Difference Between Fate and Destiny (With Table)

Fate and Destiny both words are likely to be heard together when people usually talk about life and its circumstances. Though, both of the words have slightly different meanings and different consequences. People might get confused between both of the words but they represent different situations and different experiences in our lives.

Fate vs Destiny

The difference between Fate and Destiny is fate doesn’t have to do with human involvement whereas destiny is everything about what a human chooses in his/her life. Fate is predecided to occur in life and destiny is something is the outlook of choices we make.


Comparison Table Between Fate and Destiny

Parameters of ComparisonFateDestiny
DefinitionFate is the events which are occurred on the outside the person’s control or which is because of supernatural powers is known as fate.Destiny is the outcome of the choices we make out of every cross-road which life puts us in.
Human InvolvementFate doesn’t have human involvement.Destiny depends on the choices we make.
InfluenceFate is pre-planned so nothing can influence fate.Destiny can be influenced by the powers or by humans.
ConceptFate is from the concept of Three Sisters from Greek Mythology with Three Fates namely Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis.Destiny is a humanistic concept in general.
ChangesFate is pessimistic, fate doesn’t change for anyone.Destiny is something that changes for better tomorrow than the current present.


What is Fate?

Fate in one sentence is events happening outside one’s control. Fate, in general, is the preordained path that is 100% to happen in the future despite human action. Fate is always meant to be an event rather than a surprising event. Fate is unpredictable as well as which can’t be changed by 1%.

Usually, people believe like destiny is what we achieve good things from and fate is everything bad happens to us in our lives, which suggests fate as a hopeless ideology.  Fate is similar to losing, we learn from our loss and then build responsibility which is destiny.

If we talk about fate on a spiritual level, then fate might be a term for the events which occur when we ignore universe signals or our purpose in life and ignore what our soul wants us to do.  Fate is the result of our give up on changes and evolvement of our own lives and handing all that power to the outside world and people.

Examples of Fate:

  1. You were going to have a flight journey in 2 hours, but before 2 hours your ticket got canceled, and later you found out that the flight previously you were going to board on have crashed in the midway to its destination. This is fate.
  2. You aced your interview but the company eventually hired one member from their team then it was fate.
  3. You happened to travel by train to give an interview, but the train happened to be late from 1 hour and you couldn’t be reached on time and since you were not selected for the post which is again a fate.

What is Destiny?

Destiny in one sentence is the outcome of our choices or selections. Destiny is taken as more positively because we have the power to change destiny but not fate.

To understand destiny and shape destiny we need to come at peace with our past, accept whatever our reality is, and also deal with upcoming outcomes then we may have the power to shape and build our destiny.

In short, destiny is just like the self-prescribed life we give to ourselves. It is like making decisions after complete understanding and analysis of its outcomes with the thought of giving meaning to our life. Destiny is the responsibility which we have to shape our future into a better version than what life we are living now and every losses e experienced till now.

When we use our qualities like will power, responsibility, self-confidence, patience, passion, and courage to change and alter our lives, we are creating destiny. The process of making mistakes and growing up can also be termed out to be destiny because how we invest right now matters to shape our future.

Examples of Destiny:

  1. You are saving a lot of money today. And in return, in the future, you will be wealthy which is destined to be because of your choice of saving money today.
  2. You are working very hard to crack your boards and are very serious regarding your studies, in the future, you will get a good score in the result because of your choice of doing hard work today which will be fruitful for you in the future.
  3. You are helping your friend today, after years he will stand with you in your difficult time because of your choice of helping him today.

Main Differences Between Fate and Destiny

  1. Fate and Destiny both are meant to refer to as in man’s fortune and future.
  2. Fate is pre-planned and pre-decided whereas destiny is influenced every second by human choices and actions.
  3. Fate comes from Greek Mythology and Destiny is a Humanistic concept.
  4. Fate cannot be influenced, destiny can.
  5. Fate is divinely powered, destiny is humanly powered.



Fate and Destiny can be called two different sides of the same coin because both are important to shape our future and fortune, as well as both, are predetermined in some or the other way plus they are intertwined in each other.

In general, there are five factors you need to watch out for your fate and destiny which is-

  1. Karma
  2. Environment of family
  3. Social weather
  4. Efforts and Self-discipline
  5. Influence of people

In short, fate is the journey towards our destination which is our destiny. Fate is always reality whereas destiny is a future where we will end up. Fate is a continuous process of our life and Destiny is the fruit or outcome of our Fate. Whatever you say, in the end, fate and destiny work hand in hand so accept fate and create your destiny.


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