Difference Between Fiction and Literature

From William Shakespeare to Durjoy Dutta, every novelist knows the meaning of every single word and why it’s a needful thing. We all arrange these 26 bets in some way that make sense.

Literature and fiction come into account when we talk about stories, poetry, and much more.

Fiction vs Literature

The main difference between fiction and literature is that fiction means imagination and stories. Novels must be fictitious, while the literature could be fiction or non-fiction.

It doesn’t limit access in the case of literature. Literature is a vast art form if we consider both of the parts, fiction, and non-fiction, while fiction is a limited art form.

Fiction vs Literature

Fiction means something that needs the imagination to describe or narrate the stories or tales. In fiction, the characters are supposed to be imaginary.

They should neither be based on real characters nor the storyline of the script. It requires strong imagination to make a storyline meaningful and attractive. Besides, it is a bit simpler.

Literature is a collective term that incorporates various styles of writing and genres and encompasses various forms like poetry, stories that help you to carve your mindset.

Moreover, the literature focuses on understanding life rather than running from it. Literature is considered the finest art form, which incorporates various verses and meaningful stories.

However, they could be confusing, but the meaning is deep.

Comparison Table Between Fiction and Literature

Parameters Of ComparisonFictionLiterature
DefinitionFiction focuses on imagination and non-real protagonists and antagonists. It’s like a subset of Literature.Literature comprises both fiction and nonfiction Storylines.
It’s a collective term for writing genres and styles.
StorylineFiction comprises an unrealistic storyline along with Fictional characters.The storyline could be realistic based on some autobiography or the truths.
UnderstandingFiction is quite straightforward from the very beginning that is understood easily by the reader.Literature is something that might keep a reader confusing from the very start.
RoyaltyFiction is less royal since it’s imaginary and a modern thing.Literature is considered royal and classic in nature, and it’s preferred most of the time.
LevelFiction is quite simpler because it takes imagination and little framing.Literature is believed that it is difficult to make to frame and make one.

What is Fiction?

“There was a king who falls for a queen. Eventually, the bond became stronger, and they decided to engage with each other. Then comes a villain who abducts the queen.

The king fought the villain and eliminates him. Then the queen and king live peacefully forever“. Maybe this is not true. Maybe the king never existed, nor the queen.

This kind of artwork which requires imagination and not the real storyline is considered fiction. A fictional book comprises of characters and the story which are not real or didn’t exist in reality.

It could follow any medium of communication. It consists of places, events, people that didn’t exist.

It can be expressed as we discussed in many ways. It could be in the form of the novel, tale, stage play, narration, television programs, radio dramas, comics, role-playing games, video games, and several more.

If we take a real example, the stories and achievements of Chacha Chaudhary are impeccable.

The way he destroys the enemy, it’s totally based on imagination. Like the TV serials, dramas in stages. These consist of ample imagination and framing of the storyline to make it attractive and demanding.


What is Literature?

Literature is a written comprehensive work or a collection of works that include both non-fiction and fiction stories.

Literature is more used as prose fiction, drama, or poetry.

It’s the authentic mode of communication and reflects royalty and classic nature. These are also recorded, preserved, and broadcasted for knowledge and entertainment purposes.

It includes autobiographies, letters, memoirs, and many more. The word ‘literature’ is derived from Latin, which means learning, writing grammar.

Besides, the medium is diverse, from singing verses to the narration of stories written by artists. Masterpieces are still kept in museums that showcase a broad meaning of a particular topic.

Definition varied with time. In western parts of the world, it denoted all books and writings.

Also, it differs from place to place. Like we have African literature, Central Asian artform, South Asian art, African theatre.

According to Merriam-Webster, the latest definition of literary is that the writings which have an excellent firm or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest.

Many other popular websites define literature according to their terms. But some things never change. Like the class, the level, the understanding, and the motive.

Literature remains the dominant thing, and one of the most liked artform across the globe.


Main Differences Between Fiction and Literature

  1. The fiction follows the imagination part more than being realistic, while literature encompasses real lives, autobiographies, and many more.
  2. Fiction is quite simpler while understanding, but literature is slightly difficult either understanding or framing.
  3. Fiction stories aren’t considered classic and royal, while literature has been a symbol of royalty and considered classic artwork.
  4. Fiction work generally takes lesser time to be done, while literature takes quite more time since it is based on real lives and needs to be portrayed in a good manner.
  5. Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat, Ravindra Singh are some of the fictional writers, while William Shakespeare is one of the finest writers in history.
Difference Between Fiction and Literature


Whatever you read, it could express pain, trust, love, romantics, and many things more. What’s important that the respect of the form.

Fiction, on the one hand, is an imaginative work that attracts the attention of many people while literature teaches you something and also entertains you.

However, both forms are perfect in their respective fields. Some like fiction, and some like literature. It’s about choices and preferences.

This world had witnessed many famous and impeccable artists whose counting does not end. They have transformed the writing in such ways that we have not ever witnessed these kinds of beauties.


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