talk about life and its circumstances. Though, both of the words have slightly different meanings and different consequences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fate refers to the predetermined course of events in one’s life or the universe, often implying a sense of inevitability or lack of control over the outcome.
  2. Destiny is the concept of a predetermined yet changeable future that individuals can shape through their choices, actions, and personal growth.
  3. The key differences between fate and destiny lie in the degree of control and changeability, with fate suggesting an unalterable course of events. In contrast, destiny implies that individuals can influence their future outcomes.

Fate vs Destiny

Fate is seen as pre-written by some high powers and can’t be changed. Life’s events are viewed negatively by fate. A positive attitude toward life’s events is called destiny. Destiny refers to the idea that life and the future can be made better by our decisions.

Fate vs Destiny


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFateDestiny
DefinitionFate is the events which are occurred on outside of the person’s control or which is because of supernatural powers is known as fate.Destiny is the outcome of our choices from every crossroad life puts us in.
Human InvolvementFate doesn’t have human involvement.Destiny depends on the choices we make.
InfluenceFate is pre-planned, so nothing can influence fate.Destiny can be influenced by the powers or by humans.
ConceptFate is from the concept of Three Sisters from Greek Mythology with Three Fates, namely Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis.Destiny is a humanistic concept in general.
ChangesFate is pessimistic; fate doesn’t change for anyone.Destiny is something that changes for better tomorrow than the current present.


What is Fate?

Fate, in one sentence, is events happening outside one’s control. Fate, in general, is the preordained path that is 100% to happen in the future despite human action.

Usually, people like destiny as what we achieve good things from, and fate is everything bad happens to us, suggesting fate is a hopeless ideology.  


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If we talk about fate on a spiritual level, fate might be a term for the events that occur when we ignore universe signals, our purpose in life, and what our soul wants us to do. 

Examples of Fate:

  1. You were going to have a flight journey in 2 hours, but before 2 hours, your ticket got canceled, and later you found out that the flight previously you were going to board had crashed midway to its destination.

What is Destiny?

Destiny in one sentence is the outcome of our choices or selections. Destiny is taken more positively because we can change destiny, not fate.

To understand destiny and shape destiny, we must come to peace with our past, accept our reality, and deal with upcoming outcomes. Then, we may have the power to shape and build our destiny.

In short, destiny is just like the self-prescribed life we give to ourselves. It is like making decisions after a complete understanding and analysis of their outcomes with the thought of giving meaning to our life.

We create destiny When we use willpower, responsibility, self-confidence, patience, passion, and courage to change and alter our lives.

Examples of Destiny:

  1. You are saving a lot of money today. And in return, in the future, you will be wealthy, which is destined to be because of your choice of saving money today.
  2. You are working very hard to crack your boards and are very serious regarding your studies; in the future, you will get a good score because of your choice of doing hard work today, which will be fruitful for you.

Main Differences Between Fate and Destiny

  1. Fate cannot be influenced; destiny can.
  2. Fate is divinely powered; destiny is humanly powered.

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